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The night that can not be scene

intertwined light from far and here

whispers in the night sparks a fire

energy flashed melodically sweetly

Cherry seed ecstasy moving freely

come come and again the tides

Thousand oaks echo beach

welcome miles east west last

neon spirit of the paper past

undead writer weathers the storm

shadows lose shape in foggy forms

Paranoid sky wishes for an alibi

fort white southern battle

great wall over the arrows travel

pierce the skin touches her heart

man made movie line scar

light in the sky breaks sound of

message metal smashes oil and slime

shame on the government and man's last line

bullets buzz the eastern sand

golden gas and the hanging hand

terror trips the free home land

an hour late waiting for day break

shaking in the dark electric spark

knock on the door death begs for more

black fills the vein screaming hate and pain

fantastic cosmic strip dreams the space ship

orgasmic vision cocaine spitting prison

angels appear and point the way home

Ruby shoe 3 tap dylan in a top hat

silver whistle alley way stray cat

Ronetta the queen peach skin diary

a walk through the leaves silver and lucky

away from the coast frost field seed

New york grey saint's ship bay

Ronetta the queen falls red day

carmine the king parades away

monets vision graveyard decision

arabian symbol gives perfect position

the fog filled lake pocket reaches bottom

the tower sways while white man pray

busted glass the halls echo laughs

silver tone blues in my head at last

sugar bells top floor dancing bash

waitress serving coffee for nothing but cash

blowing rainbow hues for me and for you

lonesome train homesick blues

staring at statues erected for the few

smoke ring through the trees lady bug wings

motley rug tapestry for penniless king

ozzy eyes that howl at the moon

russian winter morning and the silver spoon

Mays days shadow war mist gloom

drop of blood spinning wheel charms the loom

chatting owls at midnight wolves blue

the star calls tomorrow intrinsic you

chuck the taylor sneaks in his shoes

back and forth water pretty van girl

music from the bottom fishing boat pearl

buffalo six stole the emerald jewels

little lake lady milk shooting fool

someone call security hidden room view

history repeats lin won't eat peas

40 foot mattress feeding hurting bee

butter the queen chasing before me

pothos mothra's wisdom tree

looking upside backward too much for him

orb of mental madness blood on the chin

looking back for the ultimate wind

back from tomorrow beautiful sorrow

seagulls coast harmony to follow

a place in the clouds energy allows

riverdale highway crow in the ditch

marianne man made girl touches her lips

the heart beats time moments last grip

the great escaped final production switch

limerick green pot of gold field

singing dragon fortunes yield

confusions sorrow saturn seeds

velvet tuesdays nothing means

to everything turns turns thousand year mountain learns

tension no to mention released firm

joy division sub division penolope squirms

face the fear open the door flowers turn

pierce the dream hopeless stairs away

free ride for nobody cash for the king

echo dreams spindle diamond ring

crazy sexy cool one summer fling

on screen high school babes bell rings

smoking in the boys room full moon blue

beautiful disaster she always dreams you 2

with or without shooting loose screw

king city broken arrows cronos crown

billy goat horn glower for found

the devil continues to throw curves from his mound

battle creek golden born beauties form

hey you don't look so far away free way storm

dazzle dust flint spark clips

candy cane curl scarlet lips

tingle two toe the way she moves her hips

aliens on the western plains

zebras shooting for sugar canes

apache buffalo and lion manes

something saying something highway lanes

space between us brass bed frames

lay lady lay across my star struck fames

red in my head and the wishing game

sugar land texas giant hurricanes

Mountain the emerald beach dana's calling ward

fashion some sense gord must be bored

2 by four the gang broke the ark welding spark

so far to say away with the space again

New York park Jeckell cooper love in the dark

hey hey lake of fire ruby blue school

out for summer 69 channel st. katherine's pool

Lauren hill calling centre paying the bills

country cash delta river prison bash

Haywood dreams country seeds aint gonna miss me

Prairie and the buffalo shakin' for the gold

Green red october they found the cryptic gold

sip and side the angel light homer's in his sky

wishing riddles to deities grey mother spindles sky

Oak hill hall swishing basketballs

Frozen ghost fro silver city speed

looked in his eyes seen a little bit of me

Leroy's wishing copper penny lies

splash in the park wisdom's singing heart

operas last trip 2 destiny's ship

Blue and red waves homeless begging braves

gotta save the human race lucky's pretty face

fills inside of me never forget the lights of the sea

skating love lost the diamond tree

sonic scene youths fighting for truth

street punk busking with kittens for lunch

highway mate living signs all trust in fate

don't have hockey skates look who took the bait

our lady the jester sighs way up high

lake of the woods native cars and spies

whitehorse pan handle arctic cold medal

northern white chief crazy horse stead

beaver barrel canoe over the water fall

iron giant kick at the door monoxides breath 8 to 4

haunted house band dripping time through sand

robin's in the grass listening to 45's past

uncle sam wants me dreaming of late night meetings

purple crush a little hush all pray to the such

have you been telling lies have i been telling lies

cleveland rocks to roll green beer in beck's hold

pork chop market never again sergeant

pepper's red marine 40 carrot means

Dead jay's don't nest on the owned

disenchanted hero play guitar for sub pop alone

Hope AD punk roses find friend west

high definition snow board 360 five finger test

space station song ground control to agent tom

bush x glisten copyright infrigement

free bird starving man basement pots and pans

halifax bomb pop explosion log cabin rock erosion

emergency's dartmouth ferry hell calls you better be ready

she got me on a wavelength I waited for the river to answer

I know we're only lover trapped beneath the cover's

orange frost black crows call through the fog

wooden ships sail the ocean's lost song

causes and sparrows wills might and barrels

keiths amber whale the navy travel's

lady of the daffodil hippie mates

northern lights random hits in the states

lost stooges scramble rogers bets to gamble

empty street car table lone pine and maples

f18 star screen president orders speed

look back on tomorrow penelope follows

the petti swamp lights pandora's lamp

meadow lake scarecrow looks to wait

black haired woman tales graveyard position

snapshots of the highway echoes lost bay

"The Pitcher"

I saw this pitcher once walk to the mound. A light rain was falling on the diamond. The crowd sporting umbrellas and pop corn that in spite of the rain stayed dry. Encouraged calls came from the dug out and beyond. Twilight was fading in with the public address system. "Attention the patron with liscence plate 3DSPCE, your lights are on", rang as the pitcher made pride to the mound. The public address cracked. Why I don't know. Maybe the rain. Maybe the age. Maybe a compitent operator hoping to make sounds that create depth and substance beyond glitter and glamor of a big league, hollywoodesq production. These players including the pitcher, who in between making pride leaked pain and glory, are amateurs, minors. The men that never get called up. Never get called up to the big office and given the ticket for the city of lights.

"Let's go Harlem", a woman wearing a white dress, with large black poko dots to go with dark, dark black hair said and clapped and smoked a cigarette all at the same time. Her purse, her white purse with golden buckles lay beside her half opened like the top of her dress. The contents revealing, the contents of her purse revealing cigarettes a lighter and a postcard from france dated November 11, 1952.

Dearest GingerAle of the starlit country I thought of you yesterday this morning And this after noon smells of your hair and clothes haunt my room taste of your lips dictate my speech burns of your american cigarretes tease my soul memories of our time move my lost mind to journeys last dance of the stars and the moon's howl at midnight over the Aegean to be free from the pull of your core our time is destiny our moment etched forever

Was all of the poorly written poerty we could read from the carelessly (or maybe purposely, we don't know these things only the gods do when they have the interest to watch) open purse of the unsuspecting woman, we assume is Gingerale. "Gingerale, Gingerale", a woman's voice called out with a french accent. Gingerale, who we now know is Gingerale, who also happens to be wearing sunglasses turned around. "Gingerale, Gingerale, I left the lights on in the autocarriage", the woman with the body of an hourglass counting springs innocent fluctuations of motivation unknowingly, said in a french accent with the most beautiful of real scarlet lips exposed by her tethered back, brown hair that hung almost carelessly in a pony's tail.

"Oh heaven's Aliace, why in all the cosmos did you do that", Gingerale said. The natural lighting of the victorious day now only a distant memory as the ball park illuminated and the giant moths threatened to take over except for their insane attraction to the lights. "I don't know, I don't know, I simply forgot about the lights", Aliace said making herself comfortable and letting go of her black and white hand bag with a dot matrix of a man and woman in there youth sharing a sonic cigarrette and sitting down beside Gingerale.

The pitcher is now on the mound well lit by the diamonds shine. The smell of the park, the smell of the park for those interested and those who are not may as well skip a few lines or close the book entirely, because the smell, the smell is what brings the readers to places like this. Places a little difficult than most places to find. Imagine the smell of crushed peanuts on cracked concrete a little damp. Fresh grass, real grass not astro turf, whatever that was, with a little bit of dew, not morning dew but evening dew or the after effects of a light rain not a soaking just a moisture and those moths threatening but never drawing from the large lights. And the smell of bodies, people from lawyers, bankers, to construction workers, house wives and working women.

There was a buzz in the crowd. A warm hum of conversation. Today the visiting Hawks were playing the hometown team Ravens. The Ravens hadn't been contenders for years, eons, decades but the crowd still came. The crowd always came rain, shine and the rare snow storm. The blizzard of 44 they called it. The Ravens beat the favoured Blood Hounds in an early blizzard in the month of October. Randy the catcher Wallace hit one out the park in the bottom of the ninth to bring the home team to their feet and home to their wood stoves. They still talk about it, the crowd, the city. The city, well the city is called Rhea. It's like most cities with your good parts and bad parts. The ball park borders on the good and the bad so as not to exclude anyone from attending and being a part. There's the occasional scuffle but the west side usually stays on their turf and the eastside throw their calls from their side. The cops they hang around and watch the game but no one really knows what side they're on. They remain neutral that barrier between two competing forces. When one side gets too rowdy or steps out of line the coppers are there to pull em or push them back in line. The freedom is watching, watching change unfold. The cops they're just players too playing a game. There's good cops and bad cops, depending on what side your on the easterns, the westerns. Now Clint he was a good cop, he sided with no body but that's another story.

The pithcer let go of some fresh chew on the green, green grass illumated by the candescent lights of the park and parked and unparked the baseball in his leather mit. Tony the Tiger Smith was warming up in the batters den doing the normal things hitters do and the things normal people don't. Tony in all his big city hopes and dreams was doing things with the bat, swinging, swaying, teetering and praying. Not that normal people don't pray its just the manner he was doing it. If found in a church or on the street this man would be accused of extremism and maybe shuned by the normals. Fortunate for Tony this was not a church or the street so he was safe to swing and sway on his beliefs. The catcher pulled up his socks and motioned to the pitcher for some throws.

The stadium was in need of a good renovation and clean up. The field was clean, equal and level. The players play because they love to play. The observants watched because they love to watch the game. The observants made themselves comfortable in the stands. The high price tickets are closer to the field while the lower priced tickets made there way to the back. The further back you go the more remnants of games gone by are found, ticket stubs, popcorn bags, soda pop bottles and hot dog boxes, among other more rarities.

Among the rarities kicking around the feet of the spectators was a note to someone from someone else and this is what may have been read.

"In the event of my demise these are my thoughts, dreams and wishes. The stars burned bright hopefully, the moon sullen like something was stolen and things yet to happen. I starred forth into to light spoke my thougths only the truth that which I knew and still hold sacred. Time on earth finite. Dreams of the beyond infinite. The relationship corelated and unrehearsed. If this scares you it turns me in wake and death. My belief being spoken from the heart and such truths only condeming if they are not so."

This was all we could read and at such a distance we consider ourselves lucky. Whose words these were we do not know. Why they were writen we still have no idea but there is a baseball game going on with many an interesting character some of whom we have already met. Lets get back to what we know. "Harlem looks really good tonight", Gingerale said looking through her looking glass spectacles. "Oh he does", Aliace said focusing on her little mirror and powder. Aliace was always ever so concerned with her look and features as beautiful as she is.

Harlem the pitcher was in his tenth year. Yes ten years in the minors and no call up. He was what you call a veteran of the minor leagues. Ten years and no call up probably meant he would retire in the minors. The Ravens manager called his name for this one. Not the flashiest or the quickest but the steadiest hand they had.

The Ravens had not been contenders for years.....Past tense.(though the author makes terrible sense of tenses this one is important because in the present tense the Ravens are competing for a penent. This game crucial for playoff birth and so much needed pride for the city and organization) That being said they called Harlem to pitch a winning game.

Harlem wizzed one over the plate. STRIKE! Tony the Tiger smith did not swing as he thought otherwise, gave the ump a look and spit the other way. Harlem curved another one hoping to catch Tony swinging. Tony held his bat as the ball went inside. BALL! Tony winked at Harlem who he barely knew himself being a rookie and all. Harlem wipped another ball outside hoping to bait the green wood of Tony. Tony eyed it and decided otherwise. BALL! Tony smiled at Harlem who stood expressionless. Harlem decided to give him something and threw some heat. STRIKE! The call came before Tony could decide if he was going to swing or not. Unfazed by the pitch Tony motioned some swings in preparation of his fate. Harlem let go something different and Tony decided to swing for it. CRACK! Tony made contact and felt succesful as he headed for first. The ball was a grounder caught by the short stop Tiny who threw Tony out at first.

"Nice up Harlem, nice up", Juno said. "Do you feel like someone is watching us?", Super Nova asked. Juno looked around her hair bouncing to and fro like a bunny on saint patricks day then stopped to see a man in his early thirtees wearing worn out blue sunglasses, that looked like he had cried a thousand tears thinking about things no one would ever know. Startled by Juno's glance the man in dirty blues looked left and reached for his pop corn unsuspectantly. "Well now that you mention it Super Nova I do feel some strange eyes about", Juno said. "I knew it wasn't just me. I've got this sense when I'm being watched. It's not an unpleasant sense, just a sense none the less", Super Nova said her eyes passionate and calm like a virgin sunset on a sweet sixteen birthday. "Soda, Pop Corn, Hot dogs, Cotton Candy", the park vendor chanted walking the stairs and working the crowd. "Are you hungry Super Nova", Juno asked her eyes with intention. "Well I did miss supper", Super Nova said her eyes as large as the full moon of the wild county. "Mr., Mr.", Juno said getting the vendors attention. "Well yes mademoiselle, i'm here for you as you know and there are many things available. How may I satisfy you tonight. Juno looked at Super Nova wondering where this boy was coming from. Super Nova looked expression full and hesitant with intent, eyes moving innocently and half smiled. "Blue cotton candy?", Super Nova suggested. The boy vendor reached down and picked a stick of blue cotton candy and handed it to Super Nova. Super Nova said nothing reaching out for the cotton candy her eyes seemed to learn with loose focus on the man. Juno reached in her open purse for a five cent piece and handed it to the vendor. The vendor pocketed the five piece momentarily was taken back by the beauty of the women sitting in area 51 and wondered what just happened. "Peanuts, pop corn, chili dogs", he echoed across the stands. Juno looked at Super Nova smiled and curled her nose like a happy bunny very content. Super Nova moved in on the coton candy with her wet wet lips. "WOULD MOLLY JOHNSON PLEASE COME TO THE BROADCAST TABLE, MOLLY JOHSON PLEASE COME TO THE BROADCAST TABLE", the public address system echoed still cracking like an A.M. radio.

The tragic moths making their prescence ever felt sounded accousticly unwanted but stayed despite what everyone else thought except for the author who found their company displaced a lonely soul with the thought of a memory's afterglow. Wishing the author could erase the last line, and let everyone know who may or may not be concerned, that the author lies in bliss at the sound of Chopin.

The game continues even though we get perplexed with our own affairs....thanking the gods who may be watching that intstant messaging has not yet been invented. The spectators, intent on the game as their own thought play out in a psycho social endeavor of east and west. Wearing clothing of many colors, blue, red, silver and gold. The spectators are as important to the game as the game they watch.

A dull ooooh and ah from the crowd sudgests a big play from the diamond where we must now turn our attention. Big John Davis hits one out of the park echoing memories of the spirits and ghosts of glories past. The home team now in the lead by 1 some where in the 2nd. I think......, no scratch that thought I BELIEVE.

Little Joe Horton steals a base before anyone can take notice and threatens for third before Harlem eyes him down. Little Joe Horton taunting Harlem takes one step further for third. Harlem eyeing an out turns to home with intent to sell one across the plate begs Little Joe Horton for a run to third. Harlem turns to throw one piece of spit to second as Little Joe Horton was on his way to third. Now in a squeeze between second and third, Little Joe Horton makes and tries to make up his mind which way to go as his options become increasingly scarce. Giving himself a shake he turns back for second and slides. Juno raises to her feet and tipping on her toes to see the call.....OUT! A little excited she turns to and here, revealing her intentions and bodily apparitions of an hour glass figure that never runs out ot time.

Red faced and pumped with intention the blood hounds manager heads for the umpire chest pumping challenging the call. In a matter of dance and anger the umpire and manager plead their cases in an exibtition you would see in a silent comedy. That being said because the spectators have no idea what they are saying. A little scathed the Blood Hounds manager heads back to the dug out with the call still in tack and his mind a little blown.

Aliace....Gingerale called. Aliace and Gingerale being in the cheap seats the ones near the back of the stadium had to remove their lady like brass and worn opera glasses. "Harlem let the Blood Hounds have it down on second". This being a big game for the home town Ravens the play brought the crowd to their feet. Obscuring the view of the lesser paid and somewhat more enthusiastic back benchers, including Gingerale and Aliace.

In her excitement of the play and the moment Gingerale dropped her white purse with golden buckles to the floor beside her feet. Revealing the contents including the post card from france. Excuse moi Mademoiselle came a man's voice. Stunned and caught off guard Gingerale turned to see a man in a top hat with a moustache, yes she breathed a little taken. Attempting to understand french even though her french was very good in france she asked the man to speak a little English so we could all understand what this mysterious gentleman was talking about.

My name is Enrique you dropped your purse and you are very beautiful the man spoke in a French accent. A little embarassed she blushed from cheek to cheek. Hoping no one would notice she powdered her nose and checked both sides with her little mirror.

Would you like a cigarette Enrique offered the woman who he thought he met in a dream of blue and red in a opera between heaven and hell.(for those who believe in such places, for those who don't try to think of a paradox a yin to a yang for the eastern minds and the place cowboys come to pray and cowgirls cry, for you westerns). The dream was a surreal painting of Dalis hand who lived in New York during the fiftees and had a great many converstions with Ginsberg about time, love and the reality of first impressions.

Stunned and tongue tied Gingerale offered a smile and turned down the offer. Like a piano falling from the void above you could see Enrique's heart crush. Enrique put his cigarettes away and sat down. "Who was that man", Aliace questioned Gingerale. "Enrique, a french man with cigarettes", Gingerale replied. The writer that being me the one who's ideas we are all reading is in a little bit of shock and feels bad for Enrique's dream but he will live and learn to smile again, I hope. Enrique stood and walked out of the park gave the writer the finger and went to hang himself.

Looking down on the park and the writer Enrique aligned the stars told Gingerale his love will not die in death and lives beyond the grave as his ghost and cigarettes now haunt the park.

The moon high and tucked in the clouds smiled down on the park. Sparky the public address announcer who had no day job and was little paid for his comments was rumored to be an alcoholic. The lense and perspective of the story now in his way of the game looked the other way as he took another sip and paid no attention to the rumors. Radio nowhere as the out of towners liked to call the Raven's nest, the place the calls came from and no one ever answered back. Sometimes Sparky thought he was the only one in the park next to the players and some times he was.

This being a big game especially for Sparky, wore in his best clothes and sober as sober Sparky got, called the score; "ONE NOTHING RAVENS OVER THE VISITING BLOOD HOUNDS." Sparky being quite proud of his address muted the public address and took a private drink from his silver flask, dating from World War One where Sparky was a private, lost a limb and nearly his rank.Sparky held his position and flask in high honor being a hero of war and all. But thats another story and if anyone has anything to convalude the statements of hero and wars can ask their grandparents or their parents grandparents. You could ask Sparky but he's busy and occupied with his night job and memory.

While Sparky spent silent revalries of days gone by, Buddy the organ player who had side gig in a jazz band smoked a little and laid some beats and riffs off the organ during stretches and between innings. Being Young and Black he barely paid his bills and sat in the back of the bus when the team went south. When the team went North he sat where ever he god damn pleased, barely paid his bills and was friendly with the ladies, (rumored to be many).

The lights glare of the park and the shine of the dew on the green grass. Sent the park to a surreal plain with surreal figures all hoping to see their team win. Home field advantage and home cooking. The umps called 'em how they saw them. But a bump in the field playing to the homes teams advantage never stopped the rule of the runner from making it home safely. Joni the home plate ump called them high and away, low and out.

Harlem had the savy of ten plus years and junk to chunk at the plate. Ten years in the minors and no call ups. Times like this you wonder how well Joni knew Harlem and if Harlem really cared. Eye to eye you could call it. Rudie the centre fielder let go some chew and Harlem let another go between the strike zone. Clean, clean as Joni could call, "OUT".

The crowd responded but Harlem didn't hear. The zone they call it. Harlem was is it. No one knew. It was too early in the game but Harlem knew it. He'd seen it before. Seen the zone. Player's look for it but you can't find it you need to make it. Veteran's ups and downs. In the heat out of the heat. Writers write about the zone in the papers but that's after the game after the victory and celebration. Harlem was in the zone maybe his last and he knew it.

History they call it. Harlem has a lot of that. Seen a lot of games, a lot of batters. He knew their tendencies and what made them awkward. Keep the control. Keep the ball in his mit and past home. See the pitch before he threw it. That was the past and Harlem paid no attention. No attention to the past or the future just the moment and the zone was his. Pressure a lot of pressure. The crowd relaxed a bit. Harlem cleared another inning. Kept his shoulder warm, his arm loose and mind focused.

Do you smell cigarrettes? Aliace asked Gingerale. Gingerale smelled the air. Yes now that you mention it. Both Gingerale and Alliace scanned the crowd but could see no one smoking. American I beliveve Gingerale said. Gingerale and Aliace being of the living had no idea. But we as readers know who was smoking. Don't we?

Here I stand and face the rain. Were the thoughts thought by the Man smoking american cigarrettes from the void beyond breath, touch and taste. Gingerale felt a small rain drop touch her left cheek. She looked up to see a clear sky, the moon full. A howl came over the crowd as the ravens maskot drunk on euphoria danced naked to the heavens beneath the never more of his costume.

Buddy laid some time on the keys while the teams changed ups and downs. "I need to stretch my legs", Juno said to Super Nova. Super Nova looked to Juno and offered to come with her. "Where are we going", Super Nova asked Juno. "To the upper deck. I've got something on my mind. The man with worn blue sunglasses watched the ladies carefully not to go noticed and held memory to chest as Kenny Rogers went up to bat for the Ravens. She believes in me Kenny said quietly as he made his way to the diamond.

No boots or hearts......buckets of rain......Kenny Chanted hoping to take out the garbage and the Ravens deep to left. His favorite spot. Juno moved her hips up the stairs to the upper deck as Kenny embraced the pitcher with some hot swings motioning for some pitches. Super Nova catching every move and bounce as she followed Juno to the top of the stairs.

The man with worn blue sunglasses dropped his pop corn and walked unsuspectately to the stairs. Two men in blue and badge stopped the man in worn sunglasses and asked for identification. "Hey, Hey you! "We need to see some ID." The men in blue demanded. Facing the razors edge of the law, the man reached in his back pocket for his wallet. The heat was on and he knew it. His last confrontation with the law was what he hoped to be his last. Pulling two twenties from the holster of his leather offered up the bribe and and one blow for his last holiday.

Billie the younger of the two jazzed and Gravy the older of the two rocked to the tune. "He's not our guy", Gravy told Billie as he put both hard earned twenties in his back pocket. "What do you say we look the other way and let our man here get a head start", Gravy sudgested to Billie and man in worn blue sun glasses.

Kenny hit one deep in left and the man in worn blue sunglasses disappeared with the swing. Fine time to leave me as the ball hit the fence. A ground rule double, as Gravy took one back in the upper deck while the rookie watched his badge and wondered.

The man in worn blue sunglasses started to wonder what he was wanted for other than a bribe in the cloak of people and the dark on the night. Lighting a cigarette the man in worn blue sunglasses headed back to his spot in the crowd and lit a smoke.

Pop corn, cotton candy, hot dogs, cigarrettes the vender in red and white stripes said and echoed. Beyond the hum of the crowd the man in worn blue sunglasses in thought of memory long time gone didn't even notice.

Tom warmed in the batters box and Juno's imagination ran wild in the upper deck. Things too good to be true sometimes happen. Everything she dared to dream stood in front of her. A man rough and worn from the road, blue eyes and stubble a real cowboy.

Enrique's ghost sitting in the dug out looking out over the park blue smoke circles in the shape of spades wondering if anyone remembers him. My paper heart bleeds. Catch it if you can. The boys of summer playing, the night seeming so long. Gingerale looked closely through her opera glasses hoping to get a better look at the diamond saw what could only be explained as smoke circles in the shape of spades. Focusing and narrowing her gaze to the dug the aparition disappeared.

Doubting what she may or may not have seen. She put her opera glasses down and scratched the left side of her nose and blinked twice. Sending sudgestions to Aliace who was looking the other way hoping to steal a glance from a stranger three rows back. Aliace who was paying no attention to what was happening on the diamond turned to see Gingerale a little pale. "Is everythig alright?" Aliace asked Gingerale.

"I think I need a drink. I saw that stranger down on third blowing smoke rings of spades above the diamond." Gingerale said. Are you talking about the french dark tall handsome gentleman we saw a few pitches back? Aliace inquired. "Yeah, I mean I think so. He looked like a ghost from the nevermore" Gingerale replied. "Are you catching the fever?" Aliace asked puting her hand to Gingerale's cheek. "You feel a little warm. We should stretch our legs and get some air." Aliace sudgested. "Yes some air, some air would be grand." Gingerale said her eyes and mind obviously in another place. Standing a little light headed she started walking not paying attention and tripped taking a fall.

"Gingerale, Gingerale." Came Aliace's voice. Gingerale heard coming back to. Her vision blurry she saw a man over head. "Gingerale my name is Robert Zimmerman you simply fainted and the tears on your cheek are from lafter. You won't die happily ever after. You have the tomb stone blues." Holding her hand and preventing her from going insane. " I saw a man from here after". Gingerale attempted. "Gingerale your coming down with the fever." said Alliace.

"I'm a doctor, I'm a doctor." Came a voice and a push through the crowd. "Pills and paper flowers will save her she has the chemical romance. Take two of these and please try to tell me what you saw." said the doctor. "Pills and paper flowers will not save her. The hat the cat and the ace of spades have spelled her." Robert Zimmerman said. "I am a doctor and I have seen this beofore. Pills and paper flowers will surely save her", the doctor said. "The hat the cat and the ace of spades have spelled her", Robert Zimmerman attempted. "Get your pad mam the boy's insane", said the doctor.

"Aliace, Aliace", came Gingerale's voice. "Yes I'm here dear", "said Aliace. "Who are these people they are making me very nervous", said Gingerale. "Well one's a doctor and the other, the other is...", Aliace was saying. "A poet yes a poet", came Zimmerman's voice. "And a doctor of what exactly", Zimmerman questioned. "A doctor, a doctor that is it and nothing more. You my lad have no bump but surely to bed you must be. Those that dream when awake are called insane. That is it and nothing more", said the doctor. Robert pondering the doctors orders in his mind tosing the question from side to side said, "Surely a doctor of your stature can see the problem here. The problem is not in dreaming while waking but seeing the obvious and the obvious being she needs no pills and flowers from paper are for the sick who dream none at all. Of which I need none and the lady has seen one the cat two the hat and the ace of spades that spelled her", Robert defended.

Ginerale sitting up said a little clearer, "Yes the man in the hat blowing spades above his shadow of a seeing I was facing. Surely what I saw was not what I saw at all." "Surely she has the fever, blowing smoke and the ace of spades. She needs the pills and paper flowers", said the doctor. "Doctor who exactly." asked Zimmerman. "Frederick Chopin of france. I've seen this fever many a times in France and what she needs are pills and paper flowers", said Dr. Frederick. "Excuse me doctor, doctor Chopin but what I saw was very real", said Gingerale. "Yes the imagination", doctor Chopin attempted. "Yes the imagination prevails all. The lady was sleeping barely dreaming of a shadow she saw we are a facing. In rhyme and memory she has seen the things no one dares believes of the shadow we are seeing she is facing", said Zimmerman.

The crowd came to its feet in succesion and roared sending chills down the neck of all that were watching. "What now?", asked Gingerale. The Doctor grabbing his opera glasses and saying very cleverily. "Holy shit Springsteen hit one over the wall!" And walked away. "Ravens up Blood hounds down", came the familiar alcoholic voice of Sparky on the public address. The men cheered and the ladies laughed. "We're in for a real swinger", Sparky muttered through the crowd the and the alcohol.

Juno in the upper deck watching the worn and ragged cowboy roll smoke after smoke said to Super Nova, "I don't want to move to fast but that cowboy keeps on giving me the eye." Turning with the delicacy of a dancer and the curves of an adult movie star Super Nova said, "The cowboy with the texas accent talking up every woman with sexual intentions?" "Yes yes you know the one I mean", Juno returned. "Yeah he's a real cowboy", Super Nova said. "I think I've seen him in the movies", Juno remarked. "Why don't you make a move I know it's not football but try a pass. You never know you might make it to first base", Nova said in all her experience with men and baseball.

Juno pulled her compact mirror and powdered her nose, fixed her hair and was about to make her move before Nova stopped her. "Wait a minute dear", Nova said and loosened Juno's top most button showing some separation. "Now you're ready for some pitches", Nova sudgested. Juno winked pulled her hair and walked to the cowboy. "Hey darlin'," the cowboy winked. "I saw you looking my way", Juno said sipping her white wine. "I was darlin couldnt' help myself but a lookin' at a lass as beautiful as you." Juno turned on her heel's and said, "I couldn't help but coming over to talk to you lookin' the way you do. Could I get your name?" "The name's Marlboro not like the faggit but like the man.", Marlboro said tipping his hat.

"Wow I'm a little tongue tied, i'm not so sure what to say.", Juno said. "Don't be nerveous lass happens to me all the time. Seems I have this magnetism towards the opposite sex.", Marlboro the man said. "Xcuse me Marlboro but if you don't mind me asking but what does a man as you do for a living?", Juno asked. "Well lass I play a little guitar in a rock 'n roll band called Molly's Garage.", Marlboro told. "Wow you're a musician?", Juno asked. "Some would call it that. I call it livin. Makes me a dime and keeps me on the road.", Marlboro said. "Well what kind of guitar do you play?", Juno asked mesmerized by the cowboys pressence. "I play an old Strato, flat black and from highway one. Does the job and the doesn't scare the ladies.", Marlboro said.

"Well you mean it doesn't scare the ladies 'cause you're just so good lookin they don't care what you play.", Juno sudgested. "Ah lass you got me to blushin. You're real sweet you know. Like those apple blossoms down in Tenessee. Sweet and pretty. But shit they don't last to long.... You stickin around?" Marlboro asked. "Well I don't ever been to Sydney? Up in Nova Scotia in the highlands. I met this guy Jimmy. Anyway we was livin together dreamin of, of startin a family and buildin us a nice home. He got drafted to army. That was 8 years now haven't heard or seen him since. I got intentions of going back I got lots of intentions.", Juno said.

"Well shit honey I ain't ever been to Scotia been over seas though some them europeans dig the rock 'n roll of the USA.", Marlboro said. "Think of it what you will it ain't no matter I've got me to thinking Jimmy's not coming back. You know he played a little he played a lot plus he played a little guitar. Wasn't in no rock roll band though. Used to get me to singing. Singin old country tunes.", Juno said. "Shit you got a voice?", Marlboro asked. "Well I've got the blues and a little country in me. Grandma used to sing gospel. It's in my blood.", Juno delivered.

The blood hounds pitcher Trey Anns threw a knuckle over home striking out Allman Phish leaving runners on first and third to end the inning. Sparky called the inning almost drunk over. "Top of the herd", Sparky mumbled nursing the mic and his drink. "That brings the score dead even tat nothing nothing and Harlem back up for some trows.", Sparky announced through the third and third of his pint.


The deja view of Sparky's voice brought the readers attention back to the game. Harlem still in his zone walked to the mound un-nerved by the zombies gazing behind the home run wall. White for the Hounds warmed his bat with some swings. Harlem warmed his arm with some mock throws to Young the cathcher.

Young had promise. Promise of going to the bigs. Young was young and talented. Among the crowd were scouts, scouts to the city of lights that put pressure on the young catcher. Pressure he could feel his fate was in his glove and Harlems pitches.

Harlem grooved the ball in his glove over and over. Looking for that perfect feel the perfect moment. He knew the pressure was on. Trying to calm Young and slow the pace without anybody knowing. He pulled his gloved and wiped his brow. Put his glove back on and threw a grounder. Young bobled and harnessed the ball pulling his cathcer's mask and eyeing Harlem.

Young called time and Robin Williams the home plate ump gave him time. Young jogged to the mound. "Watcha pitchin?", Young asked. "Shit i'm pitchin' shit", Harlem retplied. "What the hell for?", Young asked. "This a big game.", Harlem replied. Young turned to second and then to the crowd. "You listen to me a you listen good. Forget about them there scouts the real game's between the lines of the diamond. That other stuff don't mean shit. Use your glove 'cause the pitches are coming." Harlem replied.

Young deliverd the ball back to Harlem the way a catcher does who's a little nerved, young, cocky and unlikely to admit mistakes. Young pulled his catchers mask and jogged back to home plate. Cool and unerved Harlem wizzed the ball to Young's mit before White could decide to swing and Williams called it, "STIKE!".

Drops of rain began falling on the diamond. Harlem took another pictch outisde and White swung. The ball popped high above the home plate praying for foul. Young ditched his mask and went for the ball. The rain falling and the ball circling in the lights and falling for the stands. Young leaned over the wall and led his glove to ball. Between the crowd and the rain the ball fell favor to Young's glove putting White back in dug out. "Nice catch darlin',” the woman who made room for the play and Young’s move applauded. Young looked to see the woman’s face and sitting beside her was big city scout. Speechless Young tossed the ball to Williams the home plate ump who called time.

The teams manager’s, Doyle for The Blood Hound’s and Heart for the Raven’s met with the game officials who agreed to delay the game due to rain. The author a little worried the fans might leave before the game is over called the attention back to the tragic moth’s who enjoyed the spotlight and doubled in size as no one noticed. Unaware of his own place in the game, the author took some time to recollect his thoughts on the characters. Their own identities and affairs now haunting and confusing to me in wake a dream must to my realization of place a purpose.

The man with worn blue sun glasses now running from the truth or some idea of law stood at the top of the crowd pearing down on all the thoughts thus written making contiplations and perplexing his own identification in the game as the rain delayed and the moths portrayed a little paranoia because in the essence of the game they have no significance other to delay and entertain the author because they have no voice and limited character traits requiring thought and evolved substance.

Sparky enjoyed some time with his bottle as the crowd made noises that crowd’s make during a rain delay. Buddy Holliday the organ player as I remember entertained with some bouts with the organ while Sparky called the score and stats between sips. The man in worn blue sunglasses called me for some attention and character depth. Either he's from the past or the future he does not know but his time is somewhere else. The metallic blue shades from another time brought mystery and intrigue to the wanted figure who obviously has some cosmic connection to Super Nova and the moths. The moths continued to entertain me and the readers as the rain fell some times hard some times soft on the green, green grass. The lights barely cascading their shadow's on the diamond.

The author worried about the ratings of the game, ratings and reader interest bering the most important aspect of entertainment decided to get the game back on. The umpire, the Wizard of Oz cancelled the game by accident waking Sparky a little. Who was about to end the game. The umpire Alice in Wonderland corrected the Wizard of Oz who ended the rain delay and called the players back to the field.

Harlem made his way to the mound the grass still a little wet from the rain. The lights shinning brightly on the diamond. Harlem warmed his arm with some throws to Young. Harlem could see Young loosened up a little maybe it was the rain delay. Maybe he got head from one of his throws. "Game on the", the Home plate ump called"

Harlem threw a spit ball passed home plate. No one saw but the pitch was good as Robin Williams called STRIKE. The buzz in the crowd started again as the rain quieted and the umbrellas were replace with pop corn and cigarrettes. "POP CORN, CANDY, CIGARETTES", the vendor chanted. Buddy laid some tasty organ vibes and the crowd responded by cheering the Ravens through the bottom of the third. Sparky called the score at nothin', nothin' and sipped on his second pint as this was a a longer game for Sparky and the rest of the participants although we all came prepared. The author took a break to ponder the ideas of the park and visit the moths firsthand to aleaveate his fear of fear but to keep the suspense the author promises not to mention about the moth known as Mothra.

"Let's go Harlem." Gingerale called who is now feeling better and back in the game. The Slash the leading home run getter in the league and a major big city prospect came to the mound. Harlem made no eye contact as Slash motioned for some pitches. To keep the back bencher's warm and the scouts nervous a war ensued a home plate as Harlem pictched and Slash swung. The count now full. Harlem knew he had one picth left. The crowd silent and on the edge of their seats waited and waited.

Harlem gave a nod turned a threw his fast ball in the middle of the strike zone. The Slash knew it was coming and slugged. The ball made deadly contact sending the audience eyes to center field and the home run wall. The ball hung and flew for seconds that took minutes. Harlem's eyes never left the glove of Young as the ball challenged it's destination. Ruth the center fielder chased the ball to the Wall jumping to make the big play. The ball left the park and brought The Slash home. Harlem watched The Slash touch every base of the Diamond he was pitching in the middle of.

Sparky took a big shot from his second pint Hailed Mary and called the score one, to one for the Blood Hounds. The crowed hushed over the big swing of The Slash. The score operator who we'll name Paws fixed the score to one nothing for the blood hounds in the top of the third.

Gingerale light on her feet fixed herself and checked her look in the mirror she was concealing in her purse. "Are you feeling better?" Aliace asked. "Yes just a touch.", said Gingerale. Gingerale looked to Mr. Zimmerman "thank you sir but contrary to the doctor's orders what I saw was very real." "Obviousley the cat, the hat and the ace of spades has spelled you. The shadow you saw you are facing are very real Ms, Ms. I didn't get your name Miss.", said Zimmerman. "Why my name my name is Gingerale.", said Gingerale. "Gingerale of the starlit county?", asked Zimmerman. "Why yes Mr. Zimmerman that is my name and place." said Gingerale. "Ginerale friend of Miss Carroll. Miss Gingerle now is not the time for your tears. What you saw was very real. In the CourtRoom of Honor the judge will pound his gavel and the deeds and missdeeds of the trial on earth will be remembered in wake and death. And you who philosophize, disgrace and critizize all fears will see the truth when none other can or see.", repented Mr. Zimmerman.

"Truth be know the way I feel tonight anything could happen. The doctor's pills and paper flowers were obviously a metaphor of some and whether he was a real doctor or not I do not know as he did leave before providing that evidence. You being the poet and as you say the cat, the hat and the ace of spades have spelled me. What I saw was very real and beyond the comprehention of most men and women. I feel the love of a stranger and perhaps I will never come to realize that strange bond I have wilh the spectre I thought I may have seen." revealed Ginerale of the starlit county and friend of Miss Caroll. "If you see her say hello to Miss Carroll". said Zimmerman with a tip of his hat and entered the motley of colors within the crowd. .

"Aliace are will still at the game?" Gingerale asked Aliace who we know is Aliace. "Well yes Gingerale we are still at the game.", Aliace responded. "And the Auto Carrage. The lighs are still off?", asked Gingerale. "Why yes Gingerale I turned them off at the start of the game.", Aliace returned. Gingerale standing up asked, "And the inning what inning are we in?" Aliace turned to the scoreboard and counted. "The third and the game is tied 1 to 1."

"After meeting Mr. Zimmerman and the the Doctor things seem a little different. Like when you put on a pair of sunglasses and the lighting tints but everything is as it were but the tint has changed. We must make our way back to our seats.", Gingerale said as Aliace repositioned her sunglasses and agreed.

"Well shit honey feels like there was an earthquake or something what with all that game delay rain and you walking my way", Marlboro said. "You aint sore about the size of my figure and trying to cover in up with some fancy southern talk is you.", asked Juno. "Naw shit honey you the best sight these sore eyes have seen in days.", Marlboro returned. They was all about dancing to the rock 'n roll up and down the floor knocking people and their drinks. Marlboro didn't care he was a cowboy on a mission and Juno was lost in the daze of the cowboy's gaze all the while Jimmy was in a far away place doing far away things. If he was even still breathing while his love was dancing. (Poor Jimmy, wherever you may be). Nova watched the masterpiece unfold.

"Well shit honey you want to go the back seat of my car. No ones gonna miss us. I just want to sneak a peek.", Marlboro sudgested. "Take a peek a what exactly", Juno paused. "Why that figure of yours. I want to see beneath those clothes.", Marlboro delivered putting his hand on Juno's behind. "You won't be sneeking a peak at nothin'", Juno blushd pushing the cowboy away. "Ah shit honey just playin' the way we southern boys do. Aint meanin' no harm.", Marlboro teased.

A blond haired Dolly walked in the room glaring at Marlboro. "You dancin' with some hussy?", Dolly retorted. "You got a wife?", Juno asked. "No she's my back up singer.", Marlboro said in a lot hash and hoopla. "You calling me a back up singer? I own that band!", Dolly let loose. "And whose this hussy your dancin' around with", Dolly let loose again. "Hussy? Who you callin' hussy we was just a dancin' ", Juno replied.

"Dancin'! Is that was he calls it? We've been dancin' for fifteen years and Marlboro calls it dancin'." "I bet he said those words and told you he's in some rock and roll band. We've been livin' in a trailer down by the river barely paying and playin the blues. Dolly let loose again. "Well he did mention a little rockin and rollin and something 'bout the back seat of his car.", Juno in full bloom delivered. "The back seat of his car. He ain't even payin' the bills. That's the back seat of my car.", Dolly let loose again.

Dolly walked over to Marlboro holding the keys to the 57 ThunderCat snatched them and walked away. In her parting shot as she left the room said. "Don't bother comin' home to momma. I've sold the trailer and found a real guitarist. We're movin' to Nashville to cut a record wish Low Dog Music." Marlboro stumbled not sure what to say and fumbled the words. "What about my guitar?". "Sold that too. You've got nothin' Marlboro, nothin'.", Dolly's words echoed as she disappeared in her safeway cart.

Marlboro turned lit a cigarette sippeed his drink and looked at Juno with a tear in his eye. "Well I guess you know the story now darlin'." "Shit I ain't got nothin' left 'cept the shirt on my back and the drink in my hand.", Marlboro said half guessin' half beggin'. Juno put a dime in the juke box a picked some good American Rock and Roll of an artist left nameless who still lives to this day and put the Rock in the Roll. Walking over to Marlboro who turned to see the smile of an angel. "You still feel like dancin' Marlobro?", Juno asked.

Marlboro looked up tip his hat and said. "You damn right I feel like dancin' ", half smiling half choking back the tears. "You know you're one hell of a momma." Marlboro said pulling Juno tighter. "You ain't so bad yourself", Juno returned with a wink.

Back on the diamond Harlem was in a suicide squeeze with runner's in the corners and two outs. "How is your fevour now", Aliace asked Gingerale. "Well to be honest i'm a still a little light headed. I'm still not so sure if what I saw was real, or imagined. Do you smell cigarette smoke?" Gingerale delivered. Aliace looked around sniffing. "Now that you mention it I do smell a little tobacco smoke.", Juno said. A shadowy figure 5 rows back was blowing smoke rings through the air. "Must be the gentlemen 5 rows back.", Gingerale delivered. At which Aliace turned to look. "What gentlemen 5 rows back", Aliace aseked. Gingerale turned to see the shadowy figure gone. "I could have sworn I saw a gentlemen smoking 5 rows back.", Gingerale pleaded.

"Remember what the doctor said?", Aliace asked. "Yes I do remember. I'm sure I saw something on the diamond and five rows back. What I saw was very real." Gingerale pleaded desperatly for her sanity in the smoke rings of her mind and the diamond. As the words of the poet came back. The ace of spades has spelled her in smoke rings above the diamond of the game everyone was watching but not seeing the things she believed were real.

Wondering about my own sanity in the moment i'm pondering over the thoughts of poor Gingerale. Me being the one who drops in from time to time and let you in on the secrets of my mind. If what she saw was a manor of my own imagination now playing on the strings of sanity in her mind. If a shadow you are seeing that you are facing in not very real to anybody but you. Are you indeed looking at reality as everyone one sees it. Probably not but that happen's to me every day. I'm wondering if Gingerale has contracted a maligned sense of self through the thoughts I placed in her head or the thoughts she placed in mine.

I got the idea that all dreams came from Hollywood. I wonder if Gingerale has been to Hollywood or even close to it. If she of the starlit county had dreams of making it big in the city of lights. To be one of those screen actor's the West seems to call. Remembering what the Doctor said, I am putting those ideas to rest and trying to focus on what's real. Without harming the character's particularly Gingerale. I am hoping they will discard the ideas of my mind and focus on their lives and what is real to them.

The sun was down and the lights were shinning on the diamond. The crowd was growing increasingly more comfortable with themselves and more anxious about the game. The Raven's were down to the visiting Blood Hounds by one run. Nick Minage came to bat for the Raven's in the bottom of the third, bunted and finally made it to first base. Before anybody could take a second glance Nick Minage stole second base.

Letting Nick Minage do his thing and the batter's do there's I did a little crowd surfing. Caught in a black and white dream before I could focus on the haze of the motley of the crowd I saw a black and white picture of the girl from Eric's Trip. The picture flashed and disapeared before I could interpret the sepia tone of life lived long before I thought I was alive.

Dream therapy and thought separation is a form of meditation I have experimented with. Whether the experience leaves me with a higher state of consciousness, confusion or insight I haven't decided. The state between consciencenous and sleep leaves me to believe their is a naked reality in dreams I am attempting to understand and live beyond the fear of the unknown.

Waking myself with a tap on my shoulder from the cat from wonderland to continue the game of the players on the diamond and the lives who watch them.

The crowd surfing now making me psychotic I turned to the diamond. Nick Minage was leading toward third Orange Glass at bat. White the Blood Hounds pitcher looking very intent and angry threw to second forcing Nick Minage back on the safety of second.

Sparky took a sip from his flask mutted the mic and swore. "When polictics get involved in the game it all goes to hell", Sparky muttered. Unmutted the mic and remained in character. Orange Glass at bat that 2 outs for the blood hounds in dire need of a run.

Buddy the organ player laid some beats of the pipe organ trying to get the crowd in to the game and the batter at the plate. The crowd rustled through the pop corn, yesterday's news and their drinks. Time being unimportant and the game in focus. We put some pressure on the diamond and the players in light. Needing a big play Orange Glass looked to the heaven's and swung like and elevator going to hell, kicking the ball out of the park before anyone in the stands could even blink.

Sparky never taking his eyes off the play swore without muting the mic bringing the self conscious fans back to reality and the fact that the Home town Raven's took the lead as Nick Minag swaggered home with Orange Glass following closely behind. Sparky through the drink and the hit called the score at 3 to 1 for the Home Team.

Feeling a little positive about the the hit and the score. And being able to remain anonymous the man in blue sunglasses checked the clock rolled a smoke and pondered. Needing a catch before he could light the cigarette sorted through the crowd and the the memories dancing from home plate to the wall and beyond. Caught a glimpse of realism adjusted the shades and lit the smoke.

Thinking back and looking out behind the wall. The BlueSunglasses scratched by life and the character wearing them hid the identity of the man once anonymous to the reader. Now feeling like coming out from the shade lit another smoke and stared the author straight in the eyes. Remembering his life I paused to remember and attempted to understand where he came from to end up in this game and understand where he wished to go. The people are free to come and go from the park. Where they go beyond the walls of the park I am not sure.

The man in BlueSunGlasses is a bit of an enigma and his purpose within this story is yet to be determined.


Chapter 1

My name is Mountain. I have seen things in my life I can barely understand. I have understanding of things I barely know. I am a folk singer and poet and have read stories covered by the government. Stories held against our will for the sake of protectionist politicians and Generals.

I was born in 1959 and made my living out of tale and song. Now the tale I'm about to tell you is like taking a torn photograph in millions of shades that I will try to put together so you may be better able to understand what happens to hero's and heroins.

I've experimented with chemicals and my mind is not the same it once was. I have resisted the law and temptation and have paid my price. I have seeen the fire dance and the stars form from plains far gone and forlorn. I have danced with strippers at the break of dawn and saw god touch the tide with his eyes. My visions are my own and hold them close to my soul. My heart still yearns for love and touch of a human hand once held by me. In goddess, maiden or ghost form.

I exist only in the songs I sing and the world's I poetically dream off the cliffs of the etheral reach. You choose to listen, you choose to laugh like the lady singing, rocking soulfully in my breath. I have sang songs to the stars and angels above but the tale I'm about to tell you brings me closer to solace than any other poetical form I have intended to reach.

Chapter 2

In the height of the cold war there were soldiers, saints and sinners. Propoganda fillled the tv news and the houses of parliment. People understood what they were told and forgot what they understood. The Pet Shop boys blaired through the radio and Cyndi sang Time after Time. The goonies were good enough and Ralph kept it all under his hat.

The lost palace of Hollywood echoed with the laughs of stars to be and poets of the past left rhyme and memory on the bathroom stalls of Hollywood. I would walk in the halls of the lost palace of Hollywood and listen to the stories of travellers, songsters and pranksters. Nothing was real and real was nothing.

Paranoia rocked modern media and man continued to pray to the neon gods submerged in comercial art. Pop and road signs propelled the underground and man mowed his lawn under the eyes of the government, FBI and propoganda.

The lost palace of Hollywood was the exception. Bordering on found and lost the poets would pray and the strippers would dance. Cocaine was shipped and LSD zipped in plastic bottles. The stage would open up and the songs of altered universes echoed the halls in dry, wet reverb. Dali painted and the servants landed, Area 51 was a city of lights beyond the eyes of man and guarded by the secrets and lies of the Dead Kenedy.

Chapter 3

One lonely night taking refuge in Lost Hotel Of Hollywood for 5 cents and a vile of oil a visit. I lay upright in the lounge flipping through chanel 69 I saw the kid on ESP shooting stars through hoops with magic chamberlaine and Jimmy Johnson. He wore the 13 for luck and truth and had the eyes of a hero lost in the game, lost in the game shooting for his name and the game of rythym and rebound. Time was his essence although not clear as the game he played. The shot clock counted time and again as rythym fell through his hand his mind and challenge.

Hello can I get a drink of scotch. I've been gone long and lost through the roads of my mind. The voice called me here for reason I have yet to know. I turned to see a young woman dressed in clad and clash of the violence that nearly over took her. I paid no mind and returned to my discipline. The game changed and the news overtook the set. The hero gone. The president of the United World addressed the people that he thought were listening and those that had no answers to his visions and words. The world is in crisis.

Another failed roaming incident of route 49 left weather balloons crashing to the sky and reporters were scrambling for their piece of the incident. No one knew, no one knew. Another failed mission. Mission of what. Peace waiting trials and inocence. This was a cold war and everbody almost knew what that ment. Nobody knows, the news came from no where.

Chapter 4

This was getting no where and no where is understood. Somewhere people understand and raise their fist in chaos and revolt. No quiet revolutions resound in the continent as the searchers watched and ended fires that don't even exist. All but everyone on high alert for perplexities and Generals garned in feathers and flags.

The woman in clad and clash spoke but as she spoke I heard the singing of charms and a bell between chaos and love. Is this love, is this love. Tell me through the chamber of the calling bust of palas where is this love. The woman in clad and clash spoke beyond the madness of the T.V. news. Perplexed by her vows I turned stunned by her beauty, her angelic gyspsy garb.

Touching her face, who could be held responsible. For the life of me where in the vows of all wisdom had she walked to sing so softly in the halls on the lost palace of hollywood where the last king of dreams shattered his soul to the floor climbed to heaven odered another and wondered what he had done that for. Counting crows and raven's and hells lost and locked and lonely door.

Screaming bust of pallas echoing in the evermore ravaged loved and lost on the lonely moment of her lips. I barely opened my lips to turn and talk to the woman in clad and clash and she was gone. Gone where I almost understood the question before it was unaswered. In my mind I see the things change the woman gone I knew her. I know her. From where is the question I tempted to ask but not follow the woman or angel or spirit, gone.

I stood and looked around all was real the T.V. on high alert the room empty but the wax maiden on the wall guiding the ships landing to world's lost or found. I turned headed for my hall and the number 9. Room number 9 was the message I forgot to mention and understand. The way we traveller's leave possesion and pride behind for others to find and interpret in their minds.

Chapter 5

I walked through the halls of numbered doors searching for the nine. Written in Venus' hand. The purple violet afterglow of all her thoughts. The calling the mentioning the answers I had written and wanted to tell. Venus has seen the sea of the calling reach the memories that entertained. The visons that spoke through glass and mirror. The looking glass girl will seal your soul, Take you through virgin clouds open again and again. As the tide raged and the moon pulled I found number nine and turned the door.

Light and afterglow enchanted my eyes like the way she understood before. Barely talking mostly undressed she pressed my lips and fastened the door. Closed shut in together she whispered to my soul answering my heart. I held her cold in my breath untied her guilt and let her dress fall naked to the floor. Moving and breathing on the floor and moons last dying light shown through the stain of the window.

She wanted more. I asked her to let go. To let me and understand the way it seems only in dreams these thoughts and memories were touched and allowed to enter and untouched and remembered the way the river runs in the sand again and again venus in my vein and my vein in venus. She called my name as once I heard, understood and all stopped but the hourglass lamp she let live beside her bed.

The time is coming the knowers are watching and the man is learning let him live the dreams he dreams to be and be the thing he knows he is. Venus spoke through tongues I understood. The world is changing and time can be be a vampire to those unprotected by the dreams they dream to be. Number 9 was shooting memory and thoughts to be. 1984 was the year and yesterdays understanding in tomorows knowing.

I awoke in my room alone staring up at all the stars. I could come down to you and stop all the stalls. But i'm alone and she is thinking. The name came to me from the god mars atop of all the cities in her galaxy far away. Hell's Kitten was singing again. The cold war calling her, the loner listening.

Chapter 6

I awoke fresh from a dream like daisy's singing in a mid summer dream. Vegas dreams and trying not to stall I left my room and headed down the hall. The same channel stuck in 69 reporting on all the days news old and dead. The moon gone the sun waking the morning in ever after exstasy. To early to drink I took my pipe and walked out the double door to stare sunlight in the eyes. I smoke the tobacco of Indian leaf and reflected. 1984 the loner shooting for his game and Hell's Kitten singing once more.

To me it came in a dream that the lady in clad and clash was Hell's Kitten searching for answers in the ever more. Wondering about the lost cause. The cold war, the cold war the world watched with intent as more weapons were raised to the stars out of fear and paranoia. The story dead but the news kept coming and the voices kept raising the concerns of the ground.

Hiding underground holding secrets of the dead kennedy. Now the generals moving fear of weapons no one could see but the nuclear wind the t.v. shot the dead and dylan's rest. Yesterday's news came to me landing beside me the newspaper with headline news. Other than the weapons of the politics the loner was winning, playing for the Huskies of Toronto. Could not be stopped playing effortlessly in his game the game he knew and loved.

Lately married of woman who left the world before her time in crash fately rushed in ambulance to the emergency while the Loner played his game in a city south of the crash. He did not know his choice to undertand came later as the six o'clock news reported delicately of the face of his angel still in his heart yet to know.

The twins were born 5 years prior as the Huskies erected the banner of the world championship tournament and every year after. Toronto Rainbow the boy and Apple River the girl. His children their children born in the cold war and his wife the reporter now gone after the accident.

Chapter 7

To understand now what was not heard then is not possible. The words the Loner's wife submerged on the continent were those of truth. Naked truth in a time of deception. She wrote the stories of truth and honor beyond the fear of the cold.

I turned and walked to the lounge to see the freak and ghouls of the lost palace. They were awake from the dreams. There long waking dreams left in their rooms to contimplate and experiment with the known and the unknown.

There was speaking above the telivision still caught on the news. The loner now probably aware of the incident. The accident of his now lost love. His decision was his own and soon to make. The Huskies of Toronto were in the hunt for another banner. Another championship beyond the maker's of the news and politics we all digested. More bombs and no answers. Shaking policticians hiding behind the iron curtain.

In the corner was the game the freaks played from time to time. To exit from reality and chase ghost through color mazes and eat the pills to fight the fear of the dead. The high score still unbeaten. Created by the matrix the wizard of the dot matrix.

I played my game and digested my fear of the future the past unknown and made my name in the high score. 1984 was my sign. The world I felt behind in the high score well below the matrix was mine 1984. The world watching. The waiting to be told.

Chapter 8

I felt a tap on my left shoulder turned and saw her smile. Luckey played she always played. Look she said as I turned. The loner is playing again. All eyes on the big screen. Watching his shots carry away the attention of the politics the latest news of waiting peace. A truce from both sides a forgiveness in a hand shake a tear both sides to proud to offer up the peace and silence the people wanted.

Still reading the paranormal she asked. Yes with a smile I said. Somethings never change she offered with a grin. Fear gets you nowhere. Fear gets you nowhere. She ordered a coffee and we sat to watch and converse of time gone and yet to come.

I've been travelling. I've been watching. Yes she said. The rider once stood in the window and watched day and night for the sign of the maiden. The peace she'd bring. Traveling yes travelling through mars and the cosmos she said. She has no fear of the void no fear of the beyond. Morrison, Kerouac they were all her skill. She looked me in the eyes deep blues of the mountain side beyond the parralel to the sea where she swims naked, naked to the world.

Things haven't changed much she offered. I looked around and nodded. The matrix, apollo, the leaf, lightning and the others still listening watching resting in the lost palace. Aphrodeities and the others gods and goddess offering up answers for the the unanswered.

She took my hand and my conscience. I still love you. Things have not changed I answered. The heat of the cold rising the fist of the loner elevating another victory another victory for the loner and the huskies his hair shadowing his figure his champion demeanor he had to know.

I love you too I answered. Things have not changed she echoed. Deep in those eyes I travel to places known by her and only her. I've come for a short stay she echoed. I have places in mind and opportunity to risk.

Chapter 9

The game for the moment is won and the travellers plan to rejoice in song and pow wow. Appolo setting the cosmos. Luckey took me by the hand and outside we walked for a smoke. After breath and tobacco we watched the sun slowly fall to night and walked inside. Appolo was ready for his performance instruments of foreign shores set the stage. String, wind and drum filled the air. Luckey drank her white, white wine. Thoughts of Hell's Kitten came to me in brain and science.

The players played, lightning, appolo and green leaf played effortlessly through night. The traveller's drank their cocktails and cocaine while I thought watched and listened. The sound was surreal and full of meaning. Meaning to be interpreted through sullen thoughts. The colors shown in green red and blue and echoed through the halls. Luckey took me by the hand and led to me to the mic.

sullen thoughts intricated and mad
peaceful dreams and extasy
the lies of the news
not gettig through to you
know your mind and believe the truth
in mind I know all of you
touched me with a smile
green red and blue
time for dance
time for song
the drums echoed
our choice is ours
beyond the cloud
beyond the confusion
is the solution

I stepped off the stage less than noticed knowing I said my things to those who might listen, The freedom of choice echoes in truth and laughter. The thoughts of the the loner still on my mind his lost love, His lost love stained on his side. What would his choice be in the time was his to make His heart on his sleeve and Hell's Kitten singing pop the believers sought to see.

Chapter 10

Luckey took me by the hand and led me to her van. We talked mostly subconscioulsly but understanding completly. The LSD elevated the moment as we listened to the stars sing and the moon dance once again lightly we dreamed but did not sleep. Eating cheeries and cocaine no one knew or could see the things we've seen.

Her bed called and the wind knew we are one in our essence lost in mind and thought. She turned on the radio and Gypsy blew my mind looking in her eyes as I always did. The time no one knew no one knows. Thunder only happen's when it's raining, Player's only love you when they're playing.

The moon pulled and the moment listened. She always had a way of feeling the same. After time so much time. We have a way of understanding without even speaking she could read my thoughts and I read her mind the way she looked. She took me by the hand as the glow of the dashboard lights lit the room and the pink and blue of the stars on her moon.

The van rocked and the radio listened. She touched and I heard. She breathed and I moved gently up and down around beneath her dress of hair. Nothing was the moment and she touched in private the way she breathed and concentrated on the drip of memory. Explosions and contemplations of reality touched her faced and explored her thoughts. One we are, again and again. Comtemplating orgasmic energy taking her everything.

She stopped and looked me in the eyes. As though I was hiding something. I opened and looked to her and stopped. Maybe we're not the same maybe to much time had taken our connections. She sat up naked and I naked wtih nothing to say.

Chapter 11

There was a knock at the door on her van. She moved for her clothes as I watched her naked dressing and pulsing body move hidden in the dark of the van only the lights of the dash lighting her there and here. I lit a smoke and she opened the door.

A figure moved in the door forcefully. I am KGB don't move and I will tell you what your need to know. The gun pointed squarely in her eyes Luckey backed away slowly and I reaching for my clothes. Do not move or she gets it. I put my clothes down and looked her in the eyes. I am Super Nova and I will tell you of the Home you will never see. A cold wind blew through the open windows and touched my skin. Luckey didn't move and Nova moved closer. The winter is going to hit and all lies will be lost. My government knows your secrets and the names you are writing.

Luckey backed off and Nova moved closer. Your government is designing a weapon. A weapon of mass destruction. One that will separate the atoms and send them vibrating back to space back to nothing back to black hole where it all ended. My name is Mountain. I know your name and your friend. You need my help but it will come at price. I do not come for nothing.

Luckey did nothing staring at Super Nova trying to understand her calling. Nova looked out the door and nodded. A black car with no marking no plates turned in the darkness. What do we do now Luckey thought and almost asked. You listen to me Nova answered. We move to Alaska where the government is developing. You drive, Nova motioned to Luckey as she headed for shot gun. I motioned for my clothes. You move again and your friend will die. I sat back covered in the darkness, naked.

Chapter 12

Luckey started her van. The chamber candescent with dash lights and the barrel of Nova's gun. Time progressed and moved as Luckey drove and Nova directed. The moment was tense as George Micheal on coke. But I have faith in Luckey's direction. This Super Nova was coming from somewhere. She knew me and she knew Luckey. Although stunning in her appearance I had no recollection or prior memory of an encounter of which I have had many. The days passed only stopping for petrole gas. I was still naked but Luckey was by now mostly dressed as she had to pay for the fuel from her own cash.

Nova held the gun and the decisions. I lay there unpermited to move thinking back to Luckey's moment and the tattoo on her ass. The gypsy movements she made to songs unwritten and words never spoken. Years since I've seen her and now hostage to Super Nova who may be speaking the truth or more lies of the cold she spoke in accent, Russian maybe.

How much more fucking driving do you expect me to do? I lifted my head from sleep to hear Luckey and Nova bitching. I hold the gun you drive. How bout I hold the damn gun and you drive and pay for friggin petro. Who's petro? You use that word again and I swear to Blue Rodeo I'm taking the ditch. Blue Rodeo? The ditch? Yeah the ditch. What the ditch?

Uh ladies I hate to interupt but I believe we are being followed. Luckey adjusted her rear view and Nova turned. Who is it? I see nothing.

Chapter 13

It's a trans am with southern plates. You drive, pretend and see nothing. They're gaining on us. Mountain said adjusting himself where no one could see. Luckey adjusted her rear view and could see the lights gaining. Nova now visibily nervous motioned Luckey to hit the gas. Luckey looked me in the eye. I waited as she nailed the brakes. I went for Nova trying to sub due her without doing any harm. We wrestled on the ground. Briskly reaching on rolling for control of the weapon on the front seat and in to the back on the van. She touched me and I touched her. Reaching for control of the shaft.

Mountain she called. Nova was her name. I flashed back to a tour in the Afgani back country in the Balkans and Yugosloavia. I saw a girl, a girl with tears in her eyes. I came back to unscathed by the flash. Nova now firmly on top with the barrel pointed on my frontal lobe.

You know me. Nova whispered in the incandescent light. And I know you I remembered her now a little more robust and figured than the girl I remember. Luckey smoking turned and mentioned you finished, breathing a little more easily. We now have more company motioning outside.

Chapter 14

A man in a hat dressed in black armed with pride and and a weapon followed by a woman in boots. Boots made for walking, Diamond she called and the Man turned and lit a smoke. Kathleen he called, we are alive! Where the fuck are we she answered. Mountain now fully aware of who is control yelled, somewhere in Witchita.

Nova now in control of the weapon montioned Mountain back to the bed. Fully naked Mountain retreated to the comfort of Luckey's furs. Desperately reaching for his clothes to Nova's demands. Put them on and you will die a naked man. Luckey adjusting the mirror looked back in silence, besides I like you better that way. Here comes company Luckey sudgested to Nova. Let them come she replied.

The man in the hat we know as Diamond came to the window and gently knocked. Luckey with a lit smoke rolled down the window in a manner sudgesting contemplation and intent to interest. Where are we and who are you Diamond said examining the situation. From the darkness of the van came a voice of a murmur, Witchita, Luckey, Nova and Mountain. Nova turned to Mountain implying to keep his mouth shut.

And you are? Nova asked with the gun between her legs. The name is Diamond, Diamond Young from Quebec. And the woman? The woman now in Nova's window. Yelled Kathleen and you are? Nova quietly rolled down the window as Luckey said shit, here we go. Pulled the gun on Kathleen and told her to get in the back.

Chapter 15

Now that's no way to treat a lady Diamond replied. You don't know where we came from or what happened. I'm sure there will be time to talk Nova said holding her gaze on Kathleen. Kathleen looked at Diamond with the intent to unload. Diamond motioned to hold. We'll get in Diamond answered. No just the the woman Nova replied cocking the gun.

I'd listene she's already pulled the trigger once Mountain said naked in the darkness. Luckey threw her smoke and winked at Diamond motioning to his parked car with headlights beaming, narrowly missing Mountains body. Kathleen opened the door and entered ever conscience of the dagger in her boot and the cocaine in her stash.

Hands on head and on the bed. Mountain made room for her. Kathleen searching for something solid to sit on looked the Mountain in the eyes, your name is Mountain she said almost asking her or telling her self something, somewhat familiar. She sat tense in the darkness among strangers she swore she knew.

Luckey turned the key and Nova held the gun. Mountain still naked in the sheets and Kathleen looking for something to hold eyed Mountain and he caught her glance. You've seen the other side Mountain whispered in Kathleen's ear. She turned looked Mountain in the face. I haven't seen shit.

For a price we will all see other side, Nova said never taking her eye off the road or Luckey's intentions.

Chapter 16

He's following us, Luckey sudjested to strangers in the night moving closer to what Nova only knew. Kathleen glanced out the back window and saw the trans am and Diamonds hat in the shadows.

It will be alright Nova said maybe sleeping or maybe in wake. It will be alright echoed in Mountains intentions pretending to be sleeping listening the knowing, the waiting the truth to be told.

Mountain fully awake and aware listening to the engine moaning out it's one note song. Pretending to be listening and mostly sleeping. The sound of Kathleen's breast and heart and motions in the dark, getting comfortable moving innocently deathly slowly in the shadows.

Kathleen glanced behind to the trans am, trailing the key to her moment, the chance of her taste. Mountain noted the movement and waited. Luckey's eyes on the road fumbled to the radio, teasing the ears of those that would listen static aiming pulling the thoughts closer.

Lost in the dust the stars of the night and the snow falling to the wipers pumping hydrolic liquid lasting in the moment. Some one saying something and no one seems to listen. The clown who is sick does the trick of disaster. The lights in her eyes and the thoughts of those thighs. Mountain clinging to memory of venus and her disaster, tripping delicately through the mind allowing the thoughts to entertain.

Chapter 17

The radio tired barely awake entranced the morning news to the sun rising glistening in the magic of the fall. Last nights fall. More weapons, more terror the presidents voice echoing over the rumble of the highway.

Bodies motioning wakefullness stumbled in to the day listening pretending not to notice as the terror attempted to entrance the moment, Mountain still naked studied Kathleen and her intentions.

Nova now fully awake, aware and armed said the cold will come the war will end. Can we get off this fucking channel!? Luckey exclaimed turning the radio station. Aha blaired through the radio speakers Take on Me sudgested. The black the white the media the station always searching for the the reason.

Kathleen backed up barely touching Mountains intentions. The trans am following Kathleen knowing who was driving reached in her boot for her knife and and took Nova by surprise.

Chapter 18

Move and your neck is mine she muttered in a breath only someone so strong should sudgest. Drop the weapon and you will live to see tomorow. Nova dropped the weapon in her panic and Kathleen picked up the shaft of the barrel so cold so cold as the war we are fighting.

Mountain fully naked watching the exihibition entertained by the move and Kathleen's b-side, reached for his clothes and cocaine now free to move and examine his ego and and his status.

Someone is going to tell me what the fuck is going on. My name is Mountain I have seen things in this existence that echo in the halls of solitude and sanctuary. You Kathleen are from another void and other time another plain.

Venus knows your name and your calling as she spoke in echoes in our last encounter. You are here now for purpose you of yet to know. Your calling has been echoed in the halls of the Lost Palace of hollywood. Your companion behind rides with us in our time for reasons yet to be understood.

Luckey drives and Nova knows. Her intentions are those of peace and understanding. The trans Am pulled up along side the Van now in Kathleens control. The passengers of ego and understatement priviledged to ride and understand in echoes of time and place to be understood.

Chapter 19

The year is 1984 the cold is watching and the Loner is listening. Chaos is his existence now shattered with the loss. Hell's Kittens word's are his to know and of us to listen. 1984? I was I was...we were riding, riding north came the voice of the man in the hat known as Diamond. Driving to the North escaping the madness the invasion.

Long ago came Mountains voice long ago. We listened and you arived in time to meet our destiny. The war is on, the cold comes and the voice of truth to be heard. What of this madness this intention the weapons of mass destruction the government pretends and does nothing. Developing terror carried by the media. Nova has reason for interpretation it is our best interest to listen as she has been sent from far away to carry and deliver the message sacrificing life in honor of her people.

We are heading north to follow the loner and sudgest your welcoming, Kathleen and Diamond. Kathleen holding the weapon looked to Nova. They are hiding, they are holding weapons of destruction the cold is here and the battle goes on. We sit and do nothing the war will never end. We must stop the confusion the destruction. My name is Nova I am KGB. Sent by my government to stop the weapon the weapon of destruction and fear. We must move we must go on. Kathleen sat silent running, running in her mind the past the present and now this, her intentions unknown.

Her name is Kathleen came a voice from the cold, the man in the hat. I am Diamond, Diamond Young. We fought this war and won. The world shattered from where we came from. So you believe came the voice of Mountain. Your time is untouched and moves. Ours is now in peril. I know of you and your intent. The Loner's move is his and Hell's Kittens intentions are ours or his to believe. Ride with us. Live breath this life deliver your mind and the rest will follow. We will ride.

Chapter 20

We will ride, we will ride for a price. I hold the weapon and you start talking. Diamond follows in the trans am and any funny shit the blonde chick gets it then we move to Nova. This is bull shit my name is Luckey. Kathleen startled at the response cocked the the gun. And you, you are Mountain. This is bull shit uncocked the gun.

Your memory entertains you Kathleen, Mountain thought but did not speak. Deliver your mind and the rest will follow, Mountain said but did not think. Tell me of this Loner. Luckey turned the key and fired the van for a ride.

The loner plays, he plays with greatness. The game is his and his master. The love lost of his, a reporter of honor and truth through the madness. Dead now in a crash. Speculation of the disaster. Our governments did not know. He plays with truth science his name eched for ever in the Huskies of the North dynasty is his. Two children lately wed of his wife the reporter now buried for reasons unknown.

The media the weapon the lense the finger the thoughs they deliver. Terror strikes the earth and of us to listen. As mass destruction looms and Hell's Kittens words deliver the shatter of truth and breath. The loner is listening delivering a body and existence beyond. Venus sees the void the past the future, the contemplations of man. For us to discover.

Chapter 21

Mountains words trailed and echoed in the minds of the travellers. Till all was known. All was known for the time and moment as moments come and end and trance and deliver. And some truth, knowledge, insight is suddgested. The van was cold and quiet. Mountain now un nerved with his coke and clothes. Kathleen still on the barrel, Luckey on the pedal and Nova in the know.

Closer came the radio, closer came the radio. Paranoid, paranoid as the past. The writer in the door way where she stood and watches for him. The news came on the same news as yesterday. Answers for the the forgiven lessons for the unforgiven. Metalic rays of sunlight opening the day. The leader of the free world and this side of the ocean of sorrow, addressed the people. Squaking PA of the the generals moves and the policticians spending. Mountain knowing, Luckey driving.

And what of this Kathleen and the man Diamond. Our time in perril so much to be understood The loner now in Toronto the season ended as the new one enters. The time is his to know and ours to follow the border of man, consciousness, country. Super Nova and her delivery. There will be choice and action. Hell's Kittens words came through the world on alternative channel for listeners of understood searching for insight. She sings and the bells sound.

Chapter 22

Van quiet for a time. We have company came Luckey easy on the gas. Mountain turned and saw the highway troopers with lights turning. Fuck take the next exit, Kathleen with the barrel delivered. Slow down I've got the pedal. Luckey eased on the gas and took to the side of the road. A road house in the middle of Witchita.

Troopers lights a blazing blurred by the scene on down the highway. Diamond in the trans am followed Luckey's move and pulled to her side rolled down the window. Luckey smoking had already done the same.

Friends of yours, Diamond smiled? Long story, flicking the ash of the smoke in a way no one would understood before the hash, the LSD. That for me? Luckey said nothing. Kathleen with the barrel turned to Diamond. I need a fucking drink. Here? You got any better sudgestions. We have no time for drinks attempted Nova. Look i'm sure they've got vodka. At the mention Mountain rose to intercept the conversations and ideas of temptation.

Chapter 23

We've been riding for a while and the lady with the gun is thirsty, Luckey delivered turning off the ignition. Mountain looked out the window. Saw the sign Road House 184. Zombies now playing. I've seen the place before and the Zombies are deadly. Queit forty's and a lady for the killing.

Kathleen cocked the gun and smiled. Diamond you thirsty? You know I don't drink while on the job winking. Fuck this noise let's go inside Luckey hinted opening the door to her van. And lock the doors who knows who's hanging around.

The crew emptied from their vehicles and walked to the door. The door man doing his best Swayze smiled at Kathleen who concealed her weapon the way a lady does and smiled at the dirty dancer.

The place was packed with wall eyed red necks and their girls. Mountain felt confident and at home. Nova a little out of place and fully equiped almost tripped over her chest and Swayze's cock of the walk.

Luckey looked Mountain in the eyes as if she had been here before and pulled up her cut offs a little further, showing some cheek and swag. The lady serving drinks bumped in to Diamond as if saying something he wouldn't understand but in Diamonds mind it made sense. The zombies were trancing loud and the traveller's sat at Kathleen's command.

Chapter 24

Are we going to get served? Kathleen emptied getting comfortable and fully loaded, but no one knew. Mountain turned to the stage and the Zombies, Astrid in full form lifting the room a little and the hillbillies wallets, Mountain smiled.

The hillbillies now more than thirsty put their eyes on the table and the ladies in their equipment. Is it getting hot in here or is just me Diamond mentioned as five of the mean looking hillbillies came to the table.

The leader and obviously smartest hillbilly put his hand on Kathleen and said I wanna dance pulling her forcefully to her feet. At which Diamond stood starring squarely in the mans chest said she's with me. 'O really the man said as his friends came a lot closer. Yeah hands off Diamond sudgested. Ya' 'mess wit me, ya 'mess wit ma' family as the hillbillies showed off their missing teeth.

Chapter 25

Diamond now outnumbered took a swing at hillbillie duke and took some teeth with his right. A little stunned took a step back and gave Diamond a right. Diamond ducked the blow and hillbillie duke landed on the table and the ladies drinks. Before Diamond could impress himself four hillbillies pilled on Diamond and wrestled the man down on the dance floor.

Kathleen pulled the hidden colt 45 from her boot and fired one shot in the air, getting everyone attention. Kathleen now on centre stage called the shots and Diamond to his feet. Let the man go and no one gets hurt. Naw we fine, we fine the hillbillies smiled and headed back to their drinks.

Astrid strummed her chord and the band started like nothing even happened. Kathleen holstered the weapon. Diamond picked himself up off the dance floor gave Kathleen a smile and himself a little shake before returning to the table.

Friends of yours? Diamond said to Mountain. Yeah we go way back, way back to county they used to be a little pretier. I say you and your lady friend impressed more than the band. We're going to need more drinks the lady with the concealed weapon said as Mountain motioned to the bar keep.

Chapter 26

Drink after drink and song after song, Kathleen asked Diamond to take a shot. You know I never drink on the job. What's your job again Mr. Diamond. Diamond smiled said nothing but Kathleen new and took another shot of jack while Diamond watched.

The corn whiskey now taking over and the band getting tired. We must move this is taking time Nova shot with vodka and attitude. The lady with the gun looked Nova in the eyes, Who the fuck are you? Kathleen and the whiskey attempted. I'm KGB the war goes on, Nova replied downing another vodka. Luckey in her upmost and sloshed on wine red and white, Yeah you need a card? Luckey sipped and winked at both ladies.

The time is on, taking a line and a dead man's grave. We must leave the chase is ours and the hills are watching. Radio no where and the weapon of Nova's decipline. The west and wall of the east must fall. Hell's Kitten and the words of the loner are fading. The time we waste and the line we walk take the unforsaken. Mountain offered mostly wasted on the traveller's minds.

Four men in black and shades entered the room as Nova slipped to the ladies room while no one noticed save Diamond who took Luckey's key and left the room.

Nova meeting Diamond outside who obviously found another way out sudgested, We must leave NOW. Diamond headed for the trans am and on the only way heard four shots and the music end.

Chapter 27

We have to go back Diamond uttered to Nova. Nova fully intoxicated pulled a concealed semi automatic from beneath her garb. I am Nova KGD, tonights the night Nova contemplated through the vodka and her accent.

Walking back to the bar entrance Mr. Soul started playing and the music listened. Fucking cover tunes Diamond heard and new the voice. Kathleen met the Diamond and Nova on the outside as the band got louder and Kathleen lit a slim.

What the fuck is going on Diamond intended. You tell me four men in black and you two head for the exits. Kathleen took a breath and a drag off the slim. Diamond moved to Kathleen I heard shots. You're damn right. They're still twitching on the ground.

What FBI Nova slurred through the vodka. Yeah if FBI bleed green Kathleen taking another drag off the slim. Where the fuck are we I'm almost out of bullets Kathleen breathed cocking the weapon for one more round.

Nova looked inside seeing the half zombie, half being from beyond the heavens. We must leave came Mountain. The challenge mounts and the woods breath. Half numb from the wine and LSD Luckey asked where the fuck her keys went. Diamond reached down and delivered the ring to Luckey.

Chapter 28

Who's gonna clean this shit up? Came the voice of the bouncer. Not me Luckey threw opening the door to her van. We got to get the fuck out of here, Kathleen uttered hot after the smoke and the blows. Who's going to drive you've all hit the limit on drinks and zombie waltz, Diamond reminded. Not to mention the highway warm with troopers Diamond started and fucking walking dead kathleen finished.

We travel through the pass and the walking wood to the Mountains. Time will pass the memories of our parting will fade. The Mountains hold solace and peace. The road concealed by the road house will travel deep within the moon. Behind our minds to inner sanctum of peace pass. Mountain said pulling pipe and smoke from his pouch.

Luckey turned the key and green ram listened 449 on the block 6 cylinders and an oil socked engine blew smoke and the travellers minds. Who's coming with me smiling teasing for more reving her engine. The war continues these zombies prove the theories we must travel north through the border Nova attempted, fuck this noise and the Russian. Vodka or not she's nuts, Kathleen delivered.

Nova pulled the semi from behind her back. I am Nova KGB and you Kathleen have one bullet in the barrel. In Russian we have what you say to play with Nova. Kathleen looked at the gun slowly spun and aimed. STOP came Diamonds voice, Nova rides with me we will follow the van through Mountains pass. Kathleen uncocked the gun and lowered wasted and lost she piled in the van to lie down.

Luckey hit the lights and drove round back. Mountain lit the peace pipe to share and the grass road opened to the Mountains. Luckey fumbled for the radio trying to get a signal. Nothing but static.....Not here there is no outside Mountain offerd pulling off the pipe sharing with Luckey. Kathleen quiet, the moon lighting the back of the van the howl of the wolf sent chills down Diamonds back and Kathleen holstered the weapon.

Chapter 29

The sober Diamond watched the back of the van moving slowly through the turns ups and downs. The light of the moon shown down through the leaves of the trees. Diamond saw something in the corner of the woods looked again and saw nothing.

I feel the rumbling in the ground. The wind is turning the wild watching, Mountain said Luckey driving. The earth is spinnig slowly spinning came Kathleen's voice wasted on whiskey.

In mind and memory I tranced on the thoughts of the loner and Hell's Kitten's word eched on the mural and memories last paradise. The decision past on the game left. His intentions unknown to the world and his science yet unmastered. Deliver a being free from disease and hunger. War no more were her's. Hell's Kitten's voice was the one the loner followed and believed.

Lost in memory the hills woke to our arival and the witch of the woods now watching our motions and understanding the intentions. Light of the moon and the dashboard glow. Black magic and the woman. Gypsy queen and the underline of the woods. Luckey in trance and halucination of her intentions lit the pipe and the greatfull dead glow of the mushrooms shadow.

The call of the nature pulling her higher shadow and memory of the loss of fear the engine pulling her here and the light of her moon to the left as the van climbed the hill. Luckey lost in the over more reality gone and the lights her only destination.

Mountain pulled the pipe and Luckey listened the engine driving herself. "Let go" came Luckey's voice and Mountain listened. The witch of the woods screamed and Mountain listened. Mountain full of halucination of the mushroom she shared The woods listening and the witch calling. "Lower comes the moon and the night will break." Mountain answered Luckey heard but did not say.

Kathleen wasted on the night fumbled through memory and time. Diamond in the trans am followed the van through the trees and pass. Kathleen would wake he knew. Nova gone on vodka and her mission and Diamond took the semi and hid in beneath the seat. Going through memory and the now Diamond pondered before the invasion the cause of the explosions no one heard of yet. Kathleen and the charger the end at hand driving further pedal to the floor the car in flame, space and time. Now the now and the cold. The war at hand and Mountains peace to the sane. Too much. "Now." Diamond thought and lit a smoke no one could answer.

Chapter 30

The beautiful glow the dangerous tug we get to hear small from high up above. "The rest of the world" came Mountains voice "The rest of the world will follow". The loner sees his past and understands the void lost on man. Mountains mind lost on venus the memories that follow. The moon falling further to the earth and the witch dying in the light.

Luckey came back from the dream and the roads that follow. "We must travel through the leaves beyond the underflow to the North". Mountain now sober and the sun rising. The loner is planning his take and his science. He'lls Kittens bells ring to his knowing. She is listening." Mountain sober words did nothing on Kathleen, hungover from the zombie waltz and the memories of her beginnings. "The road must go on". Came Kathleens voice. Imortal to the witches calling dazed from the nights drive. The lights of the North brought us here to see the wait and change of the world. YellowKnife and WhiteHorse called me in a dream. I have seen end and disaster peace and everlasting. There will be a calling." Came the woman's voice we know as Kathleen. "Wherein lies continue." Mountain said.

"Whereing lies continue. You've got to be fucking kidding me. The witch of the of the woods the darkness the wolf and all his lies will die. Take the stranger by surprise. The hunter came last night took his memory and all his lies. Where's Diamond." Kathleen came to her feet to front of the ram. Luckey adjusted her rear view. "Right behind me." Luckey said. Kathleen turned to see the trans am and Diamond hat. "Where the fuck are?", Kathleen expleeted. "Mountains pass and through the woods of the witch. She entertains the dreams of dreamers forlorn and forgone. You've seen vision of the evermore and the calling of your spirit." Mountain offered. "And what of those who don't dream.", Kathleen kicked. "You mean Diamond.", Mountain said. "Yeah I mean Diamond", Kathleen returned. "He saw the call of the wolf and held life in mind.", Mountain riddled. "This is bullshit stop the van.", Kathleen attempted. "We must pass the leaves.", Mountain attempted. "The only thing I'm going to pass is this bullet through the blondes back. At which point Luckey stopped turned and said. "I'm the one who drove us the frig out of that mess." Kathleen turned and remembered. Remembering the road house the bleeding dead and Mountains pass. The dreams of the north. "We must keep moving. The road is in danger and the future in flux.", Mountain sealed. "Trust Mountain.", Luckey said. Kathleen holstered the weapon. "I don't trust nobody", she said turning to the trans am with foreign plates and sat down.

Chapter 31

Focusing on the van ahead Diamond followed putting memory to rest and pulling the present to mind. Sober as the sun's ascent. Diamond followed, the weapon concealed and Nova coming to mumbling russian and twiching. "No, no, she said in a language Diamond could understand. Diamond grabbed her arm. "You're alright." "The cold is coming. We must travel North. There is a base, in secret location. The weapon, the weapon must be stopped.

Nova opened her eyes the road lay ahead and the morning dawning. Diamond reached for a smoke. "You've been sleeping mubbling in your sleep", "I am Nova KGB dreams do not haunt me". Nova returned. "Dream's don't haunt me either. To tell you the truth I don't sleep", Diamond sudgested. "Where are we", Nova demanded. "The mountains pass on a road to where, i'm not sure", Diamond told. The sun clouded over and the world turned dark.

Raven's in the sky hundreds by the thousands blacked out the sun. "The darkness comes", Nova said reaching for her weapon. "Where is it', Nova demanded. "Under my seat. Things kind of got out of hand back there your were sleeping", Diamond attempted. "This is a sign the world will turn. The birds are flocking dead in the night", Nova talked. Diamond looked upon the skies saying nothing smoking his smoke, reached under his seat and delivered the weapon back to Nova.

Chapter 32

"Does this fucking road end?", Kathleen intended. "The road will end and life will turn. The mountains pass peaked while the wild watched and we listened", Mountain delivered. "Good i'm getting kind of hungry", Luckey said not taking her eyes off the road.

The dirt became sand and the sand to gravel. The lost highway is coming Mountain uttered under smoke and and pipe. Luckey continued to drive till the road came to a stop sign and street sign in need of some attention. "LOST HIGHWAY NUMBER 1". "What the f**k is this?", came Kathleens voice.

An old military testing ground called Devils half acre. They pulled out in the fiftees just before the cold way started. It's mostly empty.", Mountain delivered. "Mostly empty but the crows.", Luckey attempted. "Raven's actually what brings them here i'm not sure", Mountain chymed. "Take the right", Mountain offered over the smoke and the moment, "There is a diner not far down on the western plain".

"What he hell are they serving?", Luckey attempted. "Not sure haven't been there in a while but the cook know's his shit. Truckers mostly delivering what I do not know, but they travel east and west the diner keeps open that way", Mountain directed.

The black trans am turned on the right following the van. "Lost Highway", Diamond muttered. "Yes lost highway. I have heard of this place.' Super Nova echoed. "Chemical warfare and other tests i'm told.", Diamond realeased. "Super soldiers and super weapons.", Nova conitnued. 'Yeah if you believe in shit like that", Diamond echoed thinking not of his own training.

Chapter 33

The morning after glow of purple and blue followed the sunrise and the highway wet with nightfall shown whith glitter a highway of diamond's with no one on it but the van and the trans am. The sun rising and shinning down on the trans am blinding the view of Diamond pulled his visor and lit a smoke. The eagle on the hood shinning in the morning. A little worn but shinning none the less.

"American?", Nova asked. "No Canadian", Diamond replied. "Canadian cigarrettes?", Nova returned. "No American.", Diamond delivered. "You say Canadian." Nova turned to Diamond and his cigarrettes. "Yeah Canadian born, American smokes", Diamond said. "And the lady Kathleen?", Nova asked. "The question never came up.", Diamond delivered. We've been through some shit. Still sorting it out. "You are Military.', Nova delivered. "Was, not anymore. Did my tour. Special teams was my unit. We didn't exist. No identity no papers we just disapeared.", Diamond delivered. "CIA?", Super Nova asked. "Something like that the orders came from the top. It was an experiment the best and brightest of the forces trained to take on anything and loose everything not get caught and dissapear. The mission failed the team went mad. Lost everything, the past no future no Identification.", Diamond delivered.

"You find love", Super Nova asked. "Love?', Diamond muttered watching the back of the green van driving down LOST HIGHWAY NUMBER ONE. Diamond held his silence and the wheel. Nova accepted his piece and checked her bullets. "We need bullets?" Diamond asked. "No time.", Nova delivered.

Chapter 34

"I'm ready to get the fuck out of here.", Kathleen delivered. "Livin' in a van ain't my idea of paradise", Kathleen said. "You two listening", Kathleen asked. "A haunted lighthouse full of spirits and ghosts", Mountain said. Kathleen turned heard and asked again. "You fucking listening?", Kathleen demanded. "Memory of music and song. You're idea of paradise.", Mountain attempted.

Over the horizon a circle like saucer of secrets hovered in the distance. Silver glistening in the sun's array postured over the highway. A sonic silence filled the void and boomed echoed as the saucer disappeared.

'Did anyone else see that?", Luckey asked? "No it's the fucking LSD.", Kathleen returned. "I was not prepared for this.", Mountain chymed. "Who the fuck was. I just left the fucking invasion.", Kathleen fired. "I want out of this fucking van Mountain's poetry and Luckey's fucking patulie.", Kathleen delivered.

Luckey stopped the van. "Your path is your destiny", Mountain sudgested. "See what I fucking mean he's talking in verse all the fucking time.", Kathleen fired. "Stay with us Kathleen our tyme is in peril your destiny is to be delivered.", Mountain prosed. "My time, my time is gone. Gone like the stars of the of the......", Kathleen attempted. "The ethereal void. Your mind will be cleared and you will have answer to question's that remain." Mountain hinted. "DIAMOND!", Kathleen haulered out the van door.

"These people are fucking nuts.", Kathleen shot opening the door and checking her left leg for the concealed peace. "I'm riding with Diamond. You two can spill rhyme and memory for the rest of eternity", Kathleen said. "Remember the dream of whitehorse and and yellowknife the native spirit has many forms and those are powerful images.", Mountain offered.

Kathleen pulled her gun and sighted down the road cocked then uncocked. "If there's a diner as you say Mountain lets get there before..", Kathleen attempted. "Before the invasion of little green men in flying saucer's.", Luckey released. "What the fuck are you on blond the sixtees were decades ago.", Kathleen fired. "Yeah and the ninetees are a decade away, don't crash bitch", Luckey returned. "Ok enough patoulie for one lifetime i'm getting in the trans am.", Kathleen delivered. "Don't forget about Super Nova.", Lukey returned. "Aw shit.....that bitch and her fucking white russian tits.", Kathleen returned. "Look climb back in and we put on some tunes you can chase the cocaine dream while Moutain lights his grass and we can pretend like it's the eightees.", Luckey sudgested with a wink. Kathleen looked to the sky "Fuck! God?" and climbed back in the van.

Chapter 35

Super Nova pulled the visor and gently applied some color to her lips. She was fully equiped from head to bottom. With lips to kill and a figure for any time. "You like ladies?", Nova asked not taking her eyes off the mirror. "Yeah ladies are alright.", Diamond returned. "You see Nova's skin?", Super Nova asked. "Yeah.", Diamond said. Super Nova tooked Diamond hand and rubbed in up down her silk and satin. "Nova feels better now and by the looks of thing's so does Diamond", Super Nova sighed and fixed her holster.

Diamond lit a smoke not smiling not talking just driving. "The cold will come and the armies of the world will unite or, or there will be a great war the end.", Nova said pulling on her weapon tightening her boots. Diamond turned to the radio. "Avalanche was playing by the Winter". "I am not Russian", Nova delivered. Diamond flicked his smoke not turning from the highway and the fantansy. "I am Czechoslovakian...a Soviet defector.", Nova delivered. "You're not KGB?", Diamond asked turning to the woman. "Oh I am a Super Nova KGB as far as my comrades are considered but I have another agenda on mind." Super Nova delivered.

"So this weapon this weapon you've been talking about is a lie", Diamond asked. "No. Nova does not speak lies. There is a weapon of great strength. My mission is to stop that weapon's creation and end this war. After that Super Nova will be spy no more.", Nova delivered.

Chapter 36

The green van at Luckey's control turned in to the parking lot of the Road Kill diner. To her surprise Kathleen said nothing of the name. She seemed content for the moment with her powder and contemplations. Her identity and place in time being a mystery but a piece to the puzzle. As events are evident as the past her piece yet to be played. The obvious stress of her Identity and place in the void of this world her only connection being Diamond and Diamond's only connection being of Kathleen.

The curtain of propoganda and miliary lies makes her character believable as a time traveller and outer world fighter. Time travel not being possible tosses a copper penny of credit to her story and the man she calls Diamond. The words I speak are the truth's I know and as my story is written as I remember, whoever eyes find the time to read the work of these ideas will bring time to my solace. The touch of an angel of human or maiden form of a lost void. We are traveller's. Traveller's of time, mind and space. Space being in distance of the earth and even stars for those who still look to them for the answer's and solitude of peace. My question's are relevant as they pertain to my writting. Will I be able to hold these characters together to reveal and greater truth beyond the fact of reality. As fantasy hold's destiny in real world events and without the thought of the abstract nothing is possible.

The van came to a halt and parked. "Time to eat.", came the voice I know as Luckey, breaking my thought and bringing back to the present. "I hope this place servers granola", Kathleen called through the smoke in my mind. "Who's a hippie now?", Luckey's voice I remember.

The trans am pulled up along side the van. Diamond with a cigarrette in his mouth said "Quite a drive", as Nova stepped out and fixed all her equipment. "Look's like it's time to eat", Diamond said and winked at Kathleen.

Chapter 37

The traveller's walked to the Road Kill diner opened the door as the bell rang and sat down to order. The saucer of secrets hovering in the back ground watching our every move. The waitress came to the table. Wearing a low covering skirt and bearing fine cleavage for a woman in her thirtees. "My name is Tiffany. Here are the menus." She winked and walked away with Diamond's eyes.

"Can I get a cup of coffee?",Diamond haulored after the Tiffany. Tiffany turned locked eyes on Diamond. And time stopped. The black and white picture issued the dance of lost lover's of space and time. No mortal being watching just the thinking of the stars cosmos and the dead who believe in the lost gods. The fear of the moment and the memory of the test brought Diamond back to real time. And a coffee sitting in front of him. Diamond chased to see if Kathleen was still by his side. Lost in mind and memory and searching for something to say. Something that made sense and aligned time and reality back to his mind.

"Take a drink" Mountain sudgested and Diamond did. The voices of the traveller's came back to Diamond. "There's no fucking granola on this menu.", came Kathleen's voice. "Looks like scrambled eggs for everyone.", Luckey laughed. Diamond catching his breath stepped outside for a smoke. Mountain followed. The saucer for of secrets hovering in the North was all Diamond could see when he walked outside. Drawing on his smoke and starring. Mountain touched Diamond on the shoulder. Diamond turned to look Mountain in the eyes. "You see that?", Diamond asked. Mountain not taking his gaze away from Diamond said. "And if I said yes would it be more real in your mind as I see what you see but see it not the way you believe." "Dancing in the cosmos with the gods of antiquity and flying saucer's are a choice neither fact or fiction. You are alright and the moment fades though you see as you believe."Mountain delivered pulling on the piece pipe. Kathleen has visions of the Indian Spirit. You remember your past."Mountain asked not knowing the answer.

Diamond turned to the North and saw no Saucer of Secrets. The past is all I know to forget. The St. Louis project the Government called it. No one survived. All was lost memory blood and reality."Diamond delivered. "Reality is in the moment. Our time yet to be delivered. The loner is searching.", Mountain attempted. "And the KGB have landed and are eating breakfast in a Diner in Devil's half acre.

"Want some bacon and eggs?", came Kathleen's voice to Diamond mind. Diamond unclenched his jaw stopped to look at Mountain remembered his travel's and what he believed to be real. "Tell them to scramble mine will ya", Diamond said Hauloring back at Kathleen. "Sugar", came Diamond voice to Kathleen. "Sugar?" Kathleen asked. "Yeah sugar in my coffee. You said you like it black. No cream and the Sugar is for you.", Diamond delivered flicking his smoke and stepping back inside with the memory on his shoulder. Love Tara by Eric's Trip played on the diner's speaker's. As the hungry traveller's ate scrambled eggs, bacon or maybe turkey bacon and coffee black, sugar, or cream. As Tiffany danced from table to table serving trucker's and Hitch Hiker's from other galaxies.

Chapter 38

"We must be moving,", came Mountain voice through the scrambled words of the loner. "The loner is moving making his destiny and science his Mythology. "Nova has some news", came Diamond's voice. The table drew silent. "I have no news I Nova KGB and this weapon must me stopped. Diamond swallowed the last of his bacon and said nothing. "Who's moving with who?", Came Luckey's voice as the traveller's stood outside in the Morning glow on th sun's array.

Diamond stood up and paused. "I want answers, answers of the now". "This dream we taste my past being erelavant to the coordinats of this reality and my lady Kathleen. "Being transported in time to a past I know only from the news. As I know we are searching for this loner this loner Basketball player who lost his wife. And is now developing a science we know nothing of. And this soothsayer Mountain who intends to have all the answers." "I am no soothsayer I am a poet and songwriter. I have connections with the cosmos as I have travelled in mind and taste through the void of realtity. The tale we weave is ours to write together or me as one as I have intentions to find the loner and learn of his science the words of the seer Venus as I know her I know her as lover in mind, time and and fanstasy sudgest the word's of Hell's Kitten as the loner's words to follow. The future being unwritten and the actions of these player's being kinetic to the events of a story I wish to know and trust are my intentions. Obviously Nova has her intentions and the man Diamond has his as well as Kathleen. Luckey is a traveller whom I've travelled with on numerous occasion in mind, time and spirit. I believe she will understand and drive the van through the border where we may find time, solace and answer's to the question we at this moment do not understand.

Diamond and Kathleen I pose to you the question where will you go and what will you do. As your connections with the reality of this time are fragile. You have memory's of the future and your characters are complex although interwoven. You are free to dissapear and find solace on this world in and direction you believe to be the truth. I believe you have purpose and your finding necessary to the ending I feel I am attempting to write. I promise nothing only the chance to the truth beyond the obvious and see a destiny that at this moment cannot be comprehended. I ask for companionship and trust. Free your mind and the rest will follow. And of Nova as she has hijacked the van with her intentions putting the innner poet of mind through challenge and sight of truth beyond wich I anticipated. Nova has purpose in this story we are now writting together. As the Raven's watch even if the party of traveller's and separated I know the words of the poet will find answer to the riddles the riddler writes and questions the answer's beg. Choice is ours and mind choice is to continue with Luckey to the border and find the loner." Mountain replied.

"And if we find this loner what then?" asked Diamond. "I do not know at present though tomorow the sun will rise and one more piece to the puzzle will be displayed and ours to place. "As you know I am KGB and this loner plays little to my intentions. I have knowledge and weapons being developed in the North of this continent. My intentions are to stop this weapon. I have found company with strangers as I am in a strange land. Nova will go to border of the North. My identification being Super Nova KGB will be my identification till time of the end of my mission.

"I have had visons of Native Gods as I slept in the Mountains beyond the bullshit of prose, Russian and a little hippie stench. I want to go the Northern Mountains, Yellowknife and Whitehorse. These spirits came to me and I believe there is a want in that destiny.", Kathleen delievered. "We must be moving time is running", came Mountains voice.

Chapter 39

Luckey turned the Key and the green Ram responded. Mountain entered at her calling. Super Nova, and the lady we know as Kathleen entered the the trans am they appeared in and echoed the call of the Ram.

Mountain fumbled over the Radio. The weather the news seemingly overly cold. The wall of paranoia complexing the wall of metaphore. Heading North the Border. Leaving the south minute by minute tension of their mission spelling past present and future. The cold coming as the leaves turning falling metaphoricly. The west breathing labourly as the war of the cold promising to to veil the iron curtain.

The radio announcing weather and information topically avoiding the paranoid moment. The government watching interpreting the truth for the listeners who have lost hope.

The Ram burning oil returning carbon to the air and ground. Mountain smoking and the engine singing the song of the highway. Optimistic Luckey pulled thyme from the collection of tapes gathered from hitch hikers and hippie mothers. Are you going to scarborough fair was her selection and Mountains questions. Truth reminds not the delay was Mountains moment as the sun rose over the horizon like a familiar elevator a little closterphobic.

LSD highway 66 crossing 99 threading the needle like magic to worthy. The cold of the air concrete angels and signs. Hypnotically moving north through the hallucination of thyme and unreal of what was reality.

Lucky weaving the memory through mind thyme and memory. The lights of the North pulling them to harboured borders of thought and Native spirits. The mind keen and the body perfecly molded by the rivers of thyme. Mountain exhaled the smoke of thought glancing at the side mirror and the past. Further up the Highway there is a Mansion called the Velvet Underground. They will help up pass the border in to Canada. There we find the loner and his science. Mountain exhaled.

Chapter 40

Dizzy from the memory of the world ending and the visions in her dreams of the North. Kathleen exhaled and looked to Diamond. Wondering about his psychological well being the reality of her own. Her only connnection to the present. Memory being a blur she embraced the now. Kathleen may I ask came the lady known as Nova. What do you think now. Kathleen turning sarcasticly looked the fully bodied Nova and said. Oh quoting poetry of Cohen. The chelsea hotel, marianne, suzzane.

Cohen? He is your father? Nova implied. No Nova he is a Canadian poet who passed away today. He left his mark on poets and lovers from coast to coast. Today is the 11th of November the day we remember those fallen and living from war. Diamond said in a tone of clarity and cold reality.

My grandfather fought in world war two. Capturered by the Germans and put in a concentration camp. I would not be here today without that scacrifice.

And you madam Nova what do you think? Kathleen asked. Nova was little girl living under the rule of the soviets. It was my idea to escape and come to America and marry American man. Orphaned I was implanted in sillicon valley to enhance my appeal to American men. Boys can be so silly. Nova is survivor from eastern Europe.

The KGB trust me. But Nova does not trust KGB. The American men and politicians ego can be seduced with lust and power and money. That is Nova's weapon. The Soviets are a proud people forced to live under the rule of one thumb. That thumb holds the weapon Nova will stop.

Turning fallen leaves from the trees on the cold highway. The trans am from the 80's a dark reality of Michigan fallen and paranoid. The muscle car a memory of American pride and freedom.

Chapter 41

Luckey and Mountain seduced by the highway, hallucination and states of dreaming were quiet. Minds wondering through state of conscience thought of thought to memory and memory. Mind to mind and body to body they travelled highway North to highway 2.

The devine entity took the wheel as she does from time to time. Revealing visions posing question to the mind and spirit of the travel. On the left a women in tights pulled from beverly hills walking a poodle wearing rolling skates choreagraphed in neon pink and purple from the savage garden looking sharp and sinless.

On the right a dancing bear pulled from the Iron curtain. Juggling balls from Juno's beach. Speaking a languages westerners struggle to undertand. Juggling the balls dancing evoking fear of the future and the consequence of the past. Harmless in dance but provoked defender and deadly confrontator. In aw the western watch the bear dance with misunderstood pride ready to protect the cubs concealed within the curtain.

A veil of raindrops falling on the windshield of the ram. Wiped by the wipers wiping. Cascading beading travelling at the course a gravity. A halucination a moment to be interpreted and acted on cautiously. Evendence revealing tampered by the laws of industrializtion and the intentions to see through the distraction and distortion of acid rain.

Lucky pulled a zippo lighter from her canvas clutch. Embedded on the steel a lizard. Curved as time, memory and the highway. The king lizard the holy grail of the trip. The memory of sheltered mushrooms and clouds. Striked the flint to Mountains pipe and motivation. Who's crying now by Journey echoed through the steel hollow green ram. Enchanted and woven by Lucky's hand and rings of amber. Mountains thoughts and mind the green ram responded to the heart between them echoing confidence and strength through the bull.

Chapter 42

Kathleen fighting fatigue fell in and out of conciousnence. Memories of the past her present state and proposed future. Kathleen was a survivor never to shy from a fight. Smuggling people can't be that different from smuggling weapons. Maybe the pay wasn't as good but she was good at it. Concealing the evedent walking and moving almost invisible unseen.

Diamond had the mind of a special forces soldier. Having escaped the war of 2020. Somehow turned back in time walking the United States in the 1980's when the Soviets and US were locked in a cold war. Driving highway 99 North to his home country. With the OZ of his memory and present tense.he turned on the Radio to hear the morning news.

The radio echoing through the black Trans Am. The Americans just had an election. The people of the United States elected a new president. A billionaire business man. One promising change for the hard working American. The cold war was real and paranoaia ran throgh the papers of the cities, promising an American first mentality. Home land security and religious scrutiny.

Outsiders would not be welcome. The illegal aliens would be deported as He promised. The Americans would as America would like to be American and priviledged. Tensions in the Middle East were tense. Fighting terror was an excuse to handshake over the wall and the Iron Curtain. Diamond lit and smoke and embraced his present time focusing on the Canadian border.

Chapter 43

Meanwhile in Toronto. The loner devasted with the loss of his love turned inward. Compelled to bring his life back he began his science. Devoloping a sentient being. Bridging his background in computer science, biology and botany.

Being highly representable in a large city, aka famous, the media took attention to his retirement from the game that made him so visible, basketball. Losing his wife was not easy and the media zeroed in on him his family and his affairs.

Rumors surged and surfaced of his mental stability and the audactiy of his science experiment. A hobby scientist no turned his full attention to creating a sentient life that could hold the memories of a person and live forever.

Hell's Kitten a singer in a punk band who was very political and sometimes said things that were controversial also living in Toronto, took to the idea of the loner and his science. Although jocks and musicians rarely connect in a sublime fasion this was an exception.

Singing against the nuclear bang believing in the loner were high on her agenda. Although we Canadians rarely received the same attention as American counter parts there is a culture a movement a pride.

When the global stage is listening we come across as humble directed and thoughtful. The largest border in global affairs belonged to the great white north and the US. Allies since the great depression and the war of 1712. Canadians find the Americans "Interesting" and the US sees us as an inigma of cold, beer, igloos and bad comedy. However we are rich in oil so that makes us attractive and hip with the south.

Chapter 44

As the Ram encroached on the North. The Rain to sleet then snow. The hydrolic wipers pumping holding the gaze on the dirver and passenger captive. It happened but it was a long time ago. As the oak grows leaves changes comes again. Luckey and Mountain tripped through psychedelia euphoria and love.

The Ram an extension of their past a womb of memory and love. Crawling like the serpent of the south, the missippi, peticodiac and the tides of their bay. Serpentine crawling on the highway a catipillar cacooned turning in to butterflies.

Mountain pulled on the pipe and gazed through the shield and the wind. Lights on the highway and slowed traffic. Gathered protesters and the oil company descended on Indian land like locus, digging the ground poisoning the wells and rivers of Native land.

Slowed traffic and pollice presence highlighted the burning fires of protest and the Native anger. The world was hungry. Hungry for power hungry for money. The land a victim of these crimes. The politicians and locus attempting to speak Native language and overshadow the Native logic.

Protectors of the land and water. The conflict burns. Sacirficing life for sacred land. It is an addcition. The white man feeding the Natives poison. Stripping their tonges and robbing their children Demonizing their language wiith the words of christian god and white man thoughts.

Another global stain Luckey intoned and Mountain mentioned. The disease of he world. A cry of a girl. Observers in this protest the Ram the snake crawled through the fires shamed by the hand of greed helpless and hard to breath as Lucky and the serpent weaved.

Chapter 45

Somewhere behind the wall politicians were plotting. Assembling cabinets and positions people to pull by their strings. In an age of corruption power and money blinds. Espionage and the double agent ease dropped behind the wall.

Hungry for oil hungry for power. The words contorded by lust and greed. Big brother could here the whispers of the mind. The drone of thoughts echoeing of the wall and comunication satelite. The posture of the east the posture of the west and the vulnerable in the middle. Echoing a wordless comunication the powers mirrored a common interest power and money power and money.

Entertained by the news and dumb luck. The candidates of power held their cards with the poker face of a prositute on christmas. The imaculate bribe. Winking like jocks in a locker room. Talking freely and signing like a catcher to a pitcher. We need a bigger military. We need to enchroach on the cold war with power and intimidation. It was not time to evolve but sit in carbon fuels. This was the drum in the steps. Talking in code, postioning the chess pieces brilliantly to their liking.

We can get along. Although I do not speak Russian and my Real estate remains psychologicaly under water. My tax credit was not mentioned in chapter 11. The cold war was warming east would meet west and clumsy steps to fortune were told by the teller.

Talk was so cheap right now. The prostitute was particularly on fire. Guiltless and imaculate. Shuffling papers like a dealer in an Indian casino. No one would know. The thought of easy cash easy women and a populace desperate for a hand. Blue collar crime met white collar paper. The father would listen and endowe power, bless the sins and the city. The children would inheret the tower. Nuclear food and the bomb would drop. No one listening but big brother and the drones invisible to touch and taste.

Chapter 1313

Somewhere in the Pentagon and hexidecimal logic of home land security. The CIA got word of the Loner's science experiment. Considering it a threat to National Security they hacked the private mail server of his landed equipment. They began collecting data secretly without his knowing and determining if an X basktball player from Toronto was a threat to security.

The being he was creating in their mind gave an unfair advantage in the office betting pool. A sentient being that was fueled by sound and had no carbon footprint made the millitary feel uneasy.

Being from a foreign Country and worried about random acts of terror between the folk lore of random acts of kindness they bugged his Apple and tapped his phone. The internet being in its infancy gave novice hackers the advantage.

The Windowed fire wall was wide open. The security features and sense of well being that Blackberry brought to the table had not yet been developed.

His Android was gaining attention on National news. A Science Fiction project that no one believed was his destiny. In a free an open society he developed without knowing of the CIA's paranoia.

Code named the Conway pipeline the loner was now on the no fly list and watch list of the federal agents. All the while the Cremlin salivated. Nothing was now no more secure than King's typewriter.

Chapter 1314

Thae van and its passenges now being upstate in the country of york. It was the middle of winter and cold. The rain turned to ice. Building up on the wires of power and the polls of popularity. The sitting power of the state saw nation wide outages. The news was stalled and the climate of politics changing.

The populace sitting in cold houses ventured for fuel and lined for gas at the stations of power. The trees leaning with the weight of the cold begged for the warmth of coal the industrial revolution. Without power they had no voice without voice they had no freedom.

We need to evolve to change the grid of power to renew the present and prepare the future. Stock looking very south a festival of sound an orgy of thought brought memories of Ginsberg and the Road. Closet junkies fed on the news. Wall street injecting highs and lows the shirts and ties tripped from trend to trend.

Dreaming of vacations in cancun before the wall would erect paid for by bonds, paper and plastic. Internet pirates mocked the security of the establishment. Stealing data and stopping traffic. Pearl jammed beyond 10 and King Jeremy had spoken ghost riding on a Harley. Bombers riding shot gun in the sky of a proposed no fly zone between the border of religion and paranoia.

Mountain rolled tobacco drinking 2 hour old coffee looking for an epiphany or metaphor for the cold. The van warm echoing carbon through the climate dripping oil on the highway. We are stardust billion year old carbon. Evolution and Darwin locked in a dance as God guns and government fought to survive. Mountain the consequence of ancient glaciers rhymed and rolled through time.

Chapter LI

Mountain turned his gaze to the stars. The Gods took time out to watch the battle of the GRID IRON. The battle of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA featured the Patriots and the Falcons. The God Saturn and his Goddess wife Juno turned their attention to the Astro Turf. Putting the cold war on hold for a least a few hours.

The Grid Iron rarely being a place for policital stars and politicians featured some of Earth's brightest and finest. The Gods laying down their power of vito and devine intervention watched only and did not intervene.

Watching their Television the Gods were entertained by the creativity of the Television and high market commercialism. The Falcons, birds of prey took an early halftine lead over the stunned Patriots. Cheering from the animal kingdom could be heard in the Zones of unafected cllimatization. Stunned by the early push of the line of reality the Patriots hudled in the cold of their locker room.

The no fly zone had the falcons high and free permitted by the laws of the land to enter the astro of Houston. King Brady who uturred in a fasion of caucassion cuss we have a problem and attempted to remove some air from the Falcons pig.

The Lady was permitted to take the stage at halftime and entertain the populace despite her polictical views and views on Gender equality and homosextuality. JUNO the goddess played her hand and lit the Lady's lights while she danced between the laws of man and beast. Singing in tyme to a reason in and out of time.

The ex cheerleader and the home of the braves biggest supporter turned this way and that while shielding her children from the fear of being exposed naked published and fired as the apprentice. Still deadly at the hips the center bent to snap.

Offshore wells and betting casinos had their favorites. Casting odds to the shore that was now racially just and a field that was free from corruption and the odd fumble. King Brady sat in the pocket of cash good looks and envy and began to turn heads and make the Kingdom tones of cash and bling.

The Falcons stunned after being to permitted to enter thanks to the Judges orders cancelling the no entry began to feel the heat as King Brady began to find loop holes in the law. Putting the game tied and in to overtime where blue collars work to feed their children and make honest livings.

Though a team game Brady managed to find the eye of the needle time and again eventually overcoming the Falcons expected acceptance of the Title only to turn back to their homeland stunned and grounded.

The patriots lined for the flash bulbs of the papers and fact checking news, heros and champions of the Grid Iron. MVP for Brady while Juno wondered but did not question. There would be another 100 years war to replay the moment over and over. The Gods turned back to the cosmos to celebrate the pegan game and roast the swine in the Patriots honor.

Chapter 150

The van and the trans am travelling north to the border hoping to enter a foreign country. Montreal had claimed itself a sanctuary city for Asylum seekers was not far now and the destination of the tired travellers.

A Saucer of foreign soil came in plain view of the of The Mountain and the girl Lucky. Hovering over the highway foreign and un-american and landed on the highway. Fugees of a foreign land targetted the united states a new hope and land of opportunity. Now unwelcome by the air breathing administration and out of cosmic fuel were now on foot.

A file of aliens of color and religious diversity exited the saucer. Green, brown blue and and the ancient greys. Landed in the middle of winter and hoped to enter the sanctuary of Canada before imigration had them deported.

Imagining a phish or greatful dead concert where reality came to grips with psychedelic costumes of purple the future past green skin and a communal ideology. Luckey exited the van and felt the vibration of the earth moving the bubbles blowing and the dancing of the children of the 60's.

Mountain lit the pipe and offered the poetic ideas of conversation and peace. The aliens accepting the offer smiled in purple pink and blue and pointed to the forest. The Ancient trees crystalized in ice and snow offered a path beyond security for the traveller's hoping for a backstage pass to the greatful dead show and the uncontaminated waters were phish tripped.

Leaving the caccoon of the green ram and scaring reality of the trans am the travellers tripped through deep snow frost bite and hope. A frozen river of thought to aliens who had only dreamed of frozen free water supported their hopes a free world and an accepting culture.

Signs suggesting welcome to those who had struggled warmed the bodies and freezing extremeties the desperate risk. Crossing the border at night to see the sun rise smiling and the city's cold grey sky scrapers nested within the Mountain real. The heart of the city open to culure and diversity. The high drama mania of truth about to begin.

Chapter "Freedom"

The caravan of freedom searchers now firmly cold and across the canadian border began to see the lights. Dog's barking and the sound of foreign voices accompanied by flash lights and shadows. I hear voices came the first lady we know as SuperNova. They are coming we must hide in the shadows. Out of the shadows came the Canadien border patrol and not only the Canadian border patrol but the French Canadian border patrol these are the events as they unfolded although poorly documented in a pre digital world.

Mademoiselle excuse moi mademoiselle ou vasez vous. C'est maitenant froid in 5 heure au matin. The caravan of freedom searchers and tapestry of many colored aliens shocked with the reality of a strange language were stunned with the fact of a french canadien enforcer. Mountain who's mother tongue was LSD was taken aback by the french men and his accent and moustache attempted to quote pose and poetry to no avail. There was a slight anxiety in the band.

Es ce que ils y a quelqun key me dit se que se passe. A slight silence overcame the wilderness. Oui je mappelle Kathleen. Vraiment Kathleen je suis Inspector Lecluso vous pouvez me dit avect raison comment vous est ici. Oui inspector mais m'excue mon francais c'est un peu comment peu vous dit tres chaude. Tres chaud Kathleen? Oui pas comme le tempete mais comme ma couer. Lecluso stood back thought in french "obviously" and said "vien avec moi".

The border patrol began rounding up the visitors. To the panic of the illegal aliens. The forces of good ebded in the shadows. Je ve le voir tes document et identification said Lecluso. Kathleen translated with a warm heart to the band that the border patrol wanted identification and documents of which no one had any except the first lady Spy Super Nova who's documents were Russian. Needless to say there was tension.

Mon dieux sacre blue. To which Kathleen eyed the inspector blushed and blinked seductively and said Oui? On a des perone ici qui est en cours a Montreal illegal. Oui mes monsieur Lucluso on es en un passage de chase soud terrain. Les legal des Etats Unis ne permet pas les visiteur du pays d'auntre sable. On es a research de refuge et terre egal. Puis si je peu dis l'etats Unis on changer le plan medicine et on a des maladie avec comment je peu dix des pre-existing conditions. Vraiment Kathleen on a des place de re-chauffage. Tu vais gellez dedans le bois en d'hiver vien avec moi au centre ville.

The band some what stunned at what happened stumbled in to winter jackets and hot cars to the city of montreal for immigration and processing. Did I hear they legalized pot came someones voice but iphones yet to be hacked and created couldn't bother to evoke the idea of Big Brother hearing and seeing everything. Aux Canada la sante est la droight pas un pas un option dix lecluso. Typos and grammer mistakes aside that is to the best of recollection as it happened. Redistrabution is stricly encouraged and permissible by the free a fair air act of Canada.

Chapter "Another Brick in The Wall"

Meanwhile back in Toronto things were heating up. The huskies were now contending for a coveted home court advantage spot. The loner continues his reasearch under the eyes of the cia, nfa, the mental and sexual care act as the leader of the First Nations burned the shredded evidence of Colonial schooling and the hidden curriculum.

The secret path known as the underground gave insight to the protest of poets social underlings searching for reason. The hand of power gazed at the children and Alah watched as his children danced in angel dust under the rule of hypocrysy.

Protest rock was big in the 60's, the 70's was a disco thing and the 80's brought the digital age. Digital information the passing of information through data. The free world was at war with information. Mainstream media battle Main street for credibility as the socialites of Hyper Text mark up looked to the sky of a google stars with the sunglasses inherited from future aliens and saw big brother watching them.

Hell's Kitten the loner's only connection to love and reality sang protest songs and laughed at the established. Money ment nothing. Life was fragile the huskies eyed the playoffs and a new star emerged as northern white lightning threated to strike the prairies and set the grass a fire.

Saturn the god of fertility taunted his wife with lightning strikes as another brick in the wall crumbled. Juno took time out for a music festival as the WhiteHorse grabbed a cameo in the arms of an angel. The red tribe tripped and danced in an electric pow wow as bell owning the broadcast rights cast the shadow of native gods through the televisions of the north.

The women shined like a thousand points of lights gazing as another planet forming in a Galaxy far far away. The rights to education and clean water proved more important than an entrepernerial spirit the men obviously owned. The voices of thousands chanted the sex change of parliament as the senate scandalized an Indian attempted to hyperbolize. A basket of deplorables laughed at the lady of the house who was forced to live with the circumstances of hyper text mark up insecurity.

In his lab the loner fought the tears of the old laughing lady a scientist millionaire with a computer attempted to created a life and create the perfect emotion chip. Bi-polar weather brought the news to new heights and lows as the world ebded and flowed.

The virus was information as it passed from hand to hand. Encrypeted and decrypted by the SS everyone was being watched. The first Casio digital calulator watched the blacks and white news print as students cheated on their math exams ignoring the call of duty in favor of an colonial education.

The loner breathed and Hell's Kitten exhaled as protest rock took a hint from the 60's as the Baby Boomers dropped retirement in favor of chemical enhansments a total recall remake as girls of the 80's implanted silicone in the valley where the glass ceiling killed jobs with a window.

A crowd was gathering as the law attempted to evolve to shelter and protect nation to nation regardless of color skin or cree. The mail room busy as the outlook of electronic mail took a fraudulent hit from a demon mailer undelivered from conscious to conscious. We were being watched but by who.

Chapter Korea

Big brother now shifting his attention to the KOREAN peninsula where tensions were high. The North Koreans threatening more testing of nuclear weapons and the US under the guise of paranoia was preparing to intercept. The cold war had been long and for the most part cold. With minor instances of Nuclear winter.

The Iron curtain proudly waving in the spring of winter hid suggestions the West the could only imagine through technological advancement and security of things people were sure were secure. Spy satellites from east and west clashed for attention in the news where plastic surgeons sored in the brackets of tax through boob jobs and silicone was only the beginning of that weapon. Space Invaders evolved through the PAC-MAN pills and the synthesized sounds of novice programmers.

The Huskies of Toronto with one foot in the playoffs and one win behind them entered the State of Milwaukee ambushed by the Greek Freak who was obviously genetically superior to the next best dinosaur.

Darwin had a way of setting the fossils in the ground . It was survival of the fittest. The meek would starve and the loner mourned for his game his chance and the supreme leader taunted and tilted at the brim of nuclear populace laced with eastern thought.

The psychology of the North was facialled by the Joe Buck Johnson. A derailment of confidence lie in the rails of the organization. We the North an uprising of hips and hops in the culture of the Country shedding the cold. The players shocked by the spring the hunger of the bucks and the flood of long range ballistic testing. Like a deer in lights of trucker, dazed and confused.

The loner tuned in to see the disaster painted on the faces of his brothers as the Native Land ebbed and flowed to the boss that was nature. It was North Vs South. Socialism Vs Capitalism. Genetics of their mother lands and fire of democracy. The south about to steal the norths milk money. Buhhda feeding Christ and the resurrection over.

Chapter “The Walking Dead”

The player turned loner and scientist turned to the play of the cold. The huskies now a memory in playoff lore to the hand of the Cavalier. Toronto was now in search of a cultural shift. The identity was evolving in a strange brew of legalized dope, hip hop, electronica and fossilized legends of sport paranoia and the legalized process and immigration of the great one.

1984 brought the loner to his science of creating a being that fueled from sound. The countries largest city was a motley of culture and a safe zone for the brotherhood. The sisterhood should also be mentioned as the angry mother ship navigated the tumultuous waters of politics and the ceiling of the tower known as CN.

Reruns of Star Trek, Space Balls, John Candy and Rick Moranis brought the canucks to their knees. The spy who shagged the 70’s was about to be frozen. The double agent took a double, double searching for an identity that was Country of wild rose, frozen and intelligence flooded spring of a Country.

Cross border shopping was mad. As the wise old owl played mister dress up to a foray of curious fox where we new our children were safe. Switch Back to the Scientist who craved the music of Hell’s Kitten. An icon of rock and roll patrolling the Bay and the street. On the wrong side of the Hudson river the Canadians pulled for their populace in Hollywood as the FBI ease dropped on the loner’s latest evolvement. The positronic electronic sound that moved the neurotransmitters through the almost sentient being was being investigated. The secret service tapped the lab out of fear and paranoia as the head of the FBI was fired by a Billionaire President sparring with a poet Prime Minister as bon cop bad cop climbed from the ground to the great pine. Bringing softwood to the table as MOAB was now only a night terror in the fields of county rich in wood and wild flowers.

Hell’s Kitten singing against the nuclear bang of the 80’s independently sang club and bar North and South of the border walking the Devil’s sidewalk effortlessly. The paranoia ebbed through the senate as the oilers cleaned the sand of fossilized man. The loner looking for himself in drops of Jupiter anticipating the dance of the milky way peaking in the high tides of May.

“Montreal in the mid 80’s”

The gang now in downtown Montreal after being processed with the immigration process were now landed immigrants and citizens of Canada. The digital age was upon us. Saint Catherine Street was lined video arcades, strip joints, peep shops and the motley of intercorrelated English and French. Time after time the punk pop movement , hairspray and died hair gave the youth a way of rebellion and the Ozone a reaction.

Kathleen being fully processed and now a citizen with identity spotted a Pharma Prix. The rock machine made their presence known as the angels watched with intention. It was 6:47 am on Tuesday and the city was waking and billowing as the monarchs migrated. The black butterfly an evolution of the industrial revolution lured the poets of Montreal. The morning trains commuted from the vein of existential suburbs to the heart of downtown.

Dazed and confused the ‘fugees walked the streets to the drum of buffalo soldiers. Young politicians and artists in the making filled the metro with hope on their migration to Universities French and English. With pen and paper pulled from the past Mountain scrawled the words of birds sharing the lonely view of acid jazz and hemp cigarettes. Diamond chained rolled hand made cigarettes and blue and drew the notes of his blues through his marine band harmonica for black coffee. Super Nova frisked and un-frisked her equipment a European child in a city of immigrants and western politics. Lucky the only one with any credibility un holstered her visa and motioned to The Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Tired, travelled and coming down the motley crew entered the lobby. Lucky took it from here and rented three hotel rooms on the 14th floor. Riding the elevator learning to fly as what goes up must come down the doors opened to the hall of the 14th and the travellers crashed on king and queen size beds.

Mountain dreamed alone while the presidents of the United States echoed three doors down. Murmuring in their sleep as the fear of the cold whispered through the vine of communication. Pigeons twittered high behind the mask of the British Monarchy. Late at night and early in the morning. The news barely audible carrying the idea of masked terror and Shakespeare’s knife. The crusade of the Holy Lands brought oil and the spices of the mid east to the forefront of British democracy.

An Oasis of the desert was a wonder wall a champagne super nova in the streets of Manchester. Frozen with terror the cold didn’t sleep. The bombs and guns assisted the suicidal extreme of religion. The far right confronted the far left. The East gazed the West and world trade fell in circumstance. The French Prime Minister sparred with the English Monarchy and the crimes of Christianity. Mountain riddle in the dark as the voices of the sleeping people bombed Germany with colonies of refugees.

The chancellor welcomed the homeless in a destabilized Europe ebbed with the terror of uncertainty. A division in the far right as globalization took a turn for mother nature batting home run after home run for the populace of the planet and an America playing a game without time.

Chapter Canada’s 150

The CIA now in full bloom paranoia symptom 3 zeroed in on the Russians the Canadians and the loner in Toronto. The Prime Minister in Ottawa lit the pyro techno fireworks of a Nation celebrating 150 years as a nation of immigrants, pioneers of Cabot, St. Laurent and the pagan lore of Vikings ravaging the coast of NewFoundland.

A nation 150 years young contempt with democracy, law and an economic certainty. The original inhabitants of the Country divided with the history of their culture and the genocide of their Genesis. The Baby Boomers who danced in the 60’s retired in their 60’s. The cultural socialized youth and inherent generations peaked with millennials the X’ers and Y’ers bubbled in the pot of legalized sexual diversity, economic indifference and globalization relaxed a little.

Rebel voices echoed in the houses of parliament as law struct Verdict and veracity and innocence lost and man became men, woman became women. Immigration was paranoid as the aliens sought habital and accepting lands.

Sir John A rocked in his chair and smoking his pipe coughing ‘for the lucrative taxes of his tobacco. The urban streets of king and queen rolled on pain killers and traded beaver for powder keg of the European disease. The religions were challenge by their youth as the clergy aged and attempted to reform god as an entity evolved thought ripe with violence and false promise.

The loner nearing his science as science was magic and magic was misunderstood until the babies of the boomers generated science X and legalized dope while tech giant sold pods to the populace to communicate as Kirk and Spock fought for identity beyond the fiction of space philosophy.

The loner’s science moving at warp speed put him on the watch of the CIA as the Eve angelical created and ate another apple in a flawless park of opiates and afghan terror. Winter took a few months off as the Russian bear laughed at the star spangled banner and Canada increased defense spending. Logic and law tempted the Einstein’s A Bombs and the peace process of poetical saints and literary art of a nation well known for acceptance and its group of 7. CanCon imposed its will on waves of Olympic Plaza Calgary and the Nickelback reasoned with murdered drugged and missing aboriginals.

Captain Canada spared with his American counter part. Captain basketball took another night off and the loner crushed zero’s and ones creating an android to hold his thoughts and emotions feeding of the sound of the populace looking for a hero in the night a motley creation to give hope to the hope full and cash for the CEO’s of capitalism. A hero who would write for the classes and descendants of man and woman. The children would have a place to play and the bank would stay open all night long. Paying his hydro bill off the stock of his premature professional retirement.

“Chapter Call Centre Muse”

Somewhere in New Brunswick the call centers went silent. A mass cellular outage crippled communication of the Easterners causing hallucinetic carnage. Texting, sexting and exam cheating went on hiatus. The cellular attack was obviously the result of the Premier Colluding with the Russians. CISIS and emergency services attempted a big brother type cover up.

The silent generation to cool and hip with information technology saw through the smoke and haze of the talking Bell trying to keep it quiet. The hipsters maintained their composure. The beards grew a little while losing a little more off the top. Credit checks and street smarts kept the Café’s busy in European style downtowns.

Main street and Robinsons court smoked up with the daily paper outsourced by the Times. Morning traffic moved with hustle of migrating Algerians. The soup kitchen poured with the tongues of Ala, God, and the Mountain.

An underground commerce of pills, smokes and hash fueled the socialites of the street. Welfare checks and subsidized housing wasn’t enough for the Lady of the Night haunting St. George and High. Mad Mad Mona Lisa painted song, street and piano. Mountain’s LSD echoed the Dead profits of the French revolt and near riot of Lefebvre.

Sally’s underground Garage threatened the Divorcees with Bankruptcy. The Sunset unrenovated echoed with the voice of Highfield Square and caffeine. Half filled bottle’s of inspiration filled the windows and the local Elvis impersonator.

Coble stone queers danced on Queen while the Triangle fiddled to Doctor Dylan and the French Quarter. Stoned immaculate in Victoria Park entranced the Undoer while Eric’s clothes tripped at the Laundry Mat.

Jager and the Giant dropped Bombs at the paramount to Weirdo punks never seen or head from since. Peter Parker pounded the keys and Mary Jane applied for lipstick. The economic crash of Bay and the Mud River Mayhem attempted to breath Le Noise back to back alley’s of Downtown. Mountain had been here and the Road pointed to the prosperity of the province.

Casino’s and the addicted prayed to swinging bells as Kamakaze vets welcomed the Japanese Sushi and pearl of fundy. Apartment 19 dealt grass, hash and LSD. A place to crash while gone daddy gone payed the rent. Mountains Genesis and Luckey’s promise looked west. The Wanderer played cocaine and Cash up and downtown. The Mac truck tolled justice for all and a trailer full of change and purple’s heart. CN cut town and the tracks cut the city in half. Oak park bowed the arbour of hope cast song and death of ADHD.

“Pot of Gold”

The pen being more mighty than the sword swayed the idea of a queer Monarchy. The butterflies prepared for the migration south as the geese honked veered in air traffic. The air traffic controllers redirected jets to Newfoundland as mayhem rocked North America.

The bomb flexed and pumped performance enhancers to a mirror existential to the genesis of Venice and Miami prepared for golden girls and guys of retired Canadian professionals. Water filled the canals in a romantic onslaught of wind and raining bullets courtesy of Lee Harvey Oswald. Texas crude pumped and drowned in the greed of its own appetite.

No one suspected mother nature to confront father nature. Throwing orgasmic hurricane as the water rose and fell with the blushing cheeks of virginity turned hoar. Jesus Christ born saviour lived en-mass as the steeples bargained for salvation as Hitler took a lethal dose and the holy rollers gambled for their clothes.

The loner in his lab conducted his science. The huskies of Toronto played a lack luster off-season failing to add key components to the roster and losing heart and soul to free agency. Hell’s Kitten continued to sing against the nuclear bang and agreed to meet the loner in cyber space in the newly name Scotia Centre.

The Huskies howled at the moon in heat and ready to breed. How in the hell did we outlive and out run the Raptor. Fossilized thought buried law and logic in the halls of Rideau. The Canadian’s mere spectators of the nuclear sport condemned the acts of Shakespeare and the knife in Brutus’ back.

The president of the united states danced with the golden bear and crashed on his economic course of trade. NAFTA, the beaver facing the way of the buffalo taxed the earth as powder finger killed another brave.

p>The nuclear wind of the 80’s blew through the leaves of the ending summer. Students returning to class and universities began choosing majors. Computer Science majors needing upper level sciences in between swishing basketballs got naked and baked before Botany 4000 and studied the hydroponic breeding of plants and trees. Eight Thirty Monday morning in Ganong Hall brushed with commerce, nuclear medicine and the captain quitter. The frosh hypnotized with academic fear took notes and stats from upper class men intent on the initiation.

“The Shot Clock”

The fall coming to conclusion that winter was colluding with the idea of snow shook and stuttered with the south in disbelief. Evidence of summer blowing in the wind and the loose leaf of the special prosecutor known as the law of nature handed sentence to the shadowy history of democracy. Campaigning under way for future of veracity and embellished bribery echoed the minor touching of Nixon and the children of the 60's.

Embattled woman en-tour de force hung man after man for unwanted advances kissing and touching of parts and continents to be placed on sanction of money, laundering and unwanted cross border shopping.

Remembrance Day passed and remembered by living veterans while the Youth watched in silence as their grandfathers bled in the rows of poppies blowing in the graves lined by row and row.

The call of duty bringing the children to the zones of war through questionable gaming of a history known as the war before three still searching for the justification of the slaughter. Now in a digital age, educators sought new philosophies of pedagogy for children bored with math and the scientist.

For all science and places where dreams met reality Canada was the epicenter of commerce, cultural integration and the hoop dream. The Huskies with their shoes now in the regular season were a motley of men from around the world. Pushing the idea of law and allowing the game to evolve.

The loner intent on his science watched intently as the Huskies faced accusation and challenge of moral integrity beyond the courts of the west and seeking a truth the North would welcome and remain free.

Science and fiction touched the imagination of the children. Heroes were created, and generations were born. The loner remained alone developing a body that was free from hunger free from disease. A body that would live forever. A body created with the intel of science, silicone and plant life. A body that could hold the memories of his mind and carry out the will of his science for a populace in search of truth beyond the houses of parliament and the spectrum beyond black and white.

Chapter “Rumors”

The news now coming from the North Pole and South Pole, kept the CBC warm and Montreal cold. Having now passed immigration the gang got back on track. The loner the weapon and this cold war were making headlines from east to west. The papers read in black in white NUCLEAR proliferation was decades away as the Continent was knee deep in The war on the cold.

Mountain took liberty of his peace pipe and breathed with the carbon of the forsaken and healed. Kathleen had a hundred bucks tied to her garder belt. Not saying anything about it. Lucky’s plastic had about a grand. Nova was paranoid, paranoid of the cold and this weapon the KGB threatened. Intrigue was off he charts and local coffee shops brimmed with X Files.

The Van and trans am were gone. A distant memory of the war at the border. Milking every penny of thought the president conspired with his foreign diplomat. The red chamber inhaled soberly and secondly the smoke of the 60’s and exhaled. The senate would back the ruling and immigration of Canadian Geese were offered retirement in Miami.

Slurring through the snow the White House welcomed the diversity of species as Canadian Geese passed over head sharing their thoughts from a hundred feet up. Sussex drive ran with the indie film, gaming and music while Hollywood pushed its will on the young at heart with echoes of Sky Walking elk. Who were not to be fed by the hand of man.

The echo system of the beaver threatened to Close the Hudson and pipes were used for different things. The Gang was segregated In homeless shelters awaiting permanent affordable housing. West Jet beckoned with the boomers and landed in European holidays resurrecting the peace offering of the Colonial shift.

Mountain scrolled and scribbled in his thoughts the ideas of the loner and the prophecy of the people. The mid East percolated with division as the war that was saw tickled the man behind the Iron Curtain. Mountain blowing smoke rings through the leafless trees welcomed the snow and the purity of the ice. A reality check of the season and ringing bells of the salvation and the army. A snow flower and the star in the sky fought for the ideals of birth, genesis and the home for the homeless. The ‘fugees found a home in a foreign Country called Canada free to practice basketball and religion in peace.


I might as well be on mars dinning
On corn pops with a flopped eared
Rabbit with the diamond earring he
Stole from the queen of hearts
When she slipped on Tony Hawks
Board in the middle of the little
Dipper dipping in purple punch
For a political artistic lunch Elvis
Was the entertainment while Marylyn
Served refreshments to the Kennedy�s
Dali tattooed the scene behind the sun
Where spirits come in search of inspiration
And Einstein changed a rubix-cube
Into a circle we all use as a baseball
In the middle of Asia the
Dalai Lama hits one over the wall
For a little guy named Babe
While he eats caviar
With a Blue whale contemplating
The future of man and the meeting
Of Extra terrestrials in search
Of a beach house and babes
Playing volleyball sipping on
Coconuts until they all go crazy and walk
Up on the beach killing Nazis
With banana bullets to save the
Queen called victory in an over
Analyzed musical composition
Beethoven Bach and some one
Called Christian conducted
For a billion little children
With no reservations but
Guilty temptations and the
Word no flashing in the
Sky like a Vegas Sign
No one can see because
They don�t believe but try
To exceed gravity and
Oxygen and live like a dance
The fire throws shadows of life
Lost in intelligent conversation
No one could actually say
Or describe but we all
Know it like the smell
Of home and the touch
Of a girl


A crescent moon of memory atop
The megalopolis full of melancholy
A crew of stars crest the skyline
Black, black, black as the raven's call
A lot of little lights in the city
Fight for exposure over the night
Quotes of a dead poet race through the streets
Stopping at statues waiting
To be awaken by aphorism
The streets signs have nothing to say
All the lights are flashing red
An invisible demon cloaked beneath the city
Holds all the time
In a book written in blood
All the truth unwritten in his mind
He holds the past
In the cage behind his left eye
The future is chained
In a globe of fire beneath its breast


How quietly friends become old
In our memory these pictures are cold
Black dog sleeping in the kitchen
Streams of smoke above the oven
13 artists in the circle
Elevator music down to purple
Singing voices in the attic
Colored paper covered in a lyric
Manic mannequin in the yard
Shot gun on the roof shooting star
Broken cigarette kiss of lipstick
Crashing ashstray she's upset
On a plane far away
I'm sorry I didn't have to stay


I'm already gone
Footsteps in to the sun
Green steel bridges
Across provincial ridges
A boxcar boycott
Commercial coffee stop
A comment on the rain
Saturates my brain
I stop to think
A rural ice rink
Geese on the water
The highway's hotter
Night danger
Transportation anger
Celestial wish
Sleepin' in a ditch
Mountains to dream
A plain reality
Green red gold
It's Octobres glow
One more thought
Nature never stops


one to 1
all or none
forever and a day
the piper plays
no written rules
the writers fool
war on society
death on public property
blood on the cross
beggar for a boss
blind daphodils
pennies for pills
lost for words
nothings heard
little clover
your memories over

To teach a stone to crawl
Is to teach a man to evolve

My mind is still
My world is a picture
Simple like the thoughts
I am not thinking
My world is moving
While I�m breathing
Like the ocean rising
But no sound is heard
Of the door opening
To Nothing
Only space
Between stars
Before my eyes
It�s here

I understand everything
And question nothing
I am not alive
I am here
In a moment
Moving forward
So time does not feel powerless
The world spins
On my index finger
I present a life
In the dark
A shinning star
Potentially limitless

She left the room
I held my breath
Bread in the oven
I start to breathe
Footsteps on the stairs
Rain touches the window
Button close the curtain
Spilled milk
Drips on the floor
A cat quietly
Cleans the mess

She smiled I said hi
The wind turned clouds passed
Across the sky A bird flew
Her eyes are green
My toes are wet I feel my heart
In my chest too buried
For her to find
Footprints in the sand

The taste of life
Inside a Canadian maple doughnut
I find a moment
Outside my maze
Of graphics
And leave the little mouse
Hoping zen will open itself up
And take the mess
Away from my desk
Inside the commercial coffee shop
I let it go as I swallow
Milk and maple
A tingle to my toes
While time slows
I blend with the regulars
And pretend
I have no where to go
Nothing to think
No tie to a binary company
On the other side
Of the sky
As I sink further
In to my surrounding
And become one
With Tim Horton on Paul street
And I breath
The sweet salvation sensation
Of coffee
For 15 minutes
I am free

Looking into your eyes
I fall to the ground
The world spins around
I can�t control my mind
The slightest thought
Turns a tiny knot
I can�t cough up
Breathing flies
And taking out the trash
The ring breaks my teeth
I see another side of me
In the mirror
I see my friend
A hidden message to send
Only I know
What�s not behind the shadow
Time slows
Another world explodes

I was so young
Indestructible in the flesh
But still afraid
Of the dark
Unafraid of the thoughts
Not known
My ideas yet to be constructed
What a mess was made
Of my minds�
thought process
So strong In youth
Lost will in sacrifice
The truth buried
Smoke covered in
Filth from the street
Full of open hands
And shoeless feet
I lied on the ground
While my conscience
Me to be a Man

I dream of the road
Late night drive
From my city to another
Under the stars we stop for gas
I hear nature in the grass
In between the cars that pass
Inside the van where the air
Has found a draft
We relax one after another
Listening to our favorite bands on the radio
Me and my companions in the back
Co pilot in the shotgun seat
They fall asleep
After a long chat
Except for me
And the captain of my destiny
The music plays quietly
Over the sound of the highway
I take another sip
And think
Me and my thoughts exactly
Where we�re supposed to be

swish swish swish

and a little wind on the river time
smile on the ground the color found
of the world going round and round
under the yellow sound of a singing canary
high up in the galaxy
flying in to another time and place
where heaven's lost grace
perpetuates cosmatic silence
but the sound of static and asteroids
chasing little dreams from big stars
writting behind bars
for stealing pretty red cars
from politicians and princes
who couldn't feed their children
or lie on a lumpy bed
a beggar made whole wheat bread
to feed this family
and buried a nail in his ankle
like a hero dunks a basketball
and a god makes thunder out of tinsel
in a town with no lights
but fireflies and butterflies
working like bees in the streets
so time can flow around the undertoe
a good little girl
swam across the galaxy
spreading seeds and popeys
for dead men and their families
returning from the place they went
where their eyes went red as a planet
with no water or fossils
like the dreams of earthlings
controlling robots like a cyclops
in a maze hunting for something to kill
like a lizard eats milk from the garden
the night stole peaches from the valley
we drove through once hot and dry
then cold and wet
like the fall before we slept
in the mountains to find angels
who were sleeping quietly like candles
in a church no one ever enters
but in the back of their mind
they drift from time to time
through the big doors
and hear the bell
of a thousands yells
from down the stairs
the basement with no lights
but burning hearts
and fighters with nothing left to fight
but their fears



outline the children and daisy's
the cow is feeling very lazy and doesn't jump
over the moon but the silver spoon
digs buried treasure beside the well
where the star fell from the far side of the sky
where blue jays fly when they're not fighting
the crows for the garden that grows
while satan heats the ground with the pitch fork
he found beneath the barn the settlers built
after they stole brown bears land
from his children's tears created the tide
in the bay tourists pay to see
flower pots in giant rocks
many whales and winds helped create
but get no credit when it comes time
to eat the rewards of seeing time flow
all a long the shore where the pipers feed
on shrimp and shiver and shimmer all night long
in the star light waxing and waning the old cadilac
snider couldn't fix so he sold it to alfed hitchcock
living in a shack down the road
where he drove all the time just to see the sun
and shore and water climb time in to the sky
where you couldn't imagine unless you were there
at the beginning when the great one pointed his hand
and all the molecules danced from a fire
on to land and formed the tress and rocks and seeds
from all the little bushes that bled
for the lonely heart holding clay trees
because she cant talk to the poet she used to friend
around the bend who only trusts the bottle of alcohol
and closed his door on modern man
because he doesn't trust the americans
or a dying jean chretien
because all they see is little people
and little voices that can't be heard
unless there name is bono and own you two limos
like when the monarch told you to farm
and give him all your crops and coins
to fill his crown while he gave you
just enough to feed your family
sitting around the table you all feel lucky
because you have them and they have you
all you need is a little roof a fire and friends
maybe some music and a little spices for the senses
because I tell you if you stop to think
you will forget where you were
and have to start again
while the tribe next door
have discovered gun powder
and they steal the wheel you created
just for fun and they make a giant gun
to kill aliens when they come out of the television
to harvest their drones
they've been programming
with nintendo and micorosft
would make a really nice boss
if we all just forget how to dream
and concentrate on living
until technology can tap our minds
and create all that we see
like little gods and demons
playing a game of chess on a checkers board
and one move takes more time than when a star dies
but one game passes faster that a second of light
passing through a crack in a prison whole
holding a man with the wait of the world
and a wooden cross stuck in his back
waiting to finally sea the light
and breath oxygen because he's been swimming
in a pool of hate and hell
and wishes only to stop the drum
and find the girl dropping rose petals
form a giant maple tree
he planted before he lost his identity
and she was only a fantasy

"Blue Moon"

Her and I
making love
in her
Blue pink room
morning till night
night till dawn
Beneath the stars
on her ceiling
What is my fantasy
She asked me
Changing clothes
in to something
more revealing
a dress
a little black
That wouldn't
cover her ass
When she bent
And oh the
Colors and Phases
we are
Her covers


I will
be free
One day
I will
be free
One more day
I will
be free
and my families
will stand
with me


I will live
I will not fall
I will live
I will not crawl
I will stand
to taste
And live
it all
I am alive
And will
Have it all
Once again
My name is
Timothy B Harmonie

""The Cat?""

Oh the cat
Oh the cat
Told me
to take
a nap
Oh the cat
Oh the cat
Where is
she at
Oh the cat
Oh the cat
With the wollen
Red hat
Please tell me
Where she's at
Oh the cat
Oh the cat
Oh the kitty
Cat cat
Is all
I have to say
About that
The cat
Oh the cat.

"Black ButterFly"

Black Butterfly in the concrete Sky
Red Blades of sunlight stab
At the morning
Little cuts kill the night
Carbon mix with Oxygen
Wild flowers scream for attention
In the cracks they breed and die
For a little chance of being touched
By the black butterfly

"Two Dimentional life"

Colors blue and red
I can see you
In my mind
What I lost
Is again mine
I can not play
Without wasting life
I can not stray
From the path you light
I'm lost in the dark
Because I can't see
Invisible to you
When I dream
You and your Queen
Herding black sheep
Riders from your keep
Come to see
The sun lit sky
And cloud it
With your unfit mind
Two dimentional life
Colors blue and red
I can see you
In my mind
What I lost is again mine


Bubble gum
On the run
Bubble gum
On the lawn
Bubble gum
In your room
Bubble gum
Not grape, no watermelon
Just the original
Bubble gum
Pink exploding
Bubble gum
If I had
a 1000 bucks of
Bubble gum
I give us
all some
Bubble gum

"Master Mind"

The master


Ink blots
and coffee spots
crispy cold air
warm and bubbly
who's the girl
behind the counter
serving java
in the morning
Freshly squeezed
I'll sip my coffee
to the music playing
I wonder
If she's noticed me yet
I think
She's busy serving
I should have
Brought fresh

"Corner of Highfield and Main 9am"

Beggars ontthe street
Uspare some change
thanks anyway
The sounds of marching feet
People keeping beat
Cab drivers honking
in their sleep
To work they go
Passing them by
Afraid to make eye
Contact with
the beggars on the street
Spare some change
Thanks anyway

"Room with View"

The dream of me
is to be
live and breath
climb the mountain
take the scene
a picture in mind
a taste so fesh
time is free
space so infinite
free to fall from the edge
my wings I spread
And soar
from this peek
To the next

"Completely Close"

A picture of an eye
So soft and delicate
Closed quiet
Lashes lying
Beside her nose
So perfect
White like lids
For the pearls
Holding secret
Shy ideals
Cascading liquid jewels
Let go
in a blink

"Stone Statue"

I hear your
Passionate breath
Comunication sublime
My sole your heart
My obsession your desire
Your life ethereal
That moment special
Etched on the mural
One time for all time
Commit complexity
One body
The stars watching always
On your side
Accross the ethereal void
Let down your dress
Let me touch your crown
And hold your heart
Of gold
Forgive my faults
I am a half life
Without the truth
In your eyes
The space empty
Sitting beside me
The flowers senseless
Without you
Here is my hand

"For What its Worth"

Oh Glorious Glorious sky
What am I
A man but small
To the sound of the seaguls call
Here I am
upon the sun guided land
wondering where on earth
I stand
Why I think
While other man drink
line up for coffee
While the seaguls fly
In your glorious sky
But what am I
In the cold morning sky
Im looking waiting
Dreaming of the answer
Or a question
I can ask you
Who defines my being
Im I to live just to be
Does the seagul fly
Just because it can
Man lines up for coffee
In the morning because we crave it
Does the seagul crave
The garbage I create
Because he likes the taste
We sleep beneath your stars
And work for your sun
Because it is easier
Are there no more fish in the water
Because the seaguls took more
Than they could eat
Oh Glorious Glorious sky
Tell me why
I am a man but small
To the sound of an eagles call
I am a farmer a builder
A tree lives for many generations
The Pine tree is so tall
I work now for currency
To stop my hunger
I was a farmer or herder
Today I work for Money
And take and waste
And live for today
To stop the hunger
There are no trees
And there are no Birds
Or fish in the sea
Oh glorious Glorious sky
Where am I
I was a man but small
To the past of all


Punk Rock Punk Rock
Kids in the class
Heart races fast
A smile makes you relax
Thunder in his hand
Broken heart band
A lonely mike stands
Lightning in his eye
Spirits Climb the sky


Mortal dreams
Senseless tragedy
Questions society
Priceless life
Black light
Quite bass
Empty space
Closed fist
Fucking pist
Life missed
Cold reality
Stolen youth
Untold truth
Never again
Lost friend

"The Space Between Us"

You are the moon that shines in the sky
I am the star that shines far from you
Galaxies of life years between us
I wait to see your face as you turn around the planet
A wave of emotions and memories shiver
In the oceans around us
Burning, burning and wating for time
To bring my light closer to your eyes
And give life to your warmest spaces
As gravity�s forces keep us from colliding
And exploding to trillions of little pieces


The engine boils as Dad
Burns the midnight oil
Another grain of sand
Caught in weathered hands
The graveyard shift dies
As the morning bird flies
The sun finds the way
over fields of hay
The old Dodge rumbles
As the the radio fumbels
Over a familiar road
Carrying an old load
Memories to the mill
A woman sitting behind the sill
Her eyes flicker like a fire
Burning a familiar fuel

"2001 AD""

An undescriable truth
An idea of Perfection
A shadow of the resurection
Hides under his mind
And pops out from time to time
To take a piece of cake
His girlfriend baked
To celebrate 23 or 24 years
LIving without fear
Of the shadow
Who began to throw
Dead flowers on his bed
To torment and tease his head
Every day and night
He struggled but had nothing to fight
But the shadow in the corner
Of his brain
Taking pleasure in his pain
Stealing more and more
Of the light in his eyes
And filling the holes with lies
Until the day the hammer fell
From his father's hand
And balanced the scales of man

"The future"

I'm thinking of a christmas
With my family
Standing on a rock of reality
Glinting with a cover of snow
Under the light of the moon
And the sparkle of the stars
I can see my breath
And feel the warmth
Of my family's flame
Burning within my chest again
I can smell the feast
And hear the bells
All is good and I am well
Thank Christ
For this christmas day

"Used Guitar"

They all have no where to go
Given away for Drugs
And little rings of gold
Hanging on the wall
They wait
For strange hands to pull them down
Within their cage of glass
With every day that pass
They lose a little of their soul
And the sound of the song
They used to sing
A tag is stamped
on their skin
A price marked down
In the bargain bin
Some are dropped or beatin
To the sound of a drum
That didn't stop
Or they were thrown away
Because they forgot how to play
In every one their is a gem
Wating to be found again
And given something to believe in


I can only stare
Off into space
My thought stalls
For a second
I forget my place
And have to start again
My impulse is speed
A pill slows this neurotic race
Circling my brain
Around and around
It stops
I remember where I was



My name is John Barker. I just got fired as sports writer for the New York Times. Apparently they didn’t like the way I was covering The Knicks season. It appeared to me some players were not playing their best games when New York needed them the most. I decided to do a little investigating and came up with a scandal within the team that led all the way up to management. I was set to run the article when my editor Clive Clayton informed me I was to print a new story. I got a little hot under the collar and said some things I shouldn’t have but thoroughly enjoyed. That green and good for nothing check cashing paper passing pussy had been stepping on my toes ever since I got there. His grandfather held office for the State and had everything gift wrapped, shrink wrapped and handed to him including his wife Wanda. He told me I had five minutes to clear my office and get the hell off the property or he was going to have security remove me forcefully. I kicked the company typewriter out the window narrowly missing a homeless man pushing a cart. I clenched my teeth and smashed both hands on my desk as the typewriter exploded all over the street sending F’s and U’s and every other letter and digit of my Yale earned English vocabulary all over the smoking scene.

I picked up most the things in my office that belonged to me including my graduation pen and my zippo lighter my grandfather gave me. He was a navy man in World War II and left and my lap top computer. I jumped in to my Volkswagen van and headed to Vermont to stay with my Parents. It is the middle of March and Winter is slowly melting away. I got a letter from Rubie. Rubie is a photographer for the New York Times. She studied at the local arts academy in New York. We have been good friends for quite some time. Unlike me she was able to take the political positions held by the paper and keep her job. She told me not much had changed since I left. That someone had already filled my position at the Paper. Rubie has dark hair and is very friendly. She comes from Colorado where her parents live up in the Mountains, she is a country girl living in the city. We would go out to eat at some of the Cities Cafes and go to the Movies. She was always up for going out. She told me she has some time off coming up and asked if she could come visit me in Vermont. I’m lying in bed staring at the ceiling fan going around and around. Like my mind searching for some outlet over the past weeks events. Although I do love my parents and thoroughly enjoy their company I feel the need to get away. To go on a trip to free my mind and find new experience. I’m sure I could find employment writing here in Vermont. I however have a bitter taste in my mouth from my last post in New York. I need to resolve this conflict within my mind before I find a new position with a paper. Although I didn’t completely enjoy the company of my Editor I did enjoy the fact of writing for the New York Times. I had not been there that long. Just long enough to get my feet wet with Big City politics. I have a brother studying Philosophy at Boston College. He also plays point guard for their basketball team. I’m thinking about taking a quick drive to Boston to visit him as they prepare for the March Madness Tournament. They just managed a number 12 seed and face North Carolina in the first Round. Carolina has a point guard set to go in the top 3 of the NBA draft this year, Wesley Johnson from L.A., it will be a tough match up for Billy my brother. Outside my window I can see the hoop we used to go at each other on. The mesh is a little torn but the hoop still hangs in our backyard as a reminder of the battles we had against each other. My mom would watch from the Kitchen window as we bang and bruised each other with me usually the victor. That was until he shot up to 6’4” and earned a full athletics scholarship at BC. “John the Phone”, I heard my mother say. “Hello”, “Hi John it’s me Rubie, Do you have time to Talk?”, “Yeah Rubie you know I’ve always got time to chat.” “Listen I was out shooting for the Times on the weekend, you know just taking shots” , I could hear a little panic in her voice. Rubie said “I was up near BrioCorp just looking for a story or some shots for the Monday edition when from out of nowhere this Black BMW comes tearing around the corner, being the diligent photographer I am I grabbed my camera and went after them, they pulled in to an alley, I pulled up on the opposite side of the street and watched, they opened the trunk and started carrying something in a large white bag, “What was in the bag, I asked”, “Well I grabbed my camera with the telescopic lens to get a better look, just then I heard a gun shot behind me and a man wearing a mask running down the street, the two guys carrying the bag heard the sound and turned to see me with the camera, this made them very alerted they put the bag back in the trunk and jumped back in the car, they started to chase me John. “Did you call the Cops Rubie?”, No I had no time they chased me through the city I finally lost them, I’m at the paper right now, I’m too paranoid to go home.” Call the cops Rubie”, “Well John that’s what I was afraid to tell you”, “What do you mean Rubie”, When I got to the office I went to close the blinds in my office and I saw the car, my heart almost stopped, I thought I was done for. Then a cop car drove right up behind them, I calmed down a little. The guys in the black BMW stepped out as did the cops. They looked to make sure no one was watching it was about 9 o’clock at night at this point, The men opened the trunk and the cops took the bag to their car and handed the men a briefcase, What should I do John? I’m a little nervous.” Calm down Rubie, calm down, are you sure? “Yes damn you John I’m sure, I called you first I’m scared.” “Ok listen Rubie you have to calm down” “John someone’s in the Times office.” At that moment the sound of glass could be heard breaking. “John someone’s smashing in to your old office, I’m going to scream.” “Rubie you have to hide, keep talking to me but go somewhere and hide and wait for this person to leave.” Rubie went to hide and knocked over a lamp sitting on her desk. The smash was loud and sharp. Rubie froze in terror afraid to move. The knob to her office door started to turn. Rubie gasping for breath said “John they’re coming in….” The door flung open. The outline of a person could be seen in the doorway. Rubie screamed and John heard the phone hang up…… John got off the phone. “Is everything alright?” John’s mom asked. “Can’t talk now I go to go.” I immediately went grabbed my old football jacket and jumped in the Volkswagen Van to head to New York. I had to go see if Rubie was all right. If I could find her at all……I have to say I was worried as drove the I95 to New York. I didn’t expect to be going back so soon. My mind flashed with possibilities of what might be happening to Rubie. I was sweating to call the cops but I couldn’t. I was worried about what she told me. I put my foot down and started to really push my old 84 VW to New York. As I approached the city of New York I turned the radio on to calm my mind. Good music always seem to calm my. I’m a big fan of old 80’s music, pet shop boys, the cure etc, the whole punk scene. Sometimes I wish could be part of the whole punk movement of the eighties, the hair, the clothes the synthesized music. I was listening to the radio the song Daughters was on by John Mayer. The news came on “Today in New York the sun is shining and the temperature is hovering around 1 degree, The New York city police have found another body last night, this time a woman’s body”. I almost shit my pants when I heard this I immediately thought of Rubie” this brings the body count up to 7 this week.” Apparently while I had been gone someone had gone on a killing spree in New York. The bodies had no visible marks of harm. The autopsy suggests the bodies were poisoned some how. As of yet the police have found nothing in common with the victims but have not ruled out a cereal killer. Paranoia struck my body like the black of a crow. Trying to link the things Rubie told me with the latest news report. I had to get to the Times office and investigate, try to find some answers. I got in to the city a typical March Wednesday in New York everything a shade of grey but the yellow taxis and billboard signs. Me believing my destination was the most important. I don’t consider myself a smoker but I pulled a smoke out of my glove box frustrated I wasn’t moving and smoked it out the window. A camel smoke billing out my window in to the New York early afternoon air. “Come on I said” As if I could get the traffic to move. Always on my mind came on the Radio. By now I was about five blocks from the Times. Right in front of was a giant billboard for BrioCorp featuring a pair of red, red lips. BrioCorp sells everything from lipstick to sleeping pills. Just then I saw some one that looked like Rubie making her way through the people on the street. She was wearing blue guess jeans and her winter jacket with the fake fur on the collar. I couldn’t be sure if it was her. I yelled out the window after her the cig falling out of my mouth. She momentarily stopped to look and then continued on her way. She was headed in the opposite direction as myself. The taxi behind me started giving me his best New York honk for get the F going. She disappeared around the corner. The next light turned red. I jumped out of the van in to the street to go after Rubie. Narrowly getting missed by a car I jumped on the curb beside the guy selling hotdogs and watches. I turned the corner as saw her 2 blocks ahead. “RUBIE” I shouted. “RUBIE” again I shouted. She turned for a moment and I caught her eye but she kept on going. What she was running from I could only guess. I kept running after her calling out to her. She tripped over a fruit stand sending lemons all over the street. “Rubie are you alright?” “Oh John I’m so glad to see you, we got to get out of here. Someone’s trying to kill me. I’ve been chased, threatened and shot at. I haven’t slept since I talked to you last. I threw a chair at the guy in the office and headed right home. Someone followed me there too. They broke in as I escaped down the fire escape. That was last night. Just as I think I’m safe I see someone in the corner of my eye coming at me. Oh god John here they come again.” John turned to see two men in suits and sunglasses coming after them not a half a block away. I picked Rubie up slipping myself on the lemons making lemonade with Rubie on the sidewalk with my knees and hands. The two men almost on us. Just then a gun fired narrowly missing John and Rubie. “Rubie lets go!!” John and Rubie jumped in to a taxi on the street. A man with a Jamaican accent was driving and Ben Harper was on the Radio. “If you don’t light my fire than don’t come around, cause I’m gonna burn one down…” “Where to?” The taxi driver asked? John looked behind to see the two men jump in a taxi themselves. “Can you loose that car?” John asked? “No problem, the names Bob by the way” the taxi driver said. Bob started to weave through traffic as the car followed. “John we have to get out of here”, Rubie said. “Hey Bob can you take us to the Airport?” “The Airport?, Y’aint carrying much luggage, you smoke.” Bob handed John a hand rolled cigarette. John took it as Rubie looked shocked” He took a drag and started coughing. “Yeah man Jamaican style”, Bob said.” “This is grass man?” “Yeah man smoke it up.” John took another drag. “This is no time to be smoking grass John”, Rubie said. “Come on Rubie lighten up, cough, cough, hey Bob turn up the music.” Rubie grabbed the remainder of the Joint and rolled down the window and went to throw it out. “Hey lady that’s good Jamaican green, Bob said.” She took two quick puffs and sent it out the window. “Let us burn one, from end to end. And pass it over to my friend. Burn it long, but burn it slow, to light me up before I go, the radio sang out.” “Hey man look at all the light there red and green and amber, there’s something about the sun setting in New York mixing with the smoke of industrialization, it’s so beautiful even in the city. Pigeons flying through the city scape and day changes ever so slow to night. Just then the car behind slammed in the back of their taxi. The tape slow downed and began to speed up as the analog tape began spitting out of the tape player. “Damn man I just stole that from my cousin’s sister, Bob said.” He ejected it just in time to hear a commercial. “Have you recently lost a love one? Pets are special and will always hold a special place in our hearts. At BrioCorp we are now offering pet cloning at affordable prices families can afford. We understand your concerns please call us at BrioCorp 555-5555 where a friendly voice is there to talk. A gunshot could be heard just as the side view mirror on the passenger side smashed. “Please call BrioCorp, financing is available. “Damn man what did you do to these guys?” WE DON’T KNOW John and Rubie said in unison. Bob put the pedal to the floor as the cab sped away the New York plate hanging by one screw to the bumper. “We’re about five minutes from the air port, Bob said.” “You got any chips?” Rubie asked. “No but I got these brownies Want one?” Yeah give me one to, “John said. “Hey man you got to pay me the fair first.” John gave him a twenty as the cab rolled to a stop. “Lets go Rubie” They ran inside right to the ticket booth. “Where is the next plane going?” “Seattle” the woman said “in 10 minutes.” “We’ll take two John said and handed her his VISA.” “John did I mention I’m a little scared of flying?” “Ah Rubie,… I just bought the tickets, not to mention we’ve got Tom and Jerry on our tracks.” “John….I think there was something in those brownies, my body feels a little funny.” John looked at Rubie and saw her drooling. “Rubie you’re drooling a little there darling.” She wiped her chin, “Oh silly me.” “Let’s get to the gate, we don’t want to waste any time”, John said. “Who’s Bob John?”, Rubie said. “He’s our Jamaican Taxi driver Rubie.” John turned to leave Rubie holding him by the arm and they both fell head over heels on to the ground. Rubie lying right on top of John said “Frig John if you wanted to lie down don’t you think we should have found a bed?” “Your right Rubie I think there was something in those brownies, Your eyes are beautiful Rubie so bright and brown like.” “Actually their green John, Rubie said”. “Oh it must be the brownies, John said.” Rubie moved in to kiss John. John must have been affected by the brownies as he returned the kiss as he held the back of her neck. They lied there in the middle of the airport kissing on the floor. Stoned out of their bodies and mind they for those moments holding each other with their eyes closed had no worries and thoughts. The only reality being each other’s bodies and souls they held so close. Rubie was awakened by a tap on the shoulder. She opened her eyes to see a large security officer holding a coffee in one hand. “Excuse me miss but this is no place to be lying on tha ground, you’re making a scene.” John opened his eyes to see a crowd of people stopped to watch the kiss that would never end in his mind. He thought to himself, how long have we been here? Then remembered he and Rubie were running for their lives. Rubie started roaring uncontrollably. Partly because of the brownies and partly because it was just Rubie’s way of dealing with an uncomfortable situation. On the outside she was laughing on the inside she was a wreck thinking about the days events. First running for her life, smoking weed in a taxi with a guy named bob, now kissing her X-co-worker John in “the middle of the biggest air port in New York City. “Are you all right mam?, the security officer asked. “Yes she’s alright, John said, she’s just a little tired and she took some medication for flying she’ll be alright.” “And yourself sir? Lying kissing on the airport floor with a girl is not right behaviour sir.” “Ah….yes….Yes Sir I ah was just trying to calm her down a little.” “Well sir you best calm yourself down, you plane is now loading.” “Oh my god, oh my god OH MY GOD!!, I can’t do it John, I can’t. I’m high as a kite, if my mother could see me now.” “High as a kite, my lord, the security guard said to himself.” “Ok Rubie just calm down we can do this, take me by the hand.” “Sir can you lead us to our plane.” “By lord sir take care of that girl, follow me, he said”. Hand in hand John and Rubie walked. It wasn’t exactly apparent who was holding who up they sort of held hands and floated down the airport to their awaiting jet. “Where we going again Rubie?, John asked.” “Why the emerald city John, the emerald city, the emerald city she kept saying over and over.” As they walked through the metal detector it went off sending a shrill in to their ears. John emptied his pockets the quantity being his Zippo lighter his grandfather gave him and pack of camel smokes and a pocket watch and his wallet. “John come on the emerald city is waiting, Rubie said.” They gave John his things back. ”Jetsgo John!” John turned to follow Rubie and tore his jean pant leg wide open on his thigh. He looked behind to see two men in suits wearing shades about 200 hundred feet away. He momentarily came back to his senses and remembered where they were going and why. He took Rubie by the arm and walked through the airlift in to the aircraft. “John are we going to see the wizard?” Not wanting to alarm Rubie any more than she already was said, “Yes Rubie we’re going to go see the Wizard.” “There’s no place like home John, there’s no place like home.” John and Rubie boarded their plane while the sturdiest pointed them to there seats. They sat together in coach Rubie in the window seat and John next to the aisle. John kept watching the door hoping Tom and Jerry were not going to make there way in to the plane all the while trying to keep his body functional. Damn he thought there must have been a lot of hash in those brownies. He turned to see Rubie playing with everything in front of her still drooling. The sturdiest came by with some chips. “Alright snacks!!”, Rubie said.” “Can I get a shot of Whiskey in a glass two ice cubes and a drop of water, please, she said with a smile.” “And you sir”, she asked John. “Ah yeah could I get a beer please.” “Christ I may as well try to enjoy this plane ride he thought, I never know when I might take another.” The sturdiest left to get the drinks. “John do you believe in fate?” Rubie asked. “Yeah sure I do”, he said. “No really fate, I mean I believe everything happens for a reason. This plane ride, that chase, that….., that….”. John looked at Rubie who was having a hard time getting her words out, her hair was a mess she looked tired a little dirty a little out of sorts and said “that what Rubie”. “Attention passengers please fasten your seatbelts the plane is preparing for take off, keep your seats in the upright position. My name is captain John Keats I will be your pilot on this fine voyage to Seattle. I hope you are all comfortable and enjoy your flight.” The plane began to move as it headed for the take off strip. Rubie looking out the window and doing very well so far noticed the men in black wearing sunglasses. She grabbed John’s knee and motioned out the window with her head. John looked at her and thought she was going through some sort of anxiety. “It’s ok Rubie I’m sure Mr. Keats is a fine pilot”, John said. She kept franticly motioning out the window and squeezing John’s left leg. “Its alright just try and close your eyes Rubie.” Until finally she screamed “LOOK OUT THE BLOODY WINDOW”. At witch point everyone on the aircraft looked out the window including John. He saw the two men walking out toward the plane. He looked at Rubie she at looked at him. “Oh my god, Oh my”, god they said together. John grabbed Rubie’s right leg and started doing Hail Mary’s obsessively. The two sitting in the window became the attention of the entire cabin. An older woman sitting in front turned to offer so chewing gum. “Here have some gum, I’ve flown this flight a hundred times captain John will get us there.” Rubie took the gum and started chewing for her life. The plane picked up speed a long the runway until it was airborne. John opened his eyes and saw Rubie chewing her gum like ms pac man on her birthday. The woman in front was having an elaborate conversation about the weather in Seattle in “You know it’s always rainin in Seattle, I’m sure Shellbey will be happy to see you and have tea ready for the both of us.” He looked to see who she was talking to a stuffed dog. My lord this is going to be a trip he thought to himself. “Where did you get the gum?, he asked Rubie. “The nice lady in front of me gave it to me while we took off”, she said. “Here are your drinks”, the sturdiest said. She handed them the drinks. Rubie took hers happily and drank it steadily, she eventually fell asleep. John continued to drink his and began reading the Saturday Edition of the New York Times. He immediately flipped to the sports section to read about the March Madness tournament. To his astonishment Boston College made a huge upset over North Carolina. They were making waves in the press as the next Cinderella team. John read further in to the story and read that his brother Billy had quite a game, scoring 23 points and 7 assists including two clutch free throws down the stretch. “I knew if I could ice those two shots we’d have em for sure”, they quoted Billy in the press. This was super news John thought. He went to tell Rubie but found her fast asleep and didn’t want to startle her. I remember playing 21 over and over in the backyard with Billy. “No time lest two free throws to win”. Now here’s Billy in the real situation and he sticks em both. “I’m so proud of him.” Looks like they will be playing Alabama in the second round. I didn’t know much about Alabama except they were a number 4 seed. They were rated higher than Boston College but with their upset win they should have some momentum. I know coach Charlie Brown will have them ready for that one, and Billy’s going to have a lot of confidence going in to that one. I checked my column to see who was writing in it. Howard Bech wrote a column about the struggling New York Knicks trying to avoid last place in the league. It was between them and the Charlotte Bobcats. I mean here are the great New York Knicks with the highest salary in the league battling it out for not being last. There’s no question they should be in the playoffs this year. They just signed Jalen Rose, Steve Francis and have Larry Brown as the coach. Something just isn’t right here. John put the folded the paper and put it away. On the back of the paper was an ad for BrioCorp. The ad said “Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Try BrioCorp’s friendly sleep aid called SleepEEZ. This gentle medicine will help you sleep ask your doctor for it by name. SleepEEz. John finished his drink and calmly fell asleep. Rubie woke up before John and remembered a dream she had. She dreamed she was a singer on the stage singing in front of a bunch of people and she had the most beautiful voice. She could sing like an angel and play guitar, people from all around came to here her play. She was startled by a tap on the shoulder. “Didn’t mean to bother you miss. My name is Mountain, I’m a folk singer from the east coast. I’m headed to Seattle for a show at the Kettle’s Kitchen. I was wonderin if you wanted to listen to some of my music.” Rubie a little surprised and flattered said “Sure.” “ I climbed that Mountain And slid back again To look you in the eyes Take me by the hand In the stars we dance You’re so beautiful A certain kind of special I never want this night to end My life is in your eyes The sun never sets in the west The sun always rises in the east So How many dollars does it take To buy a little piece Footsteps in Winnipeg In the middle of the Country How do you say I love you In the Native Language “That’s really beautiful”, she said. “What kind of guitar to you play?” “Well I have couple of guitars. I have a Silver Tone a Marlin a GH and this old Acoustic Guitar I found near the Rockies. My style is traditional folk rock. I play some lead guitar. For soloist I really like Santana and Neil Young. I love Neil’s guitar playing overall. I like Bob Dylan’s guitar playing particularly the way he plays shelter from the storm. I’m actually from Canada. I just did a show in New York”, Mountain said. “I took this pilgrimage to the Canadian Rockies a few years ago and heard this story if you would to here it.” “Uh ok..”, Rubie said. “Well I was hitchhiking on my way to Lake Louise and I met this Apache. I had been on the road for days and I hadn’t talked to anybody in quite some time when this Apache came from nowhere. He was guiding his horse down the side of the road. He said he was searching for the Great Buffalo. The Buffalo that would lead his people to the Promised Land. Just then I saw this amazing display of lights in the sky. I have never seen the Northern Lights before and I assumed that this is what it was. Then I saw three flashed of bright lights in the sky and when I looked the Apache was gone. And then the most amazing thing happened. It started to snow, and just above my head and nowhere else the most beautiful Red rose petals started falling all over me and the highway I was standing on. I have no way of explaining this but I swear every word of it is true. “Wow that’s amazing”, Rubie said. “Are you sure it wasn’t a dream?”, Rubie said. “As plain and awake as I talking to you now I was then”, Mountain said. “It’s funny I’m meeting you know. I actually just had a dream I was playing guitar in front of a some fans and I could sing like a bird it was the most fulfilling, free spirited dream I ever had, Rubie said.” “My name is Rubie, I’m actually a photographer for the New York Times.” “Really are you on assignment”, Mountain asked. “Uh no actually we are um, we are sort of on the run.” “From the law?”, Mountain asked. “Well that’s what I’m not exactly sure about”, Rubie said. “You didn’t break the law did you?, Mountain asked. “Oh no, we’ve been being chased by these two guys in suits and shades”, Rubie said. “Who are they, what do they want?”, Mountain asked. “Well I’m not sure who they are. But I think I was in the wrong place at the wrong time”, Rubie said. “I was out driving around looking for some shots for the paper, when I saw these two guys behind BrioCorp.” “BrioCorp, that’s that pet cloning company is it not, that creeps me out.” “Yeah me too, anyway I saw them unloading something from their trunk and they saw me with my camera and they came after me. They followed me home and shot at us.” “You should call the cops”, Mountain said. “Well I saw them dealing with the police and exchange something I couldn’t see”, I think the New York police are working with them.” “What are you going to do”, Mountain said. “I don’t know, right know we’re going to Seattle, it was the first plane ride out of New York”, Rubie said. “Well if there is anything I can do let me know. I will be in Seattle for a couple of days before heading to LA. I’ll be staying at the Crow’s nest on the east if you need anything.” Mountain reached in to his pocket and gave Rubie a green guitar pick. “Here you go”, he said, this is for luck. Rubie took the pick and said “Thank you Mountain, it has been a pleasure speaking with you.” Mountain leaned back in to his seat and pushed his hat over his eyes and went to sleep. Rubie just sat there as John slept thinking about her conversation with Mountain and yesterday’s events. In less than 24 hours her life had drastically changed. She was flying by the seat of her pants and experiencing things she never thought she would. She felt a little worried but at the same time a little excited. Her life had been going by in neutral now she was sprung to life by things beyond her control and was forced to live life in a way she never thought she would. “This is your captain John Keats speaking. We are now approaching Seattle. I hope you all have had a wonderful experience flying with Sky High Airlines. Please be sure to put your seats in the most upright position as we will be landing in Seattle shortly.” Rubie tapped John on the shoulder. “John we are going to be landing in Seattle in a few minutes, she said.” Um ah no I’ll have two blueberry pancakes…..”, he muttered half asleep. Rubie tapped him again. “John we are almost there”, she said. John opened his eyes and saw Rubie looking at him. He smiled “Hey, You know you’re really beautiful.” “Really? John are you still dreaming?”, she asked. “Well if I’m not sitting with an Angel, then I must be dreaming”, he said. “Are you dreaming Rubie?”, he asked. “No I’ve been awake for a while now. I’ve been talking with”. She turned around to look at Mountain but he was no longer there. “There was this musician from Canada sitting behind me. He said his name was Mountain and he let me listen to some of his music. I told him about the situation we are in. He said we could find him at the Crow’s Nest Inn on the east side of Seattle. He was going to be there for a few days before he left for California.” “Really, that was nice of him”, John said still staring Rubie in the eyes. The plane landed safely in Seattle. John and Rubie left the airplane through the airlift in to the Seattle airport. “I really should call my parents Rubie”, John said. “Oh god if my parents had any idea about this they would die. I can’t call my parents now”, Rubie said. “Well I really should just check it and let them know I’m alright”, John said. Rubie followed John to the phone booth where he called his parents. “Hello?”, John’s mom answered. “Hi Mom its me John I’m in Seattle right now”, he said. “Oh John we’ve been worried sick. They found your van in New York and they towed it. We didn’t know what happened to you. I’m glad to here you’re alright”, his mom said. “Uh yeah, the ah Van sort of broke down in New York and I had to leave it. Rubie and I are on vacation, here in Seattle. We’re probably going to be here for a few days or so. How’s dad?”, he said. “Oh dad took Penelope out for a walk, he should be home shortly. Do you want to call back?”, she said. “Ah no that’s alright just send him my love. I’ll talk to you later mom, I love you”, John said. “Well have a good time in Seattle and tell Rubie I said hi, I always liked that girl. Love ya, bye”, she said. John hung up the phone and looked around at the airport. “Well want do you want to do know Rubie?”, he asked. “I don’t know it’s all good. Want to get a coffee or something?”, she asked. Out of the corner of John’s eye he saw the two men from New York. He grabbed Rubie by the arm and started to walk away very quickly. “What’s going on John?”, she asked. “There here”, he muttered. “Who? Your parents?”, she asked. “No the guys from New York” he said very quickly and between his teeth. “Oh god no, how did they get here so fast?”, she said. “I don’t know lets move. We got to get out of here”, he said. John and Rubie moved quickly through the air port to the outside. “Hey there’s Mountain, the guy from the plane”, Rubie said. Mountain saw them coming as he was getting in to a cab and could see there were a little desperate. “You guys need a lift?”, he asked. “You bet we do”, John said. “Well get in”, Mountain said. The three of them jumped in to the taxi. “Take us to the Crow’s Nest Inn please”, Mountain said. The taxi driver was wearing a straw hat wearing a plaid shirt and jeans with grease stains all over them. “The Crown’s Nest eh, I know that place well. Nice place, real nice place, the drive said. The taxi driver put a tape in the tape deck. Bob Dylan could be through the taxi. “Hey Mr. Tambourine Man play a song for me, I’m not sleepy and there aint no place I’m going to”. It was about 11 in the Morning in Seattle. The fog was just clearing and the temperature was about 11 degrees. Spring was in the air and you could see the Mountains in the distance as the taxi headed east for the Crow’s Nest. “So are you guys going to tell me anymore about your story.”, Mountain said as he pulled out his pipe. “You don’t mind if I smoke do ya sir?”, he asked the cab driver. “No you go smoke ahead, you can call me shakey, that’s what the fellas in the garage call me”, the driver said. Mountain pulled some tobacco from is pouch and filled his pipe. “Say you don’t know where I might get some medicinal do ya”, he asked shakey. “Medical, if you mean pot, yeah, yeah I do. It’s on the way. I’ve got this buddy that grows it. It’s the best shit you ever smoked”, Shakey said. John and Rubie looked at each wondering where there travels would be taking them. Shakey drove through Seattle in to a what looked like the projects. There were flower shops, coffee shops, pool halls and used appliance places all over. Spring was blooming here and the trees were turning green. The green trees with the flower shops put a light on the place that shined through the poverty and made everything bright. “So you been to Seattle before?”, Shakey asked? “Yeah I was here once before. I came to see a Pearl Jam show in the 90’s. I just booked a little tour throughout Canada and the States I ’m actually from Canada. I just finished playing New York, I plan on playing here in Seattle then I’m off to California”, Mountain said. “Canada Eh I know some people from Canada. You know Birdie and the Monarch?”, Shakey said. “No never heard of ‘em, Canada’s a lot bigger than people think”, Mountain said. “Yeah tell me about it”, Shakey said. “These two got in some trouble in New York I just met them on the plane. Rubie believes someone’s trying to kill her for something she saw”, Mountain said. “Ah go to hell!!, Shakey said as he put his finger up. “Damn drivers, that guy almost ran right in to us”, Shakey said. “Uh Mr. Shakey you don’t see anybody following us do you?”, Rubie asked. “Well now that you mention it, no. I don’t see anybody but you, me the Mountain and your name is?”, Shakey asked. “It’s John I’m from New York, Vermont originally”, John said. “Well welcome to Seattle folks, this cities got its charms. We’re almost at my buddies place, Ralph is his name. Real good fella. Known him a long time”, Shakey said. Mountain on one side of the car just watched out the window as he smoked his pipe looking at the skyline, the people and the Mountains in the Distance. John on the other side looked out the window worrying what his was going to do. How he was gonna get himself and Rubie out of this mess. Here he was in the company of complete strangers in a strange city. “Is there a nice place to eat. in this city?”, John asked. “Well Ralphie’s always got some food ready”, I’m sure he’ll fix us up”, Shakey said. “Oh….”, John said. John pulled a smoke out of his pocket and lit it with his grandfathers lighter. Smoking out the window he just starred at the lighter. It had a lizard on it. John’s grandfather was part of a special force called the Black Pythons. Rubie tapped him on the knee. “Can I have a drag”, she said. “You don’t smoke Rubie”, John said. “Neither do you. And I don’t go running on to planes without any notice either”, Rubie said. John gave her the smoke and she took a few drags. The car turned the corner. The street was called Victory and was lined with garbage on the side of the street and worn out buildings. There were kids playing on the sidewalk, skipping rope and riding bicycles. The car came to stop in front of a four story brick building with steel balconies on the front. “Here we are at Ralphies, come on in”, Shakey said. The five of them left the taxi and headed for the top floor. Shakey banged on the door. “FBI open up”, Shakey said. The door opened a crack and a guy with a baseball hat and curly dark hair looked through at them. He slammed the door. “Ah come on Ralphie, I was just joking”, Shakey said. The door unlocked and slowly opened up. They walked in to the apartment full of plants and cats walking around. There was a large aquarium full of fish and the TV was one but turned down. There was a Clint Eastwood Movie playing and the Greatful Dead was playing on a stereo in the Kitchen. The cats purred around their legs. “Welcome to Ralphies, heh, heh”, Shakey said. The place smelled like fresh marijuana. Ralph closed the door behind them. “Yeah picked these folks up at the sky port”, Shakey told Ralph. “How’s the new batch coming Ralphie?”, Shakey asked. Ralph went to the kitchen and started rolling a smoke. The phone started to ring Ralph didn’t flinch. “Don’t mind Ralphie folks, he doesn’t say to much. Quick as a cat though eh Ralphie”, Shakey said. Ralph lit his smoke and motioned them to the couch that was long as a bus and decorated like it was from the 60’s. “Yeah this guys looking for some, Ralphie”, Shakey said. Ralph came over and put some pot on the coffee table. “Twenty”, he said. Mountain reached in to his pocket and put he money on the coffee table. Ralph picked up the cash and Mountain took the pot. “Thanks Ralphie”, Shakey said. Ralph went back to the kitchen and started trimming his plants. “Well let’s go”, Shakey said. The five got up to leave. “Close the door when you leave”, Ralph said. “Yeah yeah, I know the drill”, Shakey said. The four left went down the stairs and jumped in the taxi. “Where to know folks?”, Shakey said. “Take us to the Crow’s Nest”, Mountain said. “Sure thing”, Shakey said. The taxi turned around turned on to 31 First Street and headed for the hotel. Mountain spotted a retro CD store. “Hey Shakey hold up, I want to check out this Music store”, Mountain said. “Oh the Queens Jewels you mean”, Shakey said. Rubie and John looked at the store. It looked like a real retro shop run by some Gypsies from the 60’s. “Yeah, Yeah that’s the one”, Mountain said. The taxi pulled up on the opposite side of the street. “Be right back”, Mountain said. Rubie got out to follow him in. “Where you going”, John said. “Well while we’re here we might as well have a bit of fun”, Rubie said. “Alright I’ll wait here”, John said. Mountain and Rubie headed off across the street to the Queen’s Jewels. “You got to lighten up man, your only young once”, Shakey said. John daydreaming snapped to. “Yeah, yeah I just got in the mess you know”, John said. “Heh, heh, its all how you look at it. Me I’ve got 8 kids and three wives. Two of them I haven’t seen in 4 months, man. And I’m thinking hey I hope they’re having a good time. John lit up a smoke and Shakey looked at him through the rear view mirror. Mountain and Rubie entered the Queen’s Jewels. It was a CD shop and a used instrument store with pipes and T-Shirts. Posters of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love and John Mayer were on the walls. There was big Mirror Ball hanging on the ceiling. Rubie started looking at the Guitars. There was one baby blue sparkling guitar, probably from the 50’s or 60’s she was looking at. Mountain went to the counter to talk to the Grunge Rocker behind the counter. There was a tune playing on the stereo. It was Neil Young’s I’m the Ocean. “I’m an accident. I was travelling way to fast. Couldn’t stop though. So I let the moment last. I’m for rollin. I’m for tossin in my sleep. It’s not guilt though it’s the company I keep. “Hey man, I was wondering if you would sell this CD on consignment for me”, Mountain asked. The man in his late fifties with shaggy curly hair said, “How much you want for it?” “Well I’d like 7 bucks for it”, Mountain said. “Can’t do it, most CD’s we sell only go for 5 or 6 bucks plus we put our charge on it”, the gypsy said. Back outside John was smoking his smoke while Shakey played drums on his steering wheel. “So you been in Seattle long”, John asked. “Yeah about 4 or 5 years. I used to drive a big rig all over the country. I stay pretty local now. Man I used to party it up. The things I’ve seen in my life. Went down to Mexico once. Checked out the Aztecs. I swear I was there by myself. I wasn’t drinking or smoking nothing and I swear I could here em singing and drumming”, Shakey said. “Well I’ve was in New York for a while, working for the New York Times. They fired me for a story I wanted to write”, John said. “Your free now man, free as a bird. Take a look around. You’re not shackled to a desk. You can move around. There’s a story on every street corner waitin to be written. I used to write myself. Had this old typewriter in the trunk, used to write on it for fun. Read them to my friends. We would take turns written on that thing. Just written for fun”, Shakey said. Back in the Queen’s Jewels Mountain continued to barter with the man. Rubie shouted over “How much is this guitar?” “400 hundred even. That’s a Fallen Angel guitar from 61. The only one like I’ve ever seen”, the Gypsy said. “Can I see it”, Rubie said. The gypsy came over and took it off the wall and plugged it in to an old Fender amp. “Give it a try”, he said. “Well I can’t really play”, she said. She handed it to Mountain “Could you try this and tell me what you think”, Rubie said. Mountain took the guitar and sat down. He played a few notes and runs and started singing a tune. Open up your big blue eyes It’s a brand new life So many songs to sing Where will you dream today Black cat in the Sky With the Diamonds in her eyes The tone that came out was this magical essence like no other heard. Like an eagle flying in a purple sky over a honey brown field with Mountains far off in the distance. “Wow that really plays”, Mountain said. “I’ll take it”, Rubie said. “And that tie die shirt. Mountain handed the Fallen Angel guitar to the gypsy. He gently took it and placed it in a case and went to the counter. “I throw the shirt in for free”, the gypsy said. “And I’ll tell you what I’ll give you 7 bucks for your CD. I’ll buy it for myself”, the gypsy said. “I always like to listen to fresh tunes. What did you say your name was?, the gypsy asked. “My name is Mountain and this is Rubie”, Mountain said . “The names Billy”, he said. “Nice to meet you”. Mountain and Rubie carrying her brand new guitar left the store and headed for the cab. Mountain and Rubie entered the cab. “Hey John look what I bought”, she said. She showed John the new guitar. “And I bought this for you”, she said as she handed him the tie die t-shirt. John took the shirt and looked at. “Well aren’t you going to put it on”, she said. John took off his shirt and put on the tie die shirt. “Thanks Rudy!, that’s a really nice guitar. I didn’t know you played”, he said. “Well I don’t, I’m going to learn now”, she said. “Remember that dream I had? Well I’m going to start living my dreams. That shirt goes really well with those ripped jeans John”, she said. “Where to now”, Shakey said. “Let’s head to the Crow’s Nest, Shakes”, Mountain said. The cab continued down 31st street toward the Mountains and the Motel. It was about 12:30 in the afternoon. The sun was shining and there was a fog rolling out. Out over the Mountains was this incredible rainbow in the misty sky. “Look John, we’re over the Rainbow”, Rudy said. John smiled and could feel a relief through his body. He thought after listening to Shakey and seeing Ruby was happy that everything was going to be alright. John took Shakey’s advice and jotted some notes down in his notebook Journey to the End to the End Me and my friends Together we stand Peace of our dreams Emerald city And rainbow sounds John put his notebook away and lit up a smoke enjoying the scene in front of him and the company of the friends in the car. The taxi drove near to the edge of town where the Crow’s Nest was. The crow’s nest was a two story Motel built in the 70’s. The exterior was black and there was a multi coloured psychedelic balcony with coloured plastic seats sitting on them. The lobby had a giant wooden door. There were about 23 rooms in the Motel. “Nice place eh”, Shakey said. “Yeah this was this that place fit my budget”, Mountain said. “Don’t let the place fool you. This was a happenen place when it was built. There were some wild parties here in the 70’s and 80’s. If I remember correctly there’s a pool and hot tub out back surrounded by this botanical garden and a piano bar inside with a jukebox from the fifties”, Shakey said. “Thanks a lot Shakey for the tour and getting us here”, John said as he paid him the fair. “Hey no problem. Here’s my card. Just give me a call if you need anything, heh, heh, heh”, Shakey said. They exited the cab and entered the Crow’s Nest lobby. There was a huge chandelier hanging in the lobby. The décor hadn’t changed much since the 70’s. To the left was an arched doorway to the bar. Directly ahead was double glass door to the pool. The lobby desk was to the right of them. There was a man in a shirt and tie standing behind the desk watching the Television. “Hey there…”, he said. “You looking for a room?, he asked. Rubie lowered her sunglasses looking around at the décor. There were large paintings of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and Jimmy Dean. John noticed an old cigarette-dispensing machine beside the desk. Mountain stepped up to the desk. “Yes do you have a room booked under the name Mountain?”, he asked. “Just a sec there Hun let me look”, he said. “Oh yes I have a reservation for Mountain right here dear”, he said. John looked at the man behind the desk his name tag read Phillipe. “Do you have any other rooms available?”, John asked. “No, no you two are welcome to stay with me”, Mountain said. “Yeah John why don’t we stay together”, Rubie said. “There are two double beds in the room”, Phillipe said. “Alright well let me pay for half”, John said. “No problem, I always appreciate company, plus I was just getting to know you guys”, Mountain said. “So its settled here is your key your room number is 13. Just go outside and up the stairs, turn right and you will find it”, Phillipe said. The three left the lobby and headed up stairs. Both Rubie and Mountain carrying a guitar and John carrying around his old shirt. Mountain reached in his pocket for the key and unlocked the door. The room was gold and pink with a flamingo lampshade. The curtains were gold on the doors that led to the patio. “So I guess this is home for the next while”, Mountain said as he put his guitar down on his bed. John took a seat in the corner and Rubie checked in to the bathroom. “So what are you plans John?”, Mountain asked. “Well I’m not really sure at this point. I was hoping just to lay low for a while and hope for the heat to clear”, John said. “I’m supposed to meet a friend here in Seattle. I’ve got a gig at a little café and we were planning on going to the Neil Young concert here in Seattle”, Mountain said. “Your more than welcome to join us”, Mountain said. “Thanks Mountain, I appreciate it. I’ll ask Rubie and she what she says”, John said. “Well this place aint to bad eh?”, Mountain said. “Yeah I really like the décor”, John said. Both Mountain and John had a good laugh. Rubie came out of the bathroom. “Ah there’s nothing like some fresh water. Maybe we should order some room service. I’m a little hungry”, Rubie said. “That’s a great Idea do you mind if I call my friend first. She’s been waiting for my call”, Mountain said. “No go ahead”, Rubie said. Mountain went to the phone and dialled his friend’s number. Rubie went to sit at the table with John. “I guess Mountain has a friend here he is waiting to meet. He’s got a show and is planning on going to see Neil Young play a concert. He’s asked if we wanted to join him”, John said. Rubie looked over at her guitar. “Yeah I think I would be up for that”, Rubie said. Mountain got off the phone. “Yeah so everything is a go. My friend said she was going to come and meet me here later this afternoon”, Mountain said. “Well I guess we’re going to get to know each other a little better”, John said. “Yeah we’re going to stay with you a while”, Rubie said. “Excellent!, I always appreciate good company.”, Mountain said. Rubie went to the phone to call for room service. John flicked on the TV. The afternoon new was on. The sports report was on. They were interviewing the coach from Boston College about his upset win over North Carolina. “Yeah our kids played tough. They defended they rebounded and they scored when we needed them the most. I can’t tell you how proud I am of our players. In my mind we have already won. No one expected us to be in the tournament this year. Nevermind upsetting the number one. “Is that your brothers team?”, Rubie asked. John transfixed to the TV. said, “Yeah”. “Your brother plays college ball?, I played a little basketball myself”, Mountain said. “So what are you going to do to prepare yourself for Saturdays game against Michigan”, the reporter asked. “Well Saturday is Saint Patrick’s day so hopefully the luck of the Irish will pull us through”, the coach said. “Wow that’s great news John”, Rubie said. Rubie picked up the phone to call room service. “Hey I got a better idea. Why don’t we go down to the bar and get something to eat.”, John said. “Hey I’m for that”, Mountain said. Rubie put down the phone and said “Lead the way John”. The three headed for the door and Mountain grabbed his guitar. “I want to get ready for tonight he said, my gig is this evening”, Mountain said. “Oh that’s tonight, right on”, Rubie said. Mountain locked the door behind them and they went to the bar. Outside it was starting to cloud over and cool off a bit. They could feel a breeze coming in off the city. There wasn’t much else around. Kind of a deserted highway in a Motel Just out side of town. They entered the bar to here Elvis playing. “Well, it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, Now go, cat, go But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes”. The bar was medium sized with a piano in the corner. The bartender was in his 40’s with long hair and a beard. He looked like he may belonged to the Hell’s Angels. The three sat down at the bar. “What can I get ya?”, the bartender asked. “Any food on the menu”, John asked. The bartender pointed to the corner of the bar. The three looked to see a vending machine that sold chips and chocolate bars. “Well I guess I’ll have beer”, John said. “Yeah hit me up with some Whiskey two ice cubes and a drop of ice”, Rubie said. “Could I get a ginger ale please”, Mountain said. John and Rubie looked at Mountain. “What I don’t drink”, Mountain said. “Here are you drinks folks”, the bartender said. “Why don’t you play us a tune Mountain”, Rubie suggested. “Yeah I’d love to here one”, John said. “Alright this is a more rockin tune, its called heaven and the earth”, Mountain said. Heaven and the earth Heaven and the earth Had a little girl Her hair is full of fire Hair is full of fire And her eyes are full of ice And her smile feels like the sun Her daddy’s been on the run Its about time I made my way back home Heaven and the earth Heaven and the earth Rubie and John both applauded. “Very nice Mountain”, John said. “Yeah that was a rockin tune”, Rubie said. “Hey Rubie look they have karaoke”, Mountain said. Rubie blushed and looked over at the Karaoke machine. “No I couldn’t”, she said. “Come on I’ll go sing with you”, Mountain said. “Yeah Rubie I’d love to here you sing”, John said. Rubie went over to the Karaoke machine and selected a tune. She started to sing. “I took my love, I took it down. Climbed a Mountain and I turned around. And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills. Till the landslide brings it down”, she sang as Mountain sang back-up and played lead on his guitar. John sat there listening. He couldn’t believe what he heard. She had such a beautiful voice and Mountain on lead. It was a really spectacular performance. When they finished she gave Mountain a big hug. “Wow you really blew the roof off this place”, Mountain said. Thanks Rubie”, she said. John stood up and gave her a big hug. They sat down and continued drinking their drinks. A blond hair girl came through the bar. She looked like a California girl straight from the beach. She was wearing blue jeans with butterflies on them sandals and a white t-shirt with an open neck. She was drop dead gorgeous with blue eyes. She noticed Mountain a called over. “Hey there blue eyed stranger”, she said. Mountain turned around. He saw her and jumped off his seat. He ran over, “Lucky!!, he said, and gave her a big embrace. “Look at you”, he said. “You look great. Your such a sight for sore eyes”, he said. “You’re not looking to bad yourself”, Lucky said. Mountain and Lucky mover over to the bar where John and Rubie were sitting. “This is my friend Lucky”, Mountain said. “Hi I’m Rubie and this is John”, Rubie said. “So how long have you lived in Seattle”, John said. “Actually I’m from San Francisco”, Lucky said. “I just came up to see John’s show and see the Neil Young concert. I drove up and just got here.”, Lucky said. Lucky sat down and ordered a pina collada. It was around 6 o’clock by now. John got up to get something from the vending machine. He put the money in and hit his order and nothing came out. He hit the machine damn machine. “Hey easy on the machines”, the bartender said. “It took my money and I didn’t get my chocolate bar.”, John said. The bartender threw over a key. “Treat yourself, happens all the time, its how we separated the veterans from the Rookies.”, the bartender said. John took his Mars bar. “Hey anyone else want anything?”, John asked. “Yeah throw me some corn chips”, Mountain said. “Yeah I’ll get an Oh Henry”, Lucky said. “Give me something minty will ya John”, Rubie said. John took the orders and went back to the bar and gave the bartender back the key. He just took the key and didn’t say anything. “Hey what do you say we finish our drinks and our supper and get ready to head out”, Mountain said. “Lucky’s got a car and we can all pile in with her.”, Mountain said. “So what do you do in San Francisco”, John asked. “Actually I’m an exotic dancer”, Lucky said. John almost coughed on his chocolate bar. Rubie turned to Lucky. “It’s nice to see a girl expressing her freedom”, Rubie said. “I actually a photographer and I must say your are a beautiful girl”, Rubie said. Luckey looked over at Rubie with a shine in her eyes. “Thanks Rubie”, Lucky said as she smiled. The four of them talked and finished up their drinks. They left the bar and headed upstairs. The Sun was setting over Seattle and a cool breeze could be felt off the Mountains. They entered their room and noticed the curtains were open and the patio door was slightly opened. John looked at Rubie and said, “Did you leave the door open Rubie?”, he asked. “No I didn’t open the door”, said Rubie. “Did you open the door Mountain”, John asked. Mountain looked at John with a puzzled look on his face and said, “No I didn’t leave the door open”. “That’s weird”, Rubie said. “Yeah that’s really bizarre”, Luckey said. John went over and closed the door tightly and closed the blinds to the window. John couldn’t help feeling a little paranoid. “Is everything alright John”, Rubie asked. “Yeah, yeah everything is fine”, John answered. “The cleaning lady probably came up and forgot to leave to close the door behind her”, Luckey said. “Yeah your probably right”, Mountain said. “Yeah that’s must be what happened”, John said back. “Well should we get going”, Luckey said. “Yeah I’ve got to get to my show”, Mountain said. Rubie grabbed her guitar. Everyone turned to look at her. “What”, she said. I might as well get used to carrying this around with me. “You play guitar Rubie?”, Luckey asked. “Actually I just bought it. I’m going to learn”, Rubie said. “Yeah Rubie sang down in the bar. She sang Landslide by Fleetwood Mac”, Mountain said. “Oh I love Fleetwood Mac, particularly Gypsy”, Luckey said. The four left the Motel room and headed for the parking lot. There was a Black Trans Am with a Gold Eagle on the hood from the eighties in the parking lot. “Wow nice ride”, Rubie said. “Yeah when did you get this car”, Mountain asked. “I just bought it a month ago. I got a real good deal on it to”, Luckey said. They all piled in the Black Trans Am. Luckey started up the car and it purred like a big cat. Janis Joplin was playing in the tape player. “Oh lord, Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz, My friends all drive porches I must make Amends.” “Still listening to Janis eh Luckey”, Mountain said. “You know it Hun”, Luckey said. “She used to listen to Janis when she was mad at me. She would never admit it but every time she was mad at me she would put Janis on real loud and start cleaning”, Mountain said. Luckey drove down the street in to Seattle. “So what’s the name of the place you’re playing at Mountain”, Rubie asked. “It’s called the Kitchen Kettle”, Mountain said. “It’s a little Café on the West side of Seattle”, he said. “If I didn’t know any better I could swear that car is following us”, Luckey said. John and Rubie turned around immediately to see the car. It was a black Mercedes. “That’s not your friends from New York is it”, Mountain said. “We’ll see”, Luckey said as she stepped on the gas. John turned around. “There still following us”, he said. Luckey made a turn right and the car sped right them. “Well I guess that answers that”, Luckey said. “So you guys got in to some trouble in New York eh”, Luckey said. “Yeah these guys were chasing us and trying to kill us ‘cause Rubie saw them in an alley unloading something from their car.”, John said. “Yeah right behind BrioCorp”, Rubie said. “Yeah I’ve heard about Brio Corp. I heard this rumour they were starting to clone humans.” Luckey said. “That’s probably just a rumour”, Mountain said. “Well they have started pet cloning”, Rubie said. “They’re big in to the pharmaceuticals”, John said. “They make medications”, John said. “Yeah they probably test on animals. That makes me sick”, Luckey said. Mountain looked over at Luckey. “Your wearing lipstick aren’t you”, Mountain said. “Hey I watch what I buy. This lipstick is non-animal tested”, Luckey said as she turned Janis up and sped up. The trans am purred through the streets of Seattle. The streets were busy with cars and activity. The lights of the city were bright and they managed to get every green light on their way to the kettles kitchen. The air was warmer on this side of town. The was a mist in the air and all the lights shined with a glow. They Mountains behind them were no longer visible. The crescent moon was rising in the sky. John took out his notebook and started righting something down. The green of the city Luckey and this Coast Mountain and the Landslide Rubie by my side Paranoid times Speeding wish We all get away. John looked up and noticed Luckey looking at him through her rear view mirror. He put his notebook away and gave her a little smile. She winked at him and put her eyes back on the road. The Trans Am made its way in to a quaint part of Seattle. There were Antique shops and Café’s all over the place. The water was not far from where they were. They could sea seagulls and other shore birds flying about the shore. They must have been close to the dock where a fishing boat was bringing in the latest catch. The car pulled up on the side of the street. The Kettle’s Kitchen was right beside them. Outside there was a giant rusted kettle on the front of the café. The light that emitted from the café was warm. On the sign it read Kathy Breton and Mountain tonight 5 Dollars cover. Luckey put the car in park. “Well this is the place”, Luckey said. “Wow looks like it’s going to be a good crowd”, Mountain said. “Yeah nice place”, John said. The four got out of the Trans Am and headed inside the Kitchen’s Kettle. The place was really cosy. There was a little bar to left as you entered and tables to the right. The Kitchen’s Kettle was longer than it was wide. The tables had little tea lights on them. On the walls were pictures of mermaids in an ocean. They mermaids were swimming around a treasure chest overflowing with treasure. Beside the painting were two leather couches. The stage was at the far side of the café. Behind the bar was an Japanese man in his early thirty’s. On the stage Kathy Breton was going through her sound check. The people were eating and drinking special teas and coffee. In one corner sat a computer. “Hey there my name is Mountain, I think I spoke to you on the phone”, Mountain said. “Uuugh yes Mountain. I spoke with you. My name is Youishi”, he said with a smile. “I see you brought your friends”, Youishi said as he eyed Mountain and his companions. “You can take a seat if you like. There are many places to sit”, Youishi said. Mountain turned to his friends. “Well? Shall we sit down?”, Mountain said. “How bout we sit on the couch against the wall”, Rubie said. “Sounds like an idea”, Luckey said. The two girls headed to the couch against the wall and the guys followed. On their way to the couch they were stopped by a man wearing a pirate’s hat and a patch on his eye. “Ah there mattees, me name in Arty. Just live across the street. Came to see this Mountain fellow. Have you heard of him. Is e any goode?”, Arty said. Well actually I’m Mountain said. It’s a pleasure meeting you”, Mountain said with a smile. “Ayy and the ladies name”, Arty inquired. “My name is Luckey”, she said. “And my name is Rubie”, she said. “Aye a pleasure”, Arty said as he gave each one a kiss on the hand. “And who might this be”, Arty asked. “My name is John Barker”, John said. “John eh? I knew a John once they called him silver. Aye e was a pirate.”, Arty said. “Well I assure you I’m no Pirate”, John said. “Me thinks aye know that. Your skins to soft to be a pirate”, Arty said with a chuckle. “Well I’ll be over there if ya need some company”, Arty said as he pointed to a table in the back corner of the bar. “Lookin forward ta earin ya play laddie”, Arty said with a wink. The four sat down on the couch. Mountain took out his guitar and started to tune. Sitting on the bar stool at the bar he noticed a man wearing top hat smoking a cigar. Youishi came over. “Can I interest you in some teas”, Youishi said. “We have many teas from the orient”, Youishi said. “Oh well I wouldn’t know where to start”, John said. “Well I’ll tell you what. I will bring over my own special tea. It will strengthen your defences and bring a glow to your skin”, Youishi said. “Sounds good”, Luckey said with a smile. Mountain continued to tune his guitar. “So have you played here before”, Rubie asked. “Actually this is my first time touring outside of Canada”, Mountain said. “Really? So how do you like our Country so far?”, she asked. “Actually I’m enjoying. There are so many people here. The metropolis areas are really booming. But it’s not Canada. I really love my Country. “I’ve actually been to Canada before”, Rubie said. “Really where about?”, Mountain asked. “I was in Toronto for a while. While I was there I saw the Tragically Hip play. Have you ever heard of them?”, Rubie asked. “Actually yes I have. The Hip are really big in Canada. They are kind of like Canada’s equivalent of the Rolling Stones.”, Mountain said. “So how do you know Mountain”, John asked Luckey. “Actually I know him from back home. We used to see each. We had this Van we used to tour the Country in, write poetry and take pictures. We broke up. Actually he just stopped calling me and we sort of went our separate ways. I ended up in California. I took a trip with some of friends and liked it so much I stayed here”, Luckey said. “So how did you guys get back together?”, John asked. “Well he went hunting me down. Asking friends and stuff. He eventually got my number and started calling me. I didn’t want to talk to him at first but he sweet talked me like he always does. This is really the first time I’ve seen him in quite some time.”, Luckey said. So how do you like California. “Oh its really beautiful. It’s like summer all year long. I spent some time in a Hippie Commune. I found my way to the beach and fell in love with it. I was living in a boathouse for a while. Just smoking and surfing all the time. I eventually found my way to San Francisco and made my home there.”, Luckey said. “Wow I’d really like to be more of free spirit like that. I had this job in New York at the Times. I really thought I would be there forever writing for the paper. I ended up getting fired for having a difference of opinion with my editor. “Well your not tied down now. You’re free. Free to do whatever you want.”, Luckey said with a warm smile. “Yeah you right and it kinds of scares me. I’ve always had some structure in my life. A plan of what I’ll be doing next. Now I’m not so sure.”, John said. “Plus your running for your life”, Luckey said as she laughed. “Yeah thanks for reminding me Luckey”, John said. “Cheers”, Luckey said as she raised her teacup in the air. “Cheers Luckey, and nice to meet you”, John said. “You know I’ve got this feeling like I’ve met you before”, Luckey said. At that moment Kathy Breton started her set on the stage. Kathy was playing an old acoustic guitar with a Rainbow on the body and was wearing a shirt with a Unicorn on it. She sang really well and brought a very intimate atmosphere to the café. She played some Joni Mitchell covers to start the set finished with some original tunes. She was really good and the crowd cheered loudly after every song. “Hey everybody I would like to welcome a Canadian friend his name is Mountain”, Kathy said. The crowd cheer for Mountain there was even some whistles. “If it’s alright with Mountain and all you folks I’d like to call him up here to do a number with me”, Kathy said. The crowd cheered and Mountain headed for the stage. “Since he’s from Canada and all. I was thinking we do a Canadian song from a Canadian songwriter. If it’s alright with you Mountain I was thinking of doing Lover’s in a Dangerous Time by Bruce Cockburn”, Kathy said. “Yeah Kathy that would be perfect”, Mountain said. They started to sing. “Don’t let hours grow shorter as the days go by, You never get to stop and open your eyes, One day you’re waiting for the sky to fall, And next your dazzled by the beauty of it all, When you’re lovers in a dangerous time, Lovers in a dangerous time”, they sang. When they finished the crowd really cheered loudly. “Thank you, thank you thank you so much everybody. It’s been a pleasure playing for you and with you”, Kathy said. Kathy left the stage and Mountain got in to position to play. “How’s everybody doing tonight?”, Mountain asked. The crowd cheered. “We’re doing fabulous”, Luckey shouted out. “It’s nice to see some familiar faces out there”, Mountain said. “I just finished coming from New York and it’s nice to be here in Seattle”, Mountain said. “I’m going to start with a song I wrote a few years ago. It’s called BlackButterfly”, Mountain said. The BlackButterfly In the concrete sky Red blades of sunlight Stab at the Morning Little cuts kill the night Carbon mix with oxygen Little flowers Scream for attention In the cracks They breed and die For a little chance Of being touched By the BlackButterfly Mountain continued his set as the crowd showed their appreciation with loud applauses in between his songs. Luckey let out a sarcastic boo after one of his songs. “Hey Luckey this one is for you”, Mountain said. Hey they little girl Why don’t you come sit up on my knee Tell me all about how your day has been Where you’ve been And all you’ve seen Can you tie your own shoes now Can you tie your hair in a French braid Hey there little girl If I called would you answer me Or would I be just some stranger to you So how is your mother Just as beautiful as the day we met Why don’t you just marry me Take my ring and put it around your finger We could have a little wedding And my brother could be the best man Mountain caught Rubie starring at him intently. He looked away feeling a little shy and exposed. “Mountain had this idea that he was going to walk on to this award show and sing that song to propose to me on National Television. He ended up getting in a fight with his brother. He tried to pawn the ring and his guitar to get back home but the pawnshop wouldn’t buy it. He did actually play the song live on the radio and he got interviewed on the National Radio” ,Luckey told John. “That’s quite a story Luckey”, John said. “Yeah he’s got a million of them, most of which I probably don’t know”, Luckey said. The crowd roared loudly for Mountain. “If its alright I would like to ask a friend to come to the stage”, Mountain said. The crowd cheered its approval. “Rubie I was wondering if you wanted to come sing a song with?, Mountain asked. Rubie looked a little embarrassed. The crowd cheered to get up on stage. Rubie got up and made her way to the stage. Mountain met her and took her by the hand as she walked up the stairs. “I was thinking we would do the song we practiced at the Crow’s Nest”, Mountain said. Rubie smiled and sat down next to Mountain. They sang Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. Rubie voice was really beautiful and they complemented each other really well. The crowd cheered loudly and gave them a standing ovation. “I want to thank everyone for coming out to the show tonight. And I want to thank Rubie for singing with me”, Mountain said. “Thank you Mountain and thank you all”, she said as she curtsied. Mountain and Rubie descended the stage and went back to the couch where John and Luckey were smiling. “Wow Rubie you really surprise me”, John said. “Yeah Rubie you really sing beautifully”, Luckey said. The man at the bar with the hat came over to the four. He reached in to his back pocket for something. “Hey my name Steve Sky. I’m from BlackDiamondRecords. I really liked your performance. I would be interested in talking to you about doing an album. Here is my card. Give me a call when you’ve got the chance and we can set up a meeting”, Steve said. “Wow man thanks. This is really a surprise”, Mountain said as he took his card. “You’ve really go something there”, Steve said. He turned and walked back to the bar. Arty came over to talk to them. “Hey there lassie I really liked your singing. You’re an angel in disguise. “You know I’ve got this boat. I love to take you all aboard. I’m setting sail in two days as the crow flies. Going down to California to visit one of me mates eh.”, Arty said. “Wow I really don’t know what to say. I’ve always wanted to go sailing”, Rubie said. “Well we’ve actually got a car here in Seattle”, Mountain said. “Well I’ve got an idea. Why don’t Mountain and Rubie take the boat down the coast. John and I can take the Trans Am down. We can meet at my place once we get there”, Luckey said. “Sounds like a plan to me”, Mountain said. “Well if it’s ok with Rubie, I would take that option”, John said. “So it’s settled eh”, Arty said. “Meet me ere in two days, still got some fishing to do. The boat will be on the dock her name is Angel of the Mist’, Arty said. Arty tipped his hat and walked out the door. “So how about we head back to the Crow’s Nest Inn for the night”, John said. “Do you mind if we get some pizza first. I’m a little hungry”, Rubie said. “Actually I think I saw a little pizza place just before we stepped in”, Luckey said. They picked up their things and walked out the door. There were neon lights many of them green outside. There was a mist in the air and everything had a green glow about. The streets were empty and only the occasional car past them by on the street. The Trans Am sat there in the misty green haze. It’s black coat and golden eagle wet with little drops of water. “Right there.”, Luckey pointed. Across the street was a little pizza place with red neon’s lights. Leonardo’s it was called. They walked across the street to Leonardo’s. Inside there was classical guitar music. There was a large mural of a fountain on the wall with wild flowers and a stairway up to the sky. The floor was old ceramic tile. The restaurant was empty and there was no one at the counter. John walked up to counter and rang the bell. “Justa minute”, a voice said. John looked back at his party. Mountain shrugged his shoulders, and Luckey smiled. Rubie was looking intently at the painting on the wall. “Hello. So what can I get yous.”, the man said. “Well we like some pizza”, John said. “Well whata kinda pizza”, he said. John turned around. “You like pepperoni?”, he asked. “Sounds good” Mountain said. “Can we get some olives on that”, Luckey said. Rubie continued to study the painting. “You want black or green?”, the man asked. John turned around. “Green please”, Lucky said loudly. “Green please”, John said. “Yes I heard. I’m not deaf you know”, the man said. “Oh sorry”, John said. “Anything else”, the man asked. “No I think that’s it”, John said. “Just a minute”, the man said and turned around. Mountain walked over to Rubie. “Whatcha looking at”, Mountain said. Rubie turned to see Mountain very close to her. “Oh”, she said with a smile. “This painting I feel like I’ve seen it before”, Rubie said. “Yeah It’s like a garden, its really beautiful”, Mountain said. “Yeah and the stairway to the sky. It almost looks like there is something missing here at the top”, Rubie said. “Yeah it looks kind of faded”, Mountain said. “PIZZA ready”, the man said. John went and picked up the pizza. The four sat down at started to eat. “So this is turning out really well”, John said. “I mean all things considered. We got to see Mountain play we’re going to go see Neil Young and Rubie and Mountain are sailing down to California”, John said. “Yeah things are really good”, Mountain said. “Do you guys think there is something more to life? Something not always visibly evident like you is here for something. Like you really have a purpose in life”, Rubie said. “I totally agree”, Mountain said. “I remember when Mountain and I were together we used to go on these trips. We were taking a lot of psychedelics and we would go on these trips trying to unlock the secrets in the world or secrets in our mind. I was really a time a freedom and exploration. I think we might of gotten caught up in it to much and lost sight of the most basic things in our life”, Luckey said. “I know since we left New York my eyes have really been open. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. Trying to figure out what I’ll be doing next in my life. Is that what you mean Rubie?.”, John said. “Well I feel like everything happens for a reason. There is always something positive to been pulled from the fire. It’s like our lives are puzzles and we have to sort through the pieces and put together our own picture. The picture we like and that makes sense to us. I was looking at that painting on the wall and I was relating it to my life. I have my life in front of me. I like myself and the picture I’m taking but there is something at the top that is very important and I’m missing that”, Rubie said. “That picture really affected you”, John said. “I can relate to what your saying Rubie. Your talking like and artist or a philosopher of life. I can see how you see the picture as a metaphor of life. How its not complete and your searching for that piece that will make it complete. I feel the same way about my music and my lyrics. I’m always trying to write a new song that will make me feel complete and bring more clarity to my life, the present, past and future”, Mountain said. “Have you ever heard of the stages of Man? It’s this belief that as we grow and learn we go through these stages. There is the goal we have in our lives. Like climbing a Mountain and the satisfaction we would get in reaching the top but in order to get to the top we must start and the bottom and enjoy the stages we achieve on our journey. There is much to learn on each stage we reach and how we process that information will affect the experience on the next stage”, John said. “I know I was afraid to spread my wings and look further. To take my life in my hands and not be afraid to take risks. Dreams are so important in our lives. They take us to places we wouldn’t even think about. You got to take life by the horns. Let fate and intuition carry you through. Try new things and remember those moments in your life that make you feel special and carry that with you it has a way of manifesting itself in front of you and it keeps on getting better and better”, Luckey said. The four finished their pizza and got up to leave. As they left Mountain whispered in Rubie ear. “You know I really think you’re beautiful”, he said to her. Rubie turned and smiled. She didn’t know what to say. Mountain just winked and smiled . “So what the hell are we going to know”, John said. Everyone looked at him. “That was a little out of character”, Rubie said. “Yeah I don’t know if it’s Seattle or the music or the conversation. I feel like heading down the highway at 100 miles and hour and screaming out the window. I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD, I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD”, John said. “I think they made a movie like that John. It was called the Titanic.”, Luckey said. “Dam why are all the good lines already stolen and saved for Hollywood”, John said. “I’m not sure if the lines are stolen in and taken to Hollywood, or the lines just find their way to Hollywood like fish in a river or if Hollywood creates all the lines of which we incorporate in to our lives”, Mountain said. The four got in to the car and drove away. “Tell you what John. Once we hit some open road here I’ll punch down the pedal I’m sure old Blackie can handle 100 miles an hour. Then you roll down your window and scream whatever the hell you want.”, Luckey said with a smile. “Sounds like a deal”, John said salivating. “John don’t do anything that will embarrass your parents. You don’t want to end up on the six o’clock report tomorrow. I can see your parents catching wind of that in Vermont. Your mom will be like, Oh Johnny what are you doing know. And your dad will be like, if that boy wants me to bail him out jail for this stunt he’s got another thing coming to him”, Rubie said. “Oh yeah Just watch me. Luckey put that pedal to the floor lets bring this thing to another galaxy”, John said. Without flinching Luckey hit it and the car roared sucking air and fuel and 6 cylinders firing and purring like a black jungle cat out for some prey. John rolled down the window the wind fired in to the car like a huricaine. Lamps and light post flew by like flashes of stars the middle line just a blur. I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD. THE KING OF THE WORLD. MY NAME IS JOHN FUCKING BARKER THE KING OF THE WORLD. The cop rolled by a hidden lot and guess who was parked. Red a blue lights stormed on to road in pursuit of the black bogie. “Shit looks like we’ve got company”, Mountain said. “Should I out run then”, Luckey asked. “Yeah punchy in Luckey. Let’s get the fuck out of here”, John screamed in exhilaration. “What the hell was in that tea you drank John”, Rubie haulored over the sound on the wind charging in the window. “I don’t know but I think I’ve some of it as well”, Luckey said. Luckey pushed the car further and found another gear. The car continued to speed up down. “Looks like he called some backup”, Luckey said as she noticed flashing light up ahead. “Take the off ramp Luckey!!”, John said desperately. Luckey swerved Blackie on the off ramp and the back end swung out on some gravel. “Whoaaa. Luckey just like the hills in the County”, Mountain said. The car sped off the off the ramp back in to the city. “Hey this place is familiar”, Rubie said. “Yeah old shakes took us in here”, John said. The police cruiser missed the off the ramp and the Trans Am sped through a red light. The streets were pretty quiet save for a few taxicabs. “I think we lost ‘em”, Luckey said. “We need to hang somewhere and wait for the heat to clear”, Luckey said. “Good call Luckey”, Mountain said. “Hey lets go to Ralphies”, John said. “Who’s Ralphie”, Lucky said and the car slowed back down to normal. “Oh he’s our herbologist friend her in the city”, Mountain said. “Lead the way boys”, Luckey said. John and Mountain directed Luckey back to Victory where Ralph lives. Rubie maintained in her own world starring up at all the stars thinking about things beyond mars. “Here, here pull in to that alley. No one will see her in there”, John said. “Ahh…., her!? Blackie is a He, thank you very much”, Luckey said. “I watch it John she’s go a bite”, Mountain said. “I was hoping you would say that”, John said. “You still with us Rubie, I’m getting doubled teamed here”, Luckey said. “Oh yeah I’m still here. Just a little dazed. You got any cigarettes”, Rubie said. “Yeah that’s the plan. You guys go up to see Ralphie while me and Rubie stay in the car for a little smoke”, Luckey said. “Deal. The car was starting to smell a little to much like patchouli and bubble, for my manly tastes anyway”, John said. Luckey slammed in Tori Amos as Mountain and John left the car. John and Mountain climbed the stair up to Ralph’s apartment as they remembered it. “You think he’s gonna be home”, John asked. “Yeah man these guys are always home. It’s like their job. If there not home they could miss a score.”, Mountain said. They got to Ralph’s door and knocked three times. Through the door they could here zamphire music and the same Clint Eastwood movie that was on before. The doorknob slowly turned. The door opened a crack and Ralph took a peek through the opening. Ralph motioned with his head to ask what they wanted. “Ah remember us. We were here with Shakey earlier today”, John said. “Yeah we were wondering if we wondering if you had any chicken bones”, Mountain said. Ralph closed the door. Mountain and John sort of looked at each other a little stunned. The door opened and Ralph motioned them in. He looked behind them and closed the doors as they entered. Ralph walked to the kitchen and reached in the garbage. He came back and handed mountain some mostly eaten chicken bones. Mountain looked at him and sort of smiled. A little unsure of what to say. “Uh Ralph I meant some pot”, Mountain said. Ralph motioned to them to sit on the couch. Mountain and John both went to sit on the couch and they stepped over the cats. Ralph followed them in and sat on the chair across from them. He reached behind the chair to pull something out. Two gunshots rang on the television. John almost shit his pants as he reached. Ralph placed a checkerboard on the table and began setting it up. Mountain looked at John and John shrugged his shoulders. “One rule”, Ralph said without even lifting his head. “You want to buy you play first, everybody plays”, Ralph said. “Alright that’s fair enough”, Mountain said. “What about the girls”, John said through the corner of his mouth. “yeah we got some friends waiting outside”, Mountain said. Ralph looked up sharply at the two guys on the couch just starring and not saying a word. A minute must have past that felt like eternity. A clocked chimed and Ralph spoke. “You want to buy you gotta play simple as that”, Ralph said. “Alright I can manage that”, John said as he got in to position to play. Ralph pulled a paper bag out from under he seat. He reached in the paper bag and pulled out two of the greenest buds anyone has ever seen. He started to roll up a large Joint. He finished rolling and handed the Joint to John. “Welcome to Seattle”, Ralph said. John took the Joint and asked Mountain for a light. “You gotta use this light here”, Ralph said as he handed John a lighter in the shape of Buddha. John took the lighter and lit the Joint up. He inhaled the smoke and felt it fill his lungs. He held on to his breath and handed Mountain the smoke. Mountain brought the smoke to his lips and inhaled largely and passed it to Ralph. Ralph leaned in close to the table and board and took a large breath inwards. He played is first move and handed the smoke back to John. They continued like this until the smoke was completely gone and they were high like kites. John and Ralphie continued to play checkers. John was having trouble seeing the board. The checkers and spaces seemed to blend with the coffee table and the rug below the coffee table. Zenphyr continued to play and John did his best to play checkers. “Damn I haven’t played checkers since grade school”, John thought to himself. Mountain had to stand up and regain himself he got so zone in to the checker board he forgot he had a body. He shook his head and stood up. He glanced out the window and saw a cop car with the lights on. He looked away and went to sit down again. Then quickly glanced back out the window. He saw the cop putting Rubie and Luckie in cuffs. His jawed dropped and his heart started to race. A tow truck was towing Blackie away. He had to think quick and smart. He knocked a potted plant off the ledge of the windowsill. Ralphie just stood up and starred at him. “Are you going to sit down”, Ralphie asked. “Yeah man I’m trying to play a game of checkers here”, John said with a hint of annoyance. Not wanting to alert Ralphie Mountain sat down and said nothing. He kept watching the game play. Each move seemed to take forever it was like watching two slothes in a cave play archaic game at the speed of snails going to church on Sunday. The pipe music played out here and was the highlight of the moments in between moves. Mountain was growing impatient and started rocking back and forth starring at the game board. Ralphie and John kept playing every move like it was friggin chess game in some world championship in Russia with CNN reporting. Mountain almost flipped. He stood up and bit his tongue and sat back down and started playing drums on the coffee table. John went to make a move and looked over at Mountain. Mountain started mouthing incoherent words. “You mind? I’m trying to play my piece”, John said. “The bathroom is just down the hall”, Ralphie said. “It’s friggin CHECKERS!! MAN!! FRIGGIN CHECKERS!!”, Mountain screamed. Ralphie obviously annoyed leaned back in his chair and lit a cigarette. “Just a sec Ralphie I’ll talk to him”, John said. Ralphie sat back and watched the two discuss their issues. It was like watching an umpire and a manager arguing back and forth with hand signals. Mountain didn’t want to say anything to alert Ralphie and John was just stoned lost in the minute and trying to get back to his chess er a checker’s game. Mountain calmed down and John turned to continue the game. Ralphie was now stroking one of his cats. John just waited patiently until Ralph was done. He didn’t want to upset him because him really had to finish this game. There was only about six pieces left and his was winning he had to take this game. “I’m out”, Ralph said. “I can’t play under these conditions. This is a thinking man’s game”, Ralph said. “I understand Ralphie we’ll play again some other time”, John said. Mountain stood up. “Can we go now John”, Mountain said as he bounced from toe to toe. John rubbed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair starring at the board. “Yeah, yeah we can go”, John said. John stood up they walked to the door. “Lock the door behind you”, Ralph said. “Yeah, yeah Ralphie we know the drill”, John said. The locked and closed the door behind them. They started walking down the stairs. “The cops”, Mountain said. “Where, Where?”, John said in a panic as he slid against the wall almost falling to his feet. “The girls John the cops took the girls and the Blackie got towed”, Mountain said. “What, when, where”, John said. “While you and Ralphie were playing the world championship of checkers man”, Mountain said. “Why didn’t you say anything”, John said. “I was trying to tell you while not trying to disturb Ralphie man”, Mountain said in frustration. “OH man this is big this is big. What the h e double hockey sticks are we going to know”, John said. “Well we got to go get the girls out”, Mountain said. “Right, Right. I’ve got an idea. We’ve got to crab a cab”, John said. “You still got Shakey’s phone number”, Mountain said. “Yeah right here and there’s a pay phone. Lets give him a call”, John said. John and Mountain went across the street to call Shakey. It was now past getting close to midnight. The stars were out and there was no one on the streets save for the two and a few passing cars. John stepped out of the phone booth. “Yeah I got Shakey. He’s coming to meet us here”, John said as he pulled a smoke out to smoke. Mountain pulled out his pipe and started to smoke it. He blew smoke rings out in to the Seattle Sky. The rings would lift and drift up in to the air up through above their heads until they eventually faded away in to the night sky. With there feet firmly on the Ground Mountain asked, “So what is your plan?” “Well I’m still in the process of working it out give me a few minutes”, John said as he continued to smoke. Mountain stared at the stars in the sky he could actually see them flash from red to blue. Just as Mountain was exhaling Shakey pulled up. He rolled down the window “What’s up fellas”, Shakey said. John ran over the car window. “Shakes where in a bad state here. Any idea where we might find some sports coats this time of night”, John said desperately. Shakey hoped out of the car and opened the truck. He pulled out two of the most used car salesmen sports coats he had ever seen. “What’s going on? You guys got a business trip”, Shakey said. “No the girls got arrested”, John said. “Girls!”, Shakey said. “I thought it was just Rubie”, Shakey said. “You boys move fast”, Shakey said. “What are you gonna do try and sell the cops something, heh, heh”, Shakey said. Mountain continued to smoke his pipe starring up at all the stars. “No man I gonna pull a fast one on them”, John said. “A fast one eh. Well you better get the car fast”, Shakey said. “Yo Mountain lets dig”, John said. Mountain came back down from his Reverie and they jumped in the cab. “So where do you boys want to go”, Shakey said. “Take us to the station”, John said. “Here put this on”, John said as he handed Mountain the vintage sports coat. Shakey had on some oldies station. The Taxi drove the streets seemingly out of time and place. John and Mountain wearing their vintage sports coats as Mountain smoked his pipe and John chain-smoke cigarette after cigarette listening the oldies station. Shakey was a little more quiet this time around. The music changed from era to era 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. The passenger’s minds seemed to travel with it. “We’re getting close now”, Shakey said. John pulled out a smoke to calm his nerves. “Ok just follow my lead.”, John said. You “My guitar man. I can’t leave my guitar behind”, Mountain said. “Well I don’t know if this is going to work if you bring it.”, John said. “I’ll do it”, Shakey said. “Alright cool give Shakes your coat Mountain”, John said. Mountain handed Shakey his coat. “Alright you take the driver seat Mountain and keep the engine warm. “Good plan Shakes you never know what might go down.”, John said. “This night has been crazy enough anything nuts enough just might work”, Shakey said. Mountain got in the front seat and started playing with all the buttons and knobs on the dash. He accidentally honked the horn. “What the hell Mountain”, John said. “Sorry, I’m just getting situated here. I need to know where all the controls are”, Mountain said. “You high man?”, Shakey asked. “Uh no….”, Mountain said. “We smoked a little reefer at Ralphies a while ago”, John said. “Yeah and played the world championship of checkers”, Mountain said like a kid in school. “Yeah well if you would have told me about the cops…”, John started. “Yeah well what..”, Mountain said. “Hey listen boys this is no time be arguing. The girls are in the slammer and they us to get us out. You said you’ve got a plan. Then lets do it and stop talking about. Stay comfy just lay off the horn a bit”, Shakey said. “What station is this”, Mountain said. “I don’t know the oldies here in Seattle”, Shakey said. “Anymore questions Mountain?”, John said. “No”, Mountain said as he turned back toward the dash. “All right. Let’s do this for the girls”, John said. “For Luckey and Rubie”, Mountain said. John and Shakey stepped out of the car and headed around the corner to the station. They walked quickly and Shakey followed behind John. They walked in to the Police Station. John walked up to the glass. “Hi”, John said. “My name is Dr. Koockie, and this is my associate Dr. Krumb. Where from the Seattle general. I’m looking for two patients of mine. Both female one with dark brown hair and green eyes the other blonde with blue eyes. I’m wondering if mayhap you have picked them up this evening.”, John said. The cop just sort of starred at them. “Yis thus is trew”, Shakey said in his best accent. Just at sec the cop said. He left to the other room. Dr. Koockie and Dr. Krumb heard a buzz and a voice over the intercom. “Please enter door one to your right”, the voice sounded. The entered the room it was small with door to the left and right with a glass window in front of the door the just entered. A door opened beyond glass window in front of them and Luckey and Rubie walked in. Rubie noticed John and then Luckey noticed him as well. John quietly and calmly put his finger to his mouth. Shakey waved and smiled at the girls. “Boy she’s a nice looking girl”, Shakey said to John under his breath. The door opened to the right of the Doctors. A police officer stepped in. Are these the girls you’re looking for? We picked em up in central they were driving a Black Trans Am speeding down the express way to the east side of town”, The officer said.. “Yes these are the girls. Their real names are Pearl Dorchester and Ivory Teaser. They escaped earlier from the psychiatric ward of our hospital. These two must be back under our care. They are very neurotic and could be a danger to themselves and the facility if they do not return. They are very cunning and intelligent.”, John said. “You got a number I can call this in”, the officer said. “Yis, yis here is a number”, Shakey said. The officer turned away to go use the phone. Mountain sitting in the taxi listening to the oldies stoned out his mind thought he heard a phone ring. Is that a ringing he thought to himself. I rang again. Yes that is a ring he thought to himself. I wonder what is it. It rang again. Ah it’s a telephone he thought. I wonder who its for. It rang again. Ah it must be Shakey’s phone he thought should I answer. It rang. Hmmm. “Hello Shakey’s Taxi”, Mountain said. “Uh I must have the wrong number”, the voice on the other line said. Mountain went back to listening to the music high as a kite. The phone started ringing again. Mountain picked it up. “Hello, Shakey’s taxi”, he said. “Yeah this is the Seattle Police force we have a Dr. Kookie and a Dr. Krumb. They told me to call this number concerning two females we picked up earlier this evening”, the officer said. “Oh yes, yes this is true”, Mountain said a little confused. “Well I’m calling to confirm this and they told me to call this number”, the officer said. “Oh yes this is ah Dr. Young I ah reside over this ward. If I’m not mistaken the too girls you picked up, one had blonde hair and blue eyes about 5’6”, and the other about the same height with dark brown hair and green eyes”, Mountain said. “They have probably been going under fake names”, Mountain said. “Yeah could you tell they’re real names please sir”, the officer said. “Yes it’s ah Mary and Suzy yes that’s right Mary and Suzy”, Mountain said. “Sure it is I knew this was bogus”, the officer said as he hung up. The officer hung up the phone and headed back to the holding cell. When he got there the room the girls were gone and so were the doctors. He went immediately to PA and send out an all points bulletin on the two women and the two supposed doctors. Mountain sitting in his car started to get a little nervous. He turned on the wipers by accident and tried to turn them off in a panic. When he finally got them off he saw John, Shakey and the girls running toward the taxi. He unlocked the doors and the girls jumped in the car. “Hit it Mountain”, John yelled. Mountain punched it and peeled out the parking spot in to the street. “Slow er down Mountain they don’t know were in a cab just drive like a normal cabbie.”, Shakey said. “Yeah the girls should get down so as not to alert anyone”, John said. “So where we headed”, Mountain asked. “Wherever the cops aint”, Shakey said as he turned the radio to the police channel. “ALL POINTS BULLETIN IN SEARCH OF TWO FEMALES IN LATE TO EARLY THIRTIES AS WELL AS TWO MEN ONE IN HIS LATE TWENTIES OR EARLY THIRTEES AND AN OLDER GENTLEMAN POSSIBLY IN HIS FOURTEES.” The radio read out. “POSSIBLY HEADED SOUTH”, the radio blipped again. “I say we take it west. I’ve got a garage there we can hang out for while until the heat lightens up”, Shakey said. Mountain started heading east away from the station and the heat. “We are going to have to change our looks a little”, John said. “I’m sure they had cameras all over that place”, John said. “We can start by taking these Jackets off”, Shakey said. “Are the cops coming”, Rubie said. “Yeah and where the hell were you guys when they pulled up in the first place”, Luckey said in a sour tone. “Well John thought he was playing the world championship of checkers while you guys were getting arrested. I couldn’t get him to move”, Mountain said. “Yeah well you could have said so instead of playing charades”, John said. “Yeah well, yeah well”, Mountain started. “SHUT UP”, Rubie said. “We got to ditch these clothes and die our hair”, Luckey said. “Good call. At least someone around here knows what there doing”, Rubie said. “Get down the cops”, Mountain said. A patrol car was coming toward them on the opposite side of the road. As he drove by he shined a light right in to the cab to get a good look. As he drove by Mountain looked right at him and felt like he was driving in slow motion. The cruiser past and the taxi kept going. Mountain continued to drive until they were out of site and in the clear. “It’s not far now”, Shakey said. “Just up around this corner”, Shakey said. “And we’ll be there”, Shakey said. Mountain turned the corner and Shakey pointed to his garage. Mountain pulled the car in and they all stepped out of he Cab. “Damn that was one ride”, Shakey said. “How are we going to get the car out”, Luckie said. “Here lets step in to my office and we can figure this out”, Shakey said. The five of them got out of the cab and stepped in to Shakey’s office. “Here I’m going to make a call and get some hair die”, Shakey said. Shakey went to the phone and called one of his buddies to bring some hair die. “What colour do you girls want”, Shakey said. “I’ll take purple”, Rubie said. “Yeah and I’ll get pink”, Luckie said. “We got to get some new clothes”, John said. “Actually there's a clothing shop right across the street”, Shakey said. “I also know the guy at the impound lot. His name is Frank, he also knows a guy in a paint shop. He could hook you guys right up”, Shakey said. “Oh no I’m going to have to paint Blackie”, Luckey said. “Yeah well it’s going to be for the best”, Mountain said. There was a knock on the door. Shakey went to the door. “Who is it”, Shakey said. “It’s me Stevie”, he answered. Shakey opened the door and in walked a guy around thirty. “Yeah I brought you some hair die”, Stevie said. “What’s it all about”, Stevie asked. “Oh we’re going to a party and the girls want to get dressed up”, Shakey said. Shakey took the die and John gave him some money for his errand. “Wholly I can’t believe I’m going to do this”, Rubie said. “Ah come on its going to be fun”, Luckey said. The girls took their hair die and went to the bathroom. “Well fellas we’re in a real situation now”, John said. “Yeah tell me about it”, Mountain said. “Ah I wouldn’t worry it about fellas, your out of towners”, Shakey said. “I guess I’ll have to be cutting this beard off”, Shakey said. “Yeah I’m going to need to do a little rearranging as well”, John said. “Yeah some hair gel would go nice in your hair”, Mountain said sarcastically. “Your going to have to get some new plates for that car as well. I know the guy down there and he should be able to hook you up. He doesn’t work for free though. I think they put the car up for auction after thirty days anyway. It was only a traffic violation anyway its not a big deal heh heh heh”, Shakey said. The girls walked out with their new hairdos. There hair was still wet but the colour was shinning through. Luckey was bright pink and Rubie was bright purple. “Hey boys what do you think of our new looks”, Luckey said. “Actually you look really hot”, Mountain said. “Yeah you girls look really good. I never thought I would see you in purple Rubie”, John said. “Yeah me neither. And all it took was running from the Law and some deranged dudes from New York”, Rubie said. “Yeah so the clothing store is just across the street”, Shakey said. “Alright so we just tell ‘em Shakey sent us. When we get to the impound lot”, John asked. “Yeah I’ll give ‘em a call and let him know your coming”, Shakey said. “Alright girls are you ready to go shopping”, Mountain said. “Just a sec”, Luckey said. The girls blew the boys a kiss. “This is for luck”, Rubie said. “Alright lets tackle it ladies and gentlemen”, John said. The four left the office and headed out to the garage. They looked out the garage door to make sure there were no cops around. The coast was clear and they headed across the street. They ran across the street and opened the door to the store. They started looking around for the appropriate attire and soon found out they were in a sex shop. “A looks like we’re going exotic”, Mountain said. “Ooh this excites me”, Luckey said. “I always wanted to see you in Leather John”, Rubie said. “Yeah that’s easy for you to say. If only I can find a pair of pants with the ass still in them”, John said. They split up and started to look for clothes they could wear in public. Luckey found a cowgirl outfit and Rubie found a schoolgirl outfit. John was having a hard time choosing between the biker leather or the fish net shirt. Mountain couldn’t decide he didn’t know what to wear. The girls were having a good time trying on clothes and taking them off in the change rooms. “Hey John have you found anything yet”, Mountain called over. “Yeah I think I’m going to go with the biker leather. It really suits me. I going to get the leather top to go with these leather pants and a pair of those biker boots”, John said. “Man I’m having trouble here trying to pick something”, Mountain said. “Here let me help you”, Rubie said as she came over. Her hair glowing purple in the neon lights and vibrators. “Hey how bout this cop outfit”, Rubie said. “You think I would look good as a cop”, Mountain asked. “Yeah either that or a surfer bum”, Luckey said. “Here let me try it on”, Mountain said. Mountain went in to the change room to try on his new outfit. They girls were trying on different accessories to go with their new sex costumes. “You know this biker outfit gets me thinking”, John said. “You know I’ve always wanted to ride a bike”, John said. “You know I think that would be so sexy”, Luckey said. “Come on out Mountain. We’re not going to bite”, Rubie said. Mountain stepped out of the change room in his new blues. Rubie picked up a pair of sunglasses. “Here you go try these on with your new duds”, Rubie said. Mountain took the sunglasses and put them on. “You know this aint half bad. I was thinking of doing away with the badge and getting some stains and maybe a few tears in this uniform”, Mountain said. “Yeah and keep the handcuffs wear I can see em”, Rubie said with a smile. “Holly shit! I just remembered my guitar. Its in the back of Luckey’s car”, Mountain said in a panic. “I thought you said it was in shakeys car”, John said. “Yeah man I guess I was stoned”, Mountain said. “Oh damn my guitar is there too. Lets get this stuff and get down there in a hurry”, Rubie said. The girls fashioned their new outfits and the boys put on their new duds. Luckey in her cowgirl outfit, Rubie in her schoolgirl outfit, John in his biker outfit and Mountain dressed in his new blues with torn sleeve and missing badge. They paid for there outfits and called a cab. Waiting in the store they looked like a completely new group of people. They looked like they were ready to go to a show or were part of punk rock band from the 80’s. John pulled out a smoke. “You know gang I have to say you all look pretty damn special”, John said. “Yeah I feel like going dancing or something”, Luckey said. “Yeah I feel like enforcing my authority and arresting some pretty girl for obscene justice”, Mountain said. “Do you have key for those handcuffs. Or if they go on do they never come off”, Rubie asked. “Yeah they came with a key. I guess if you can go free if you act on good behaviour”, Mountain said. “Well I’ll be sure to act my best”, Rubie said. “Oh geeze the last thing I want is to have handcuffs put on me”, Luckey said. “Well as long as you all act like good schoolgirls and cowgirls we’ll have no problem”, Mountain said with a smile. “I feel like jumping on my Harley and going for a long ride a long the coast. The wind in my hair and the sea beside. An open road forever and nothing stopping me”, John said. He caught a twinkle in Rubie eye. “You’re really coming out of it hey John. A day ago you were an emotional wreck. Now you’re dressed in biker leather ready to take off forever”, Rubie said. “It must be the good company and the wide open ocean air. I feel a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. Like anything is possible.”, John said. A cab pulled up in front of the sex shop. They left the store and jumped in the cab. “Where to”, the cab driver quipped. “We got to go to the impound lot”, John said. The driver said nothing and just drove. The radio was on slightly just barely enough to hear. They couldn’t make out who it was but they heard a few lyrics. “Go to a lake of fire and fry see ‘em again till the fourth of July.” The radio could be barely heard. “So what’s your name man”, Mountain asked. “They called me Heart in a Box.”, the cab driver said. “So your friends call you Heart in a Box”, Mountain asked. “No they do”, Heart in a Box said. “Who’s they”, John asked. “The people I know”, Heart in a Box said. “How did you get the name”, Rubie asked. “I’m not sure. I used to live in this room. It had the shape of a warped heart. The ceiling was pink. The walls were red. I had cardboard all over the floor.”, Heart in a Box said. “So you are the heart. And the room was the box”, Rubie said. “No I am a man. People look through their eyes. They see the things their leaders tell them to see. My room was my room. I opened my door. They came and called me what they believed their leaders would see. They could call me fly on the wall. Then I would say they call me Fly on the Wall.”, Heart in a Box said. The lights of the city were quite bright. The cab had the feel of cardboard box drifting through the streets of Seattle. Bouncing off the requests of people on the corners. Heart in a Box was the driver ready, wishing, willing to go anywhere but the people always asked to go to the same places over and over. “Call me stupid, but didn’t we just pass that place”, John said. “Call it contagious. This cities over run by cats copying the best selling candy stick. Putting on new rappers. Calling them candy apples. This city, that city same as the rest. Shiny lights and sticker tape. Cash machine and vending machine. I could make this drive in my sleep.”, Heart in a box said. “We seem to be heading away from the city”, Mountain said. “We’re entering the outer ring. Customers don’t ask to go so far. They like the light. And shy from the black. You might get away”, Heart in a Box said. The roll of the wheels could be heard driving away. Intermittently interrupted by the occasional pothole. “So why do you stay here?”, John asked. “This is where I live. I make my life. If I left it would be the same. In another city the people all look the same. I’m Heart in a Box in Seattle. In another city another name. I know these peoples name. I would meet again somewhere else. I would learn their new names and start the same”, Heart in a Box said. “You ever been to Canada”, Mountain asked. “I’ve never left these lights. Why lies beyond. I don’t know. The TV shows all the news. I never hear words from people away. What really happens I can’t say”, Heart in a Box said. “Canada is a lot like the USA except there is more space between as you say the lights. We work the same and dress the same. In Canada we have the same TV shows and hear a lot of the news in the USA.”, Mountain said. “Is it easier to get away”, Heart in a Box said. “Well that depends on where you want to go.”, Mountain said. “Away, somewhere else. Somewhere different. I can call my name. No one knows what it means but that’s ok. It’s just me and I can like it that way. The waters shape the rocks and wash away. Taken to another place. Resurface and stay the same. Look at another side. Till the tide takes it away.”, Heart in a Box said. “Is that why you live by the Sea”, Rubie said. “I don’t know. It happened that way. I never thought the same. Rock and Me the ocean like the sea. I can’t complain. I will half to wait. Maybe I will see”, Heart in a Box said. “I hope you will see and get to feel that different scene where you know your name and are the same but the scene is different and you will like it that way”, Rubie said. “Thank you”, Heart in a Box said. The cab ran through a major pothole and into a dirt parking lot full of potholes. There was a wooden building with a flashing light a fenced yard full of old cars and some dogs barking. The moon was setting over top of the park half smiling, half dreaming as the stars seemed to shine together in a dance they didn’t move but seemed to touch each other and share their shine. The cab came to a stop and Heart in a Box said nothing. John reached in his wallet and took out a 20. “Thanks for the ride Heart in a Box”, John said as he handed him the 20. Heart in a Box didn’t move just sat there staring at the moon. John dropped the money on the front seat between the passenger and the driver. Heart in a Box didn’t move just sat there silent watching the moon. The four passengers got out of the cab and closed the doors. They walked toward the wooden shack. Mountain turned to see the cab but it was gone. He didn’t even hear it drive away. He felt a warm feeling inside like something special just happened. Rubie stopped and looked at Mountain starring off at nothing. “Are you coming Mountain”, Rubie said with a grin. Mountain snapped to and walked back toward Rubie. “Heart in a Box sure was interesting”, Rubie said. “Yeah he was. I sure hope he finds everything he was looking for”, Mountain said. “I think he will”, Rubie said. “We all manage to find our way. I really believe everything happens for a reason”, Rubie said. The dogs were now barking viciously at them. The lot was abandoned not a person was stirring. John knocked on the wooden shack door and waited. No one answered. He waited and knocked some more. Still no one answered. “I hope someone is here”, Luckey said quietly like she didn’t want to disturb anything although there was nothing visible to the eye that could be disturbed. The dogs stopped barking and ran off in to the darkness. They could here whistling. It was kind of eerie and out of sorts. The whistling kept getting closer. They could see some sort of dancing light out in the distance moving and shinning on different objects. It kept coming closer and closer and the whistling stopped. The four of them were frozen and silent just listening to the sound of the silence and watching the white light. The light moved across the gravel and through the fence. It up Luckey’s legs and rested on her face. “Hey there what do you want!”, they heard a voice hauler out. John jumped out in front of everyone. “We came to get our car. Shakey sent us”, John said. “Shakey eh”, the voice said. “Yeah he said he was going to call you”, John said. “That old hound doesn’t think I still him some favours for that card game does he”, the voice said. “No we came to get our car. Shakey told us you would help us out”, John said. “I might help but this work isn’t cheap you know”, the voice said. “Yeah we’re probably we’re probably going to have to get it painted”, John said. “Painted! At this time of day, there isn’t a painter around who would do it know”, the voice said. “Well what are we going to do?”, Luckey asked. “I’m not to sure cutie”, the voice said. “We would really like some help sir”, Rubie said. “Well I would love to help you darling but I’m not a painter”, the voice said. “Do you have a workshop”, Mountain asked. “If you mean for painting. Yeah, yeah I do. Its around back”, the voice said. “Well could we use it. We can pay you for your troubles.”, Rubie said. “Have you ever painted before”, the voice asked. “Actually yes I paint”, Luckey said. “Well this goes against all policy. But you girls sure are cute”, the voice said. “Tell you what I park her in the garage and you can have your way with her”, pay me about 1000 bucks for it and you have a deal”, the voice said. “Ah a 1000 bucks. We only have 200 mister”, Rubie said. “Well I’m going to have to watch in that case”, the voice said. “Go around back were the garage is and I’ll let you in”, the voice said. “Oh thank you mister. Thank you mister”, Luckey said. The group walked around back to where the garage was. Rubie pushed on the door and it opened wide. They looked inside and saw the TransAm. She was still intact and beautiful. Shining under the florescent lights. The garage smelled like paint and had oil stains on the concrete floor. “Well there she. Have at her”, the voice said. They couldn’t see him their was an office upstairs and he must have been sitting in there talking over the loud speaker. “Well first we have to tape her up”, Luckey said. “Oh why don’t we wash her first. There’s a hose over there and I see some soap”, Rubie said. Rubie grabbed the hose and Luckey grabbed the soap and a rag. “Here wet this rag for me so I can lather some soap on it”, Luckey said. “Rubie sprayed a little water on the rag and Luckey lathered the soap on it. Luckey walked over to Blackie with her rag dripping in soapy water. Rubie sprayed the house on Luckey playfully. “Hey that’s cold”, Luckey said. “Spry a little on the transAm Rubie”, Luckey said. Rubie opened the hose and sprayed all over the trans am getting it soaking wet. Luckey started washing the car starting with the hood and the Eagle crest. She washed and washed and washed until the hood really stood out and was shining. Rubie walked around to the back of the TransAm and sprayed the bumper washing the back window clean as the water dripped down on to the licence plate. Rubie and Luckey switched ends. Luckey came with the wet rag and washed all over the back of the car. The was a stubborn spot she had to spit on and really wash hard. Rubie washed away the soap bubbles on the hood of the car as they water dripped off the hood and over the headlights. “Came back here and give a final rinse on the back Rubie”, Luckey said. Rubie walked over and rinsed off the back of the car. Spraying all the bubbles off as they dripped off the windshield down the trunk and off the bumper. “Make sure you get that spot”. Luckey said. “I really had to work it out”, Luckey said. Rubie took the hose and sprayed right on the the spot Luckey had to scrub away. The car came really clean and shined even more in the light. “Let’s grab those towels and get her nice and dry before we start putting the paint on her”, Luckey said. The girls grabbed the towels and started to dry her off. They made sure there was no water dripping any where on her. No wet spots at all. She was completely dry and ready to be painted. “It’s important to make sure she is completely dry before we put the paint on or it will smudge and run. Then we would have a big mess.”, Luckey said. Rubie started working extra hard to make sure the car had no wet spots. “All done”, Rubie said as she threw the dry towels at Luckey. “What are you throwing towels at me for”, Luckey said. “I didn’t mean anything by it”, Rubie said. “Yeah right you didn’t”, Luckey said as she threw a dripping wet rag at Rubie. “What the Hell”, Rubie said as she grabbed the hose and started spraying Luckey all over with freezing cold. “You bitch”, Luckey said as she ran over to Rubie tackling her to the grounds. The were rolling around on the ground with the hose in between spraying all over the place the two girls fighting over the control of the spraying hose. The were soaked and screaming, fighting like cats. John stepped in. “OK girls that’s enough now. Break it up”, John said. “She started it”, Luckey said. “I did not. You did, plus you called me a bitch. I don’t respond kindly to that sort of talk”, Rubey said. “Yeah well if you didn’t throw the rag at me than none of this would have ever started”, Luckey said. “I didn’t throw it. I passed it to you. Your too sensitive Luckey”, Rubie said. “Yeah she is a little sensitive. She can get angry in a hurry and then watch out. She’s usually pretty peaceful and quiet than watch out if you saw the wrong thing. She snaps than all hell breaks lose”, Mountain said. “Anyway girls you’re going to have to make up. We’ve got work to do here. The car is still sitting there and it’s getting late. We still have to paint her up”, John said. “Alright Luckey I’m sorry for passing you the rag. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings”, Rubie said. Luckey didn’t say anything she was still upset about the incident. “Ah come on Luckey she was just being playful”, Mountain said. “Yeah well I’m not a piece of trash. I deserve some respect. I don’t like people stepping on my toes. I’m not about to be walked all over. I’m tired of people taking me for granted. I'm going to stick up for myself when I feel I have to. And I felt I had to.”, Luckey said. “I wasn’t trying to step on your toes Luckey. I really like you and your company. I mean we’ve been in prison together. I can’t say that about my girl friends back home”, Rubie said. “Yeah your right Rubie, maybe I’m just a little tired. It’s been a long evening”, Luckey said. “Well its not over yet. We still need to get this car painted and some new plates on her if we’re going to get anywhere”, John said. “Ok I’m sorry for tackling you. I don’t know what came over me.” Luckey said as she went and hugged Rubie. “Ah that’s more like it girls”, Mountain said. “Now lets get those paint guns in operation and start painting up this here car.”, John said with a warm smile. They grabbed the guns and were ready to start painting. “Oh wait a minute. We still got to tape up this car”, Luckey said. “Oh right I almost forgot”, John said. They grabbed some tape and started taping up the windows and the lights making sure to do a professional job. After the car was taped up they started to apply the paint. Luckey took control of the painting. She looked like a real pro painting. “I knew she was a talented painter. I didn’t know she knew how to paint cars though”, Mountain said. “She certainly is a talented girl”, John said. “Yeah not to mention really pretty”, Rubie said. Luckey finished up. They took a step back and looked at the new paint job. Blackie was not purple with a golden eagle on the hood. “She looks real psychedelic”, Mountain said. “Yeah nice choice of colour Luckey”, John said. “Well I thought as long as we were going to paint her I might as well paint her something extravagant. Not to mention it matches Rubies hair. Whenever I look at the car I will always think of Rubie and the time we spent painting the car.”, Luckey said. “Wow I don’t really know what to say”, Rubie said. “Well we’re going to have to wait a while for her to dry”, John said. “Hey I’ve got a pack of cards in my guitar bag. Why don’t we play crazy eights or something”, Mountain said. “Alright I’m in.”, Luckey said. “Sounds good to me too”, Rubie said. “Well I’m not a big crazy eight fan but I’ll play to help pass the time”, John said. They played hand after hand Luckey winning the majority of the time. “Wow what’s your secret.” John asked. “My secret is I never tell my secret. That way it’s always a secret.” Luckey said as she winked at him. “Is that car dry yet”, Mountain said. “Well let go check it out”, Luckey said. “Say what are you going to call her now”, Rubie asked. “Well I guess I can’t call her Blackie and more. I know I’m going to call her Purple.”, Luckey said. “Purple eh, I like it”, John said. “Yeah she’s about dry now”, Luckey said. “Hey mister what to let us out of here”, John shouted up. “Your going to have to put those new plates on her first”, the voice called out. John looked up at the wall and saw some Oregon licence plates. He went and took them down off the wall and grabbed the screwdriver next to them. He took the plates off and fastened the new plates on. Just as he finished the door opened up. “See ya next time”, the voice said. “Alright lets haul out of here”, Luckey said. The four jumped in Purple. Luckey turned the key and she fired up. She revved the engine and built up the RPM. She popped it in gear and Purple took off out of the garage into the parking lot. She pulled a doughnut in the dirt lot sending dust up all over the place She swung around straight and sped out of the mess. “Hoo EEE”, Mountain said. “Give er some”, Mountain said. John sitting in the front seat fastened his seat belt. “What’s the matter John you chicken”, Luckey said and she accelerated down the highway. The car took of out through the distance away from the past and into the their awaited present the car being the moment reaching ever further. “Better slow her down a bit. We don’t the Highways back on our tacks”, John said. Luckey looked over smile and down shifted the car came to a steady pace heading back to the Crow’s Nest Inn. “Well this has certainly been an interesting day”, Mountain said. “Yeah to say the least Mountain”, John said. “I’ll be glad to get back to the Crow’s Nest and have a shower”, Rubie said. “What time is it anyway”, Rubie asked. “Its 3am”, Luckey said. “Hey were not doing to bad. Considering everything we have done and gone through in the last 12 hours or so”, John said. The car drove along the Highway towards the Crow’s Nest Inn. The crew was obviously a little tired from the day’s events. “So what do you think tomorrow is going to hold?”, Mountain asked. “Well we’re still going to the Neil Young concert, aren’t we”, Luckey asked. “Well I’m game for. Plus you guys had the invite for the Sail Boat ride down to California”, John said. “You still up for things Rubie”, John asked. “Uh ah yeah, yeah sure”, Rubie said. Rubie was responded and only half heard the question. She was off in her own world thinking her circumstance and ultimate destiny. The fears of New York had at least for the moment been pushed away and the prospect of living life and exploring its every avenue occupied Rubie’s mind. Purple pulled in to the Crow’s Nest Parking lot. Luckey turned the Engine off as Purple came to a stop. “Ah good to be home”, John said. “Yeah it’s good to be back on familiar territory“, Luckey said. The crew hoped out of the car. Mountain grabbed his guitar as did Rubie. They walked up the stairs in to there room. Mountain set his guitar down as did Rubie she went to the bathroom to have a shower. John lied down on the bed next to the window. “Ah its good to be able to put me feet up”, John said. “So how we going to work out the sleeping arrangements”, Mountain asked. “Boys in that bed and girls in this bed”, Luckey said. “Are you sure you and Rubie are going to be able to get along”, John said with a smile. “I’m sure we’ll be fine. I don’t want to here any giggling over on that bed though. I’ve had a long day and I’m going to enjoy a good nights sleep”, Luckey said with a bit of attitude. “Ouch John. Don’t tick her off or we’ll all be in for a long night tonight”, Mountain said. “I can’t imagine it being any longer that it’s already been”, John said. Mountain started to gently play his guitar. The room relaxed as the music played its way into the room. The song was soft and sweet as he began to sing quietly. "1952 our love is so Blue" "The lonely city looks around" "All the secrets she has found" "Seagull singing on a rocky beach" "For the one he loves most" "1952 our love is so Blue" "Motorcycle heading west" "Spring threatens to crest" "Butterflies paint the scene" "Everything he has scene" "And I will wait for you" "1952 our love is so Blue" Rubie stepped out of the shower. "How was your shower Rubie", Luckey asked. "It was very refreshing", Rubie said. "Yeah so we've figured out the sleeping arrangements", Luckey said. "Oh really", Rubie said. "Yeah its me and you in this bed and the boys in that bed", Luckey said. "Oh good I’m so tired I could use the sleep", Rubie said. Rubie lied down on her bed and just relaxed thinking about the day’s events. "What was the name of that song you just played", Rubie asked. "It is called 1952. It’s just a quiet ballad about this lonely city looking love. The funny thing is the love is right there in the city. The city is just waiting for love to notice her", Mountain said. "That is really special. I can almost picture the buildings and the seagulls singing as the people walk around the streets", Rubie said. "Yeah I wrote it while I was on the East Coast of Canada", Mountain said. "I would like to see that place sometime", Rubie said. "Yeah you should come visit me. I could show you around", Mountain said. The lights were out by now and Rubie and Mountain were talking through the night. Rubie eventually fell a sleep to Mountains voice and Mountain then found himself asleep. A few hours had passed and John was having trouble sleeping. He decided to get up and take a walk down to the lobby. He grabbed his coat and headed out the door. Opening it very quietly as not to disturb anybody. He closed the door and look outside. The night sky was beautiful he could see every star in the black sky shinning and twinkling as the moon smiled on by as it made its way to the next night. The glow of the city could be seen in the distance. He almost tripped down the stairs gazing up at all the stars. He reached the bottom of the stairs and walked in to the parking lot. He turned to enter the lobby and noticed Purple's engine was running. He looked over and saw the driver door was open. He walked over and looked inside. He saw Luckey in the shotgun seat. "Hey stranger want to go for a late night drive", Luckey said. John smiled and entered Purple. "Why don't you drive her. I’m a little tired of driving", Luckey said with a mysterious smile. John closed the door of Purple. "Where do you want to go", John asked. "I don't know lets see where this old road goes right over here", Luckey said. John put the car in gear and gently let the clutch out. Purple starting moving out of the lot and on to the old road in to the starry night. Luckey flipped the radio to the AM band and a Frank Sinatra song came on the radio. "Why don't you drive a little slower John. This is just an old country road headed to who knows where", Luckey said. John slowed the pace down a little. "Here's a smoke John", Luckey said as she passed him a cigarette. John put it in his mouth as Luckey lit it for him. Luckey reached down and started to undo John's pants. John coughed a little. "Where you going" John asked a little startled. "I'm going down here while you drive down this road. Just relax and enjoy the ride", Luckey said. Luckey finished undoing his pants and slid them down his legs. She looked up and smiled at John then went down on him. The car rolled on down the old country road hitting dip and dive and John held the wheel to maintain control. The car gradually sped up down the road hitting dips and dives. The road was really smooth for being so old. John noticed a car coming up behind them. He was to pre occupied to tell Luckey. They were approaching really fast coming right up to Purple. Before John could open his mouth a gun fired winging right beside purple. "Holy Shit", John said. Luckey got back up. A gun fired out again. "Step on it John", Luckey cried. John gave Purpled a good drink of gasoline as her carb opened up and took it all in. The engine let out a roar. "Right there John pull in to that field once we get some distance from that car", Luckey said. "Gotcha", John said. Purple pulled away from the car and John spun in to the open field as the tires burned up the asphalt. The car did a three sixty in the field and came to a stop. "Come on John hurry", Luckey said desperately. Rubie jumped out of purple in to the field and John struggled out of the car with his pants down. "Pop the trunk John. Their coming", Luckey said. The car entered the field and was headed right for them. John popped the trunk and hobbled to the back where Luckey was. The two people got out of the car and were heading toward John and Luckey. Luckey threw John a shotgun from the back of Purple and she took out riffle for herself. The two came right at them and fired a shot that wized right past John’s head. "Cock it John", Luckey cried. John cocked the shotgun and let out a blast sending the assailant down. Luckey fired her gun taking the other one down. John looked at Luckey and Luckey walked over to the bodies. John followed her over. "Who are these guys", Luckey asked. "They look like the guys from New York", John said. He bent to take off the dead mans sunglasses. As he did the Radio came on in their car. "Today in Seattle were in for a warm 12 degrees and sun as the fog moves..........". John opened his eyes and he was back in the Crow's Nest Inn. The sun was coming in through the blinds. He rubbed his eyes. "That was some dream", he thought to himself. John woke up covered in sweat. He opened his eyes and Rubie was watching the morning news sitting on the edge of her bed. "Hey how long have you been awake for", John asked. "Oh not to long. Just long enough to get a little shower and watch the morning news. Are you alright? You look a little sweaty", Rubie said. "Yeah I’m ok. I just had this crazy dream.", John said. "What was it about", Rubie said. "Well I dreamed Luckey and I went for ride in Purple and we got chased by this car. I wiped it in to a field and they came at us. Luckey grabbed a couple of shotguns from the trunk of her car and we blasted them. I went to go look at them and they looked like the guys from New York", John said. "Wow that’s some dream. I hope we don't see those dudes again", Rubie said. John looked up at Rubie and smiled. "Yeah me either", John said. "Oh toto your so funny", Mountain said as he turned over in his sleep. He opened his eyes and saw John looking at him. "Oh was I dreaming", Mountain said. "Yeah you were apparently about someone name toto", said John. "Oh no I didn't have that dream again did I", Mountain. "Ah shut up can't you see I’m trying to get some sleep here", Luckey said with he pillow over her eyes. "A sorry Lukey I was dreaming about Toto again", Mountain said. "Ah real funny buddy", Luckey said. "So what’s on tap for today", John whispered. "Well maybe we should go get something to eat", Rubie whispered back. "Well were going to have to wait until sleeping beauty gets up", John whispered back. "Well we could go to eat something down stairs", Rubie whispered. "Oh remember they only serve chips", John whispered. All the while Mountain watched back and forth like watching a tennis match in slow motion. "Alright I'm getting up", Luckey said. ."Alright now we can go something to eat", John said. "Hey yeah I saw this place called Humptey's Not to far back. It looked like a nice breakfast place to eat", Mountain said. "Humpteys!! I used to work at a place called Humpteys and I didn't like it much", Luckey said. "Alright so I guess Humpteys is out", Mountain said. "Why don't we go to some little bistro downtown somewhere. Somewhere nice and unique to Seattle", Rubie said. "Alright its a deal", Mountain said. "Well I’m ready to go anytime. I'm sure Luckey is going to want to take a shower", Rubie said. "Actually no I'm alright. I might get one when we get back", Luckey said. "Alright boys hit the shower", Rubie said. "Actually I’m kind of hungry. Perhaps I'll take one when we get back", John said. "Diddo here", Mountain said. "Alright let’s ship out", Rubie said. They all lifted themselves out of bed and threw their clothes back on. Mountain grabbed his guitar and Rubie grabbed hers. John was the last one out the door. He looked back in the Hotel room shook his head and turned out the lights with the T.V. still on. Luckey skipped to Purple. "Come on guys the days is waiting", Luckey said. Mountain ran after her and grabbed her and swung her around. "You’re feeling frisky today", Luckey said. "Yeah I had a good nights sleep", Mountain said. "So here we are in Seattle our second day here", John said to Rubie. "Yeah today has this real peaceful essence to it. Spring is definitely in the air. The wind feels so light and calm like a big storm has passed.", Rubie said. "Yeah I get that same sense today", John said. "Hey do want to go shopping for some hats", Rubie said. "Some hats, sure. I could use a new hat to go with my biker attire", John said. They all piled in Purple. Mountain asked Luckey to pop the trunk so he could put his guitar in. John was passing by and looked in half expecting to see riffles. She popped it open and there was nothing there but a beach blanket and an umbrella. Mountain put her guitar in the trunk and closed it down. Luckey started up purple and she purred on. "Alright ladies and gentleman fasten you seatbelts. You are now aboard the A class Ship known as Purple. Destination Unknown", Luckey said. Mountain sitting beside her turned on the radio there was some disco dance music with heavy beats and solid bass lines. Purple was vibrating with sound as the sun shown down on the glowing paint and shinning golden eagle. Purple purred smoothly down the highway back to Seattle. "Hey maybe we should get off this highway. You know what happened the last time we went joy ridding down here", Rubie said. "Good call Rubie", Mountain said. Luckey signalled to turn off the highway in to the city. She slowed down and entered the off ramp. Around they went clearing the expressway in to a cozy part of town. "There's got to be some restaurants around here somewhere", John said. Luckey rolled down here window and the sounds of the city came through the car. They could here the conversations here and there throughout the street as the people shared and exchanged their culture. The car was moving slowly through the street called Tiffany's. People were out walking around enjoying the day. People walking their dogs and bicycling through the streets full of vegetable stands and flower shops. "Ah there a restaurant", Rubie said. "Where?", Luckey asked. "Right there. Its called Tiffany's", Rubie said. "Oh I see it", Lukey said. It had a little patio with chairs tables and flowers. "Yeah lets eat there", John said. "Good deal", Mountain said. Luckey slowed the car and parked on the street beside a meter in front of Tiffany's. "Alright who's going to pay the meter", Luckey asked. "Here I got it this time", Mountain said. They paid the meter and walked inside. The four of them walked inside to a beautiful décor. There was very classy but not too classy. The place didn’t feel pretentious it was cozy and comfortable. There was an old jukebox in the corner playing tunes from the 50’s. There was an aquarium with tropical fish swimming. Fish of kinds of colours. The tables inside were round with four chairs to table. The smell of spring and fresh flowers was all through the air as well as fresh flowers. They could also smell coffee brewing. . "Ah Coffee", Rubie said. "Yeah sounds good to me too", Mountain said. "So what do we seat ourselves here, or what", Luckey said. "No see the sign it says wait to be seated", John said. The Bistro had an open kitchen and they could see the chefs making all kinds of omelettes and waffles. The smell of cinnamon was coming out of the open kitchen with the smell cooking food. "Hi there. Table for four?", the waitress asked. "Yes, yes mam", Mountain said. "Alright then right this way", the waitress said. She led them through the bistro to a table beside the wall. On the wall beside the table was a trellis with flowers and plants growing on it. "My name is Angie. I’ll be your waitress this morning. Here are your menus. Can I get you something to drink while you browse the menu?", Angie said. "Yeah I’ll have a coffee", Rubie said very quickly. "Make that two coffees", Mountain said. "Could I get a glass of Orange Juice please", Luckey said.” And I'll have a glass of water", John said politely. "Alright I’ll be right back with you drinks", Angie said as she walked away. "What a nice waitress", John said. "Yes and so professional", Luckey said. "She wasn't to bad looking either. I couldn't help but notice her legs", Mountain said. Rubie said nothing she was to busy browsing the menu for a tasteful dish. "Oh wow I know what I’m getting", Rubie said. "Oh yeah, what’s that", Mountain asked. "I'm getting the strawberry covered waffles", Rubie said. "Oh wow. Where, cool I’m getting the blueberry covered waffles", Mountain said with a big smile. "Do you see anything you like Luckey", John asked. "I think I’m going to get a Greek Omelette", Luckey said. "Looks good, I think I’m going for the Texan Omelette", John said. "You must be hungry man", Mountain said. "Yeah I’m a little hungry. Plus I like challenging myself", John said. "Plus he needs something to keep that mouth working", Rubie said with a smile. John just turned and rolled his eyes. "Here you go folks, these are your drinks", Angie said. "Perfect not a moment to late", John said as he took Rubie coffee and handed it to her, "Drink up he said. You don't want anymore words falling out of your mouth", John continued. Rubie sitting across from John gave him a good nudge with her foot. And gave him the eyes of disproval. "There you go girl. Don't take any crap", Luckey said. "Thanks dear", Rubie said. The Angie waiting patiently asks "So are you ready to order". They all placed their orders and Angie thanked them and headed for the kitchen to put the orders in. John got up. "I think I'm going to check out the Juke Box", John said. "I'm coming with you", Mountain said. They got up and went for the jukebox. "So how did you sleep last night", Luckey asked Rubie. "Oh I slept really good. I had the most peaceful dreams. It was really wonderful", Rubie said. "Yeah I slept pretty good too. I don't remember exactly what I dreamt but I remember John was in it", Luckey said. "So you know John quite well", Luckey asked. "Yes I've known him since I moved to New York. I met him when I got my job. We hit it off right away. He really does have a wonderful sense of humour", Rubie said. "Yeah he's nice looking too. So you guys never really formed a relationship?", Luckey asked. "No John is pretty reserved. It's hard to get him to come out of his shell sometimes", Rubie said. As she said that the song stand by me started to come out of the Jukebox as John and Mountain started snapping their fingers in unison and singing a long. "Darlin, Darlin, Darlin won't you stand by me, Stand by me, if the stars should ever fall, and the Mountains crumble to the see, Just stand by me, stand by me". As John and Mountain pulled this routine Rubie coughed coffee out of her nose and Luckey stood up and applauded. "Bravo", she said. John and Mountain took some dramatic bows and went back to the table. "So is the food here yet", Mountain asked. "No not yet darling", Luckey said. "So what's the game plan today folks", John asked. "I don't know, why don't we head down to the water and check out the docks and the market. I heard the market here is really special.", Mountain said. "Yeah I would like to maybe go to a boutique and check out some clothes", Rubie said. "There must be a museum here somewhere", Luckey said, "let's go get some culture", Luckey continued. Angie came back to the table with their meals. "Here you all go I hope you enjoy. Is there anything else I can get for you", Angie said. "No I think we're alright", John said. "Perfect, just let me know", Angie said as she walked away. They began to eat their breakfast. “Wow this is really good”, Rubie said. “Yeah really good. The blueberries are really fresh”, Mountain said. “I think I may have ordered to much. The Texan is huge. I might need some help with this one”, John said. The group laughed and ate their breakfast merrily. “So were going to go shopping”, John asked. “Yeah I wouldn’t mind checking out some boutiques and stuff”, Rubie said. The restaurant was very cozy it seemed to house an alternative crowd. The sun was shinning in the windows on the street and the breeze was blowing in. Spring was definitely in the air. The occasional bird would swoop by the window inspecting the fresh flowers growing happily there. “So how long have you been listening to Neil Young Mountain?”, Rubie asked. “Well I’ve been listening to him for quite a while. I never have seen him live though. I’ve been waiting a while for the chance. I planned this little trip and thought it would be a good opportunity to go se him. I used to listen to him all the time. He’s got so many albums it nuts”, Mountain said. “Do you listen to Bob Dylan as well”, Rubie said. “Yeah its funny that when ever anybody talks about Neil Young they talk about Dylan as well. I really like Dylan’s works as well he’s got some really good tunes. Like Tambourine Man, and Shelter From the storm, I also really like Lay lady lay”, Mountain said. “You know I really like Sarah McLaughlin”, Rubie said. “Yeah you know she is a Canadian. Actually she even originally from Atlantic Canada. She has such a beautiful voice. It would be incredible working with a musician like that”, Mountain said. “I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of Stan Rogers”, Mountain said. “Yeah the name is vaguely familiar”, John said. “Yeah he was Canada’s premier Folk singers. He also lived in the East Coast. They actually have a Folk festival in his honour every year down in Nova Scotia”, Mountain said. “So how are we going to get tickets for the show anyway”, Rubie asked with a smile. “Oh shoot that’s right. You guys don’t have the tickets yet”, Mountain said. “Well I’m sure we should be able to find someone in Seattle with a extra pair of tickets. “Yeah we might have to go down a little early and see if we can find some scalpers”, Mountain said. The four of them continued to eat and finish their breakfast. John even managed to finished his Texan. They stood up and went to the cash to go pay for their meal. The waitress came over to the cash. “I hope everything was satisfactory”, Angie said. “Oh yes it was fabulous”, Rubie said. “Great I’m glad you enjoyed it”, Angie said. “Say do you know any nice boutiques anywhere where we could find some nice shoes or clothes”, Luckey asked. “Yeah actually not two blocks away is a store called SunShine Girls. They sell shoes and accessories”, Angie said. “What’s the name of the street?”, John asked. “The street is called Irish road. Just keep going straight down this road here and take a right you should see it there on the left. It’s got a sign with a sunflower wearing sun glasses”, Angie said. “Alright thank you”, John said. They stepped outside and noticed a Parking attendant walking by the cars making sure there was money in the meter. He came was coming up to their car. “Oh no I hope we’re not out of time”, Mountain said. They rushed over to the car to make sure the meter still had money in it. “The time is about to expire. We better get the car out of here before we get a ticket.”, Luckey said. “Yeah all we need is to get in more trouble with the cops”, John said. Luckey opened her door and unlocked the rest of the doors. “Hop in Gang”, She said. She started up purple and she purred. She turned the wheel and drove out of the parking spot in to the street. “So the waitress said just down this road about a block and we come to what street”, Luckey asked. “The street is called Irish road”, John said. A car that was moving very slow was coming down the road the other way passed them by and looked right at them. “Who was that”, Luckey said. “I don’t know probably some tourists”, Mountain said. Luckey gave them the finger and continued driving. “Oh there it is. Irish road”, John said. Luckey turned left on Irish road and noticed the store called SunShine Girls. “Oh that store looks fun”, Rubie said. Luckey found a parking spot on the side of the street. She turned Purple off and they exited the car to enter Sunshine Girls. “Wow what a beautiful day it is today”, John said looking up at the sky. “Wow these are really nice shoes”, Rubie said. “Yeah it looks like they have every colour of the rainbow”, John said. “Well I’m not to interested in shoes but these T-shirts are amazing”, Luckey said. The store was very colourful the walls were light blue and the ceiling had clouds on it. The front window had a large display of shoes. The cash and cashier were at the far side of the store. The girl cashier was a pretty girl with a flower dress on. She was wearing sunglasses. She was pre occupied going through the nick knacks at the counter. There were little pieces of Jewellery and beaded necklaces. The racks of clothing were on the walls the floor had a large sun on it. The place was very happy bright and colourful. “You know I think I could really use a new purse”, Rubie said. “Wow there are some nice purses”, Luckey said as she walked over to the purse rack. There were purses made of hemp and beads. The prices ranged from 5 to 10 dollars. “Wow I didn’t think I would be shopping for purses today”, Mountain said. “Well I think I saw a record store Just down the street. Maybe while the girls do their purse shopping we could go check out the music there”, John said. “Sound like a plan man, lets check it out”, Mountain said. “That’s alright with us fellas, we’ve got lots to look at here”, Luckey said with a smile. “What do you think Rubie”, John said. “Go have fun boys we’re doing our thing here”, Rubie replied. “Alright ladies we’ll be right back”, John said. “Yeah I want to see if they have the new pearl Jam CD”, Mountain said. The two guys walked outside the morning air was crisp but warm. It was getting close to lunchtime. There were some Seagulls in the air and cars driving through the streets. The smell of fresh flowers was in the air and there was a slight mist. “Wow what a great day”, Mountain said. “I totally agree”, John replied. They walked up just about two shops away from the clothing store. Back in the clothing store Rubie noticed some hats. There were top hats and ball caps and sun hats. “Wow I bet John would like a hat to go with his torn cop Uniform”, Rubie said. “What do you think John would think of this?”, Luckey said as she held up a thong and winked. Rubie started to laugh and walked over. “Do they have any in purple”, Rubie asked. “Ah let me check Luckey said as she started going through the panty bin. The fellas walked in to the record shop. It was called two tones and there were chopper flags and Harley posters on the wall to go along with the metal posters such as Metalica and ACDC. The shop was classic the flour was chrome and they had a magazine rack complete with bikes babes guitars and tunes. There was a guy behind the counter complete with piercings tattoos and leather. “Hey boy the names Hawk. What can I do for you”, Hawk said. “You got the new Pearl Jam CD?”, Mountain asked. “Yes I do”, Hawk said. “Wicked man!”, Mountain said. Hawk reached under the glass counter that was full of paraphernalia, rings and papers and pulled out Pearl Jams latest album. “Yeah we just got these in”, Hawk said. “I heard the album features some acoustic tunes to go with their traditional electric stuff”, Mountain said. “Yeah they really get down to it on this album”, Hawk said as he handed Mountain the cd. “Hey man those are some sweet rings there can I see the one with the bike on it?” John asked. Hawk pulled out the display of rings and set them on the counter. “These rings go for 10 to 20 bucks each”, Hawk said as he grinned at John. “I’m thinking I really dig this ring”, John said. “You know Pearl Jam is quite a band eh?”, Mountain said. “So you guys listen to Pearl Jam up in Canada to”, John asked as he kept eyeing the ring. “Oh yeah we listen to a lot of the same music as you guys do in the states. It’s not all that different we even listen to some cool bands you’ve never heard of. There’s this band in Canada called the Tragically Hip. They’re huge in Canada, for whatever reason they don’t get that much airplay in the states. They’re probably Canada’s equal to the Rolling Stones.”, Mountain said. “You know I think I may have heard of the Tragically Hip. Do they sing a song about New Orleans?”, John asked. “Yeah they do. New Orleans is sinking man and I don’t want to swim, is how the line goes”, Mountain said. “Yeah I’ve heard of the Hip. Their singer was actually in this place when they played Seattle. We get a lot of drifters in here. People touring in and out of the city, no one ever stays here very long for whatever reason. I don’t mind though it keeps it fresh.”, Hawk said. “Yeah I’m definitely buying this CD”, Mountain said as he reached in his bag for his cash. “That’s a good buy man. You won’t find that CD anywhere else in this CD for that price. I can guarantee it”, Hawk said. “Bring it on man here’s the cash”, Mountain said as he handed him the dough. “So what do you think of that ring man”, Hawk said. “You know I’m kind of digging it”, John said. “Yeah you know there aint to many rings like that one around. I don’t go around saying who my supplier is but he don’t manafature to many of those”, Hawk said. “Well you know I don’t wear to many rings but I’m going through this whole persona change”, John said. “Ah go for it man. What’s 20 bucks”, Mountain said. “You know your right Mountain. When am I going to get another opp like this anyway”, John said. “Here’s you twenty Hawk”, John said as he handed him the cash. “It has been a pleasure serving you fellas today”, Hawk said. “It’s been a pleasure doing business with you today my friend”, Mountain said. “We better get back to the girls. We don’t want them getting their panties in a bunch”, John said. The fellas left out the door and headed back to Sun Shine girls. John pulled out a smoke to smoke. This is a most excellent day”, Mountain said. “I can’t agree more”, John said. The sun was shinning brightly in the city of Seattle. The cars strolled by in the streets as John and Mountain walked down the sidewalk passing people by of all ethnithities. They walked back in to sunshine girls where the girls were shopping. “Hey ladies!”, John said as he pointed at them. “Hey John I’m buying this hat for ya. What do you think?”, Rubie said as she Frisbeed it over to John. John grabbed it twirled it and put it on his head. “I think its me!!”, John exclaimed. “Yeah and we’re getting these for ourselves”, Luckey said as she help up the panties. Mountain smiled and walked over to Luckey. “Hey I got the new Pearl Jam CD”, Mountain said as he pulled out the Jewel Package. “If you buy three Pairs, I’ll throw in a free one”, the sales clerk said. “What do you think Rubie”, Luckey asked. “I say it’s a deal”, Rubie said. Mountain accidentally slid his hand down Luckey’s ass. “Oh sorry dear it slipped”, Mountain said. “That’s alright hun try it on purpose next time and see what happens”, Luckey said with a poker face on. “I’ll keep that in mind”, Mountain said. Luckey walked over to the counter with four pairs of panties and placed them down. Rubie and John walked over to the counter and John placed his hat down. “Alright we’re going to take these panties and this hat”, Luckey said. “Alright that will be thirty dollars please”, the clerk said. Rubie pulled out 15 and Lucked pulled out 15 and they paid for their items. “Alright ladies and gentlemen why don’t we head down to the dock. It’s probably bustling with activity.”, John said. “Yeah maybe we can buy some fish and fry it up later”, Luckey said. The four of them walked out of Sun Shine girls and jumped in to purple. Luckey started her up and she purred. They drove away and headed down to the docks. Mountain flipped on the Radio and the Rolling Stones came on. Good bye Rubie Tuesday was playing in the Seattle early afternoon morning air. “Hey Rubie its your song”, John said. “Oh what my song”, Rubie said in a days. “Yeah you know Rubie Tuesday”, John said. “Oh right, right my song. I’ve wondered what Mick Jagger was like in person”, Rubie said. “I bet he’s just like us. Always looking for something fun to do and always on the move”, Luckey said. Purpled purred around the corners and through the streets. The sun was shinning down on her purple hood. “Well I’m running out of no good ideas”, John said under his breath. “Did you say something John”, Rubie said. “Yeah I said I’m running out of no good ideas to do”, John said blaringly. “Well why don’t you smoke a cigarette and enjoy the fucking ride”, Rubie said without a smile. “Alright I’ll try that”, John said with a smoke between his teeth. “Well I thought we were going to go see a Neil Young show”, Luckey said. “Yeah your not pulling out now are ya John”, Mountain said. “Naw I aint pulling out. I’m just hung over and cranky. I feel like driving about a hundred miles and hour and chugging a quart of water”, John said. “Well I’m sure we could go driving a hundred miles an hour”, Luckey said. “No Luckey I don’t think that is good idea. Remember the last time we went joy riding. We ended up with two babies in our lap and a night in jail”, Mountain said. “Oh yeah my memory is shit. I tend to forget little things like that”, Luckey said. “I wish the sun would just go down and the moon would come up and the stars would shine and I would feel like a better man if the full moon was shinning off this Camaro’s hood”, John said. “This aint a Camaro man. This is a Trans Am. A purple trans am at that baby”, Luckey said. “Hey things could be worse. We could be running for our lives from the scary dudes from New York”, Rubie said. “Hey did I tell you of the dream I had”, John said. “No and I don’t feel like hearing it now”, Rubie said. “Hey sorry Rubie I didn’t mean to spoil your day. Hey Luckey crank up the stereo I hear Bon Jovi in the background”, John said. Luckey turned up the radio and rolled the window down. The car crawled through the city of Seattle with Bon Jovi spilling out the window. “Hey Mountain when is your next show anyway”, Luckey said. “Well I was thinking of playing a show down in California but I don’t know. I don’t have anything booked yet. I suppose if I had a talent manager they could call and book me some shows”, Mountain said. “Well what about that dude at the café who gave you his number. Maybe you should call him. He might be able to book you some shows”, Luckey said. “Yeah I should probably do that. The next time I get to a phone I’ll do that”, Mountain said. “Hey there’s a phone booth. Why don’t I stop”, Luckey said. “Yeah why don’t you do that”, Mountain said. Luckey pulled up to the curb next to the phone booth. Mountain hopped out. “Just a sec, I’ll be right back”, Mountain said. Mountain walked in to the phone booth and turned in to super man and dialled the number. “Uh Hello”, the voice answered. “Hey there this is Super Man better known as Mountain. I played a show last night at the Kitchen’s Kettle and you gave me a card.” Mountain said. “Oh yes right I remember you super Man I mean Mountain. Yeah I was talking to the big boss her at the recording company and we want to sign you to a ten day contract.”, the voice said. “Oh really a ten day contract what the fuck is that”, Mountain said. “Well what we do is try you out like a piece of meat for ten days and see if you can make us any money. If you do make us some money we might sign you to another ten-day contract and we might not. It all depends on the big boss upstairs”, the voice said. “Who the fuck am I talking to anyway”, Mountain said, “Oh this is John Pridham. I run the show here on the east coast. I mean the west coast if that is the coast we’re on. I don’t give a fuck anyway what coast we’re on because it doesn’t matter anyway”, John Pridham said. “Ok well who is the big boss anyway”, Mountain said. “I’m not allowed to divulge that info over the phone but she is hot and available.”, John Pridham said. “Well that’s good news cause I could meet a good hot girl. I could also use a few more shows”, Mountain said. “Oh we don’t book shows for you. In fact we don’t do much of anything for you. We’re a bunch of beaurocratic junkies looking for honey’s pills cigs and just about anything we can get our hands on. But I could give you the names of a few venues and you call them yourself. You could mention us if you think that will get you in the door. I suggest you hire someone special to build you a web site and post that up there on the net. All the bands are doing it now. I think it’s the hip thing to do. I don’t know though all I do is read the rolling stone and smoke cigarettes out my ears.”, John Pridham said. “Alright, alright give me some venues would yah.”, Mountain said. “Alright you got a pen handy”, John Pridham said. “No but I’ve got a really shitty memory. If you tell I’m sure I’ll forget it in about five minutes”, Mountain said. “Alright sounds perfect”, John Pridham said as he scratched his sack. “Well there Dynamite Moes, The Ugly Duckling, The Devils Horse, Sugar Puff Sammy, The Oiler and the Queer and Rainbows over Mercury to name a few”, John Pridham said. “Just give em a call and try not to mention Black Diamond Records its seems to send people in to frenzy and they don’t know if your lying joking or pulling a quick shit over their eyes”, John Pridham said. “Alright Johnny that’s enough info for now. You know It’s fucking funny I feel like I’m talking to family”, Mountain said. “Well you are now. Welcome to the family and have a nice ride”, John Pridham said. Mountain got off the phone then jumped in to the car like a schoolgirl on corn chips. “Wow Mountain I never saw you float so high in all the time I’ve known you”, John said. “Yeah just got off the phone with some record execs and their hooking me up with you book you save tour down in California. He gave me the name to some real nice venues I’m supposed to call all by myself. He said to mention Black Diamond Records if I dared and I would be a shoe in”, Mountain said. “Wow that’s really good”, Luckey said as she stepped on the gas and got the hell off the curb. “So I guess we’re headed to the docks now eh”, John said. “Oh good I couldn’t think of anything else better to do”, Rubie said. They drove through Seattle and entered some weird residential area. There were pink elephants walking sideways down the road and the funniest thing. There was some dude mowing his lawn with a full suit on and a cell phone. “Hey John do see that dude mowing his lawn?”, Rubie asked. “Yeah I do Rubie. Why don’t we stop and ask him what the fuck he is doing”, John said rhetorically. Luckey pulled up along side the house where the guy was mowing his lawn with a suit on. “Hey man what are you doing anyway”, Mountain said. “Well I’m mowing my lawn today”, the man said. “Did you know I got signed to a ten day contract”, Mountain said. “Actually no I didn’t. Who the fuck are you anyway”, the man said. “Well my name is Mountain and I’m a folk singer from Canada. Why are you mowing your lawn with a suit on”, Mountain asked. “Well you see. I could never hold an office job. I don’t know if it was sitting all day or wearing a suit and tie but I just couldn’t manage to hold an office job. Plus my wife thinks they suck. She prefers her man with a big beer gut and driving a truck. So every time I mow the lawn we pretend I’m going to my office job and I put my best suit on and look as professional as I can while I mow the lawn. That way I feel like I’m someone important”, the man said. “Oh I see. That makes perfect sense to me. But what is with the pink elephants running around the side walks in this Neighbourhood”, Mountain asked. “Well you see this neighbourhood doesn’t even exist. It’s kind of like never land. You have to be really special to get here. The further you go down this road the weirder the neighbourhood gets. Sooner or later you just feel right at home and everything is normal. Somebody told me once there is something in the water. I just drink my lemonade and mow my lawn while I collect money from the government. My wife and I go out dancing once in a while and play bingo in the shack down there.”, The man said. “Ok I see. We’re not from around here. Is there anything to do in this part of the city for fun?”, Mountain asked. “Well if you drive right down this here road and take a few crazy turns you’ll come to the amusement park. The amusement park has everything including rides, games, a machine and a fortuneteller. There are even some wild animals. I think maybe those pink elephants you saw escaped from the amusement park but I‘m not sure”, the man said. “Ok thank you sir. I think we will check that amusement park out”, Mountain said. “Ok I better get back to mowing the lawn. My lady is coming to give me a big glass of lemonade. Just try to enjoy the ride. Just think about dreaming and you’ll be fine”, the man said. “Ok thank you”, Mountain said as he pulled his head back in the car. “Yeah so this guy told me about the wicked cool amusement park down the road”, Mountain started saying. “Yeah we heard all about it”, Luckey said. “Yeah man we were right here the whole time”, Rubie said. “So are we going to go”, John asked friskily. “Yeah lets do it”, Luckey said as she punched Purple to the floor. A cloud of pink smoke came up from the wheels and the air tasted like cotton candy. Some sort of bubble gum rock game on the radio as purple drove down the street with little pink house and big pink elephants walking down the road. The sky was blue and giant clotheslines crossed the sky full of swimming trunks from the fifties and hot ladies bikinis from some time they have never seen. The music created a haze in the air and Rubie started laughing insistently. The air was hazy and everything felt just perfect. “Rubie what are you laughing at”, John said. “Look at those elephants. They’re smiling at me and I can’t make them stop”, Rubie said. John looked over at the elephants smiling and he started laughing insistently. “Luckey whatever you do don’t look at the elephants. They are smiling”, John said laughing insistently. Luckey did her best not to look at he elephants but one floated right into the car windshield and popped and giant smile right at her and she started laughing insistently. Pretty soon the whole car was laughing insistently tasting cotton candy in the air. They tripped down the road out of control on smiles and cotton candy haze laughs. A girl from the fifties dinner came roller-skating up to the car with four root beers in her hand. She came to Mountains side of the car. “Here are your drinks Bob, my name is candy but I’m really Kathy”, Candy said. “My name isn’t Bob its Mountain”, Mountain said. “Well these drinks are for a guy name Bob”, Candy who is Kathy said. “Who’s Bob”, Luckey said. “I’m Bob”, Rubie said pulling her hair over her lip imposing a man named Bob with a Moustache. Candy who is Kathy skated backwards to her window and pulled out a magnifying glass inspecting Rubie and her moustache. “I didn’t know Bob had such a sexy moustache”, Candy who is Kathy said. “Yes Bob sometimes has a Moustache when he drinks his Root Beer”, Rubie being Bob said. “Alright Bob here are your Root Beers”, Candy who is Kathy said as she handed Rubie being bob the drinks. “Thank Kathy being candy. We really needed these drinks”, Rubie being bob with a stache said. Kathy being Candy skated in to a fifties dinner floating in the sky with old 50’s cars and famous people they have never heard of. Rubie who is now being Rubie handed out the drinks and they started drinking their Root Beer. As they drank the root beer giant bubbles started floating around the car and out the window. As the bubbles flew out the window then flew out on to the horizon and started turning in to giant Ferris wheels, roller coasters and big tents. Carnival music was seeping out of the big tents and the notes could be seen in the air. Giant beautiful notes that made them happier then they have ever been in their whole lives. Feeling like kids in the most amazing Carnival they have ever seen. Giant snow-white cigarettes appeared in their mouths and lighters appeared from now where to light them. A voice came over the intercom in the sky. “Now here this, Now here this. The all world super Carnival is now open. The all world super Carnival is now open.”, the voice boomed out. People started to appear all over the place. People of all ages and sizes carrying balloons, even people riding in horse and carriages from fairy tales started riding in through the wooden ranch like gates of the carnival. A tall man wearing no stilts started flagging purple in to the parking spot designated for them like they were a plane coming in for landing. “Looks like this is our spot”, Luckey said as she pulled in to the purple spot with a giant number 50 on it. The bat mobile parked beside purple. A man wearing batman underwear stepped out of the bat mobile and tapped on Luckey’s window. “Hello there lass, looks like I’m going to be your guide through the super carnival today”, he said with a Marlboro smoke hanging from his teeth. “Well what’s your name”, Luckey asked. “Well I’m Batman”, Batman said. Purples doors opened as steam and smoke blue from the hinges. The crew of four stepped out on the parking lot that was soft like they were stepping on millions of the softest feathers in all the world. A giant green haired troll doll walked by singing songs of love and lost playing an air guitar. Jack and Dianne by John Cougar was playing over the intercom in the sky. “Well where are we going Batman”, Rubie asked. “Well we are going to see the wizard of course”, Batman said still smoking his Marlboro. “Hey Batman who is that”, John asked pointing to the green haired troll doll. “Well that is Little Tom the Drum Horner. He’s singing songs of love. He likes to pretend his long lost love is long lost when actually she rides with him right in his pocket. Her name in thumbalina and she has the voice of a kitten and sings and sings and sings when Little Tom the Drum Horner is not singing and they have great pick nicks in the sky and only there best of friends get to go with them. They have pies and rhubarb and drink from little tea sets only Thumbulina can see and hold”, Batman said. “But Batman are we dreaming. I mean what is this place”, Mountain asked. “Of course you might think your are dreaming and if you think you are dreaming that is good but if your not dreaming you think your dreaming but the less you think the better you will be. Just open your eyes and let your senses guide. I know I’m not dreaming but I’m living and these days I don’t know the difference between the two”, Batman said. Batman held his hands in the air and said abra cadabra and five ice cream cones with bubble gum ice cream appeared in the air and landed in his hands. He handed the gang of four their ice cream cones and said, “Come follow me. We have much to see”, Batman said, he sure did. As they walked flowers of all shapes and sizes appeared out of the ground and nodded and waved to the group walking to the gates. Giant apple tress appeared on the horizons and spread out till forever as little men climbed little ladders in to the trees picking apples and dropping them in to the ground. The apples grew and turned in to growing candy apples every one was allowed to pick as long they ate them and replanted the sick so another candy apple would grow for the next person to pick. John bent over and picked a bouquet of candy apples for all his friends to taste and hold as they ate their bubble gum ice cream. “Come follow me, follow me. There about to start the opening ceremony”, Bat Man said. The group picked up there pace and headed in through the gates there were seats all around in a half but almost full circle and at the bottom a man in a green suit and beard was being pulled in to middle by reindeer and a sleigh. Hello everybody I am the Jolly Green Giant. When I’m not out in the fields picking strawberries and smoking my pipe I host the festivities here at the all world super carnival. Today marks the opening ceremonies. The Jolly Green Giant looks down through his glasses at the tiny paper he is reading from and a fairy comes to his ear and whispers something. OH, oh, oh I couldn’t read the little hand writing here. Little Bell tells me we have some new features here at the All World Super Carnival. We have the new Great Coaster of Life, The Unicorn Merry go Round fit for both big and small and the Rainbow Ferris wheel. Great ooohs and aahhhs were heard through out the crowd assembled in the audience. We have also planted many new trees and plants for you visual and sensual enjoyment. Twelve men with twelve shiny horns came out and blew and incredible tune. Fireworks cracked out. In the skies and great trees grew all around with twenty-dollar bills. We have planted money trees but be sure to take only what you need. We don’t want to see wasted twenty-dollar bills floating around the grounds. Our workers don’t have the time to be picking them up they are to busy ensuring you are having a good time in the All World Super Carnival. “Oh and I just got this little message for all of you visiting the Grounds. Its seems one of our good luck elves has lost his three headed frog. If anyone finds the three-headed frog there will be a great reward. With that I bid you all a great time in the Carnival. Ho, ho, ho”, The Jolly Green Giant said with all his gut. “Three cheers”, Rubie holoured out. Everyone in the audience looked at her and she began to turn red. Then all of a sudden the whole crowd hollered out “THREE CHEERS!” The crowd then got up and started politely making there way to the rides. Some people were picking the twenties to pay for treats and rides and suvonneers.

Chapter 2

The old ford barrelled down the highway the windows wide open trying to catch a cool breeze. The desert doesn’t get cool until the sun goes down and we would be a few hours before that. The scenery was cactus and sand as far as the eye could see and the occasional oil tanker or stray car headed lord knows where. On the seat was an old leather bag with 100-dollar bills falling out all over the place. The back window held a gun rack with no gun on it. The driver was a woman with Red Hair in her early 30's wearing a poncho, jeans, leather boots and a white cowboy hat. She was sweating and wore an expression less face. “Can’t find fuck all on the radio. What’s with the desert anyway. It’s like you go in thinking you might see some giant neon sign in the sky. Or once you get here in the desert the desert makes you think and believe your going to see one as she just keeps pulling you in further and further.”, She thought to herself. She looked down at the pack of smokes on the seat tempted to light one up. The height was all around her. She reached over for the smokes with her left hand. Her white blouse was carefully or uncarefully undone a few buttons as her vanilla sky top mountains changed in the heated cab. She took the smoke and put in it her mouth. Took it out again and dry spit some tobacco in to the air. She pushed the cigarette lighter in as far as it would go and grabbed the wheel of the truck. Up a head the sun was just starting to bend down over Ozone. The dust of the distant desert created a redden haze seemingly warm, seemingly distant but very near where ever it was. The cigarette lighter jumped out. She put the smoke in her mouth and carefully rotated and pulled the lighter out to ignite her cigarette. She pulled a drag and blew cool smoke down her left arm and shoulder. The radio just tuned in to some station coming from lord knows where. Bob Dylan’s ancient voice came through the used dusty speakers on the doors of the truck. “Come gather round people wherever you roam and admit that….” “Ah Bobby not now hunny” she said as she turned down the radio. She looked behind and looked in front of her feeling very lonely she put the radio back on. “Bobby fought through the static haze to help her with some company. “Christ I rely on this guy way to much”, she said with a bittersweet tone to herself. She looked down at her tapping foot and flashed back to a scene in Canoe on some lake nobody knows. She had the perfect legs with the perfect curves in all the perfect places and knew how to hold them just the right way to make the boy’s go crazy. She loved it the attention. It was so easy for her. She knew the tricks. She was a doll. She flashed back to the moment. Its crazy the way you see yourself everywhere when you spend time by yourself. How long she was on this highway she didn’t know. She could here her thoughts at every place she looked. The past creeping in the future leaking out. Juggling, ecstasy and hope like a tied up marionette in some haunted carnival in some emerald county no body knows.

The gaslight went on. “Fuck I’ve got to get some gas”, she thought to herself. Up ahead in the distance she could see a Yellow Shell sign glowing in the dust on the other side of the road. The truck made its way down the highway towards the gas station. The windows open the air getting cooler as the sun was going down. She put her signal on like there was anyone around who would actually see it. …….Click……..Click…….Click.……..She turned in to the station. The place was run down. It consisted of two side by side pumps. A wooden shack with hubcaps tied up with string all over and what looked like some sort of road kill animal hanging around the banging caps. The truck pulled to a stop along side the pumps and she turned the engine off. It was completely quiet. After the sound of the wind and the rumble of the engine stopped her ears cleared and it was like she had found new senses she had forgotten about. The desert was quite the only sound she could hear were the hubcaps on the wooden shack. She stepped out of her truck. The sound of sand on crushing beneath her feet tickled her ears. She looked over at the western side of the shack and saw an old Coke machine. Being thirsty she walked over crushing sand beneath her feet the moving hubcaps on the shack. She was taken back to another flash back. She was 7 years old running through the field of her family’s farm running through all the wild flowers and tall grass of an early to mid summer. She was running with an overwhelming sense of freedom and excitement. She was picked up by her father and he twirled her around and around both of them laughing. She flashed back to the present. Her eyes on the Coke machine she realised she was sweating a little bit. She walked toward the machine she could hear the refrigeration buzz and a sign that said .55 cents. She took out the money out of her change purse and dropped it down the hungry machine. The old bottle of Coke rolled down the side of the machine and she picked it up and cracked off the top and took one long drink. Her elbow high in the air, her heart racing with the excitement her eyes closed. A state trooper sped down the highway with lights and siren firing from out of nowhere back in to nowhere. She brought the drink down and wiped her mouth adjusted her pants and drank the rest of the coke. She walked over to her truck and placed the bottle down in the box. She flipped open the gas tank and took hold of the gas pump trigger. She firmly grasped the metal and rubber plastic and shimmied it in to the hole. She squeezed the trigger with no hesitation and pumped as the balls went round and round and the bell rang and rang. She didn’t move just squeezing and pumping till she heard the click and the truck was full. She took out the pump and tapped it off and hooked it back up on the gas-dispensing unit. She put the cap back on and closed the lid. Lightning crashed from out of nowhere. The wind started to pick up and grey clouds rolled in from the east. The sky was darkening quickly. She grabbed some cash off the front seat of the truck and ran in to the shack to pay. A man wearing grease stained coveralls and thick black-rimmed glasses was watching Jerry Springer on a small black and white Television. The bell above the door rang as she walked in. “Looks a like weir headed fer a bit of storm”, the man said without looking at her. “Yeah I got some gas out there and if you don’t mind I would like to pay for it”, she said impatiently. “Sure misses, sure misses’’, he said as he stood and took her money. “You be careful out tha ere. Ther tulk of strange sorts about”, he said. “Yeah I’ll keep that in mind”, she said as she walked out the door to the truck. It was starting to rain now. She momentarily sat there in the truck doing nothing, saying nothing, trying to think nothing as raindrops fell on the windshield. She took a deep breath and started up the old ford. She fired up and spit clean exhaust out the tail pipe. She put it in gear and headed back for the highway. The rain really started to poor down now all over the highway. The visibility was not the best on the highway. Flashes of lightning could be seen a way off in the distance but there was no sound of thunder. She tried to find something on the radio. She found static and fumbled for a cigarette. Her eyes never leaving the highway. She picked out a smoke and lit it up opening the window just a crack letting in cool wet desert air. You could really smell the wet asphalt the sun had been beating down on it all day and now it was being cooled down by the falling rain. Her thoughts drifting back to the stereo went to find something to listen to. She tuned in to some station the only the radio could find. Commercials invaded her carspace. "Big Bobs gun shop now open Sundays. Just off the highway next to the big shell station down in quadrant 7. Come on in for all your fire and ammunition needs. We stay open late now everyday." "Fuck sakes you sure know we're in the old south when Big Bobs gun shop commercial comes on the air", she thought to herself flicking her cig and spitting a piece of stray tobacco in to the air. There was a large thud and the truck dip dove and bounced over something on the highway. She put the brakes on and the brake lights glowed in the desert wet dusk air. She pulled off to the side of the road and hopped out to take a look. She saw a large duffle bag on the road. Green looked some old military issue. She walked over to the bag to take a look. She was startled as some one took her by the arm. She went to take a swing to bring him down. He ducked the flying fist and took her by the legs bringing her gently to the ground rolling off the road in to the lower shoulder. "Calm down honey I aint gonna hurt ya", he exclaimed. "Get your fucking hands off me before you get hurt and I aint shittin", she said. She reached for her right boot and pulled out a dagger. She pulled it up and cut his right bicep. "Jesus Christ lass I said I wasn't gonna hurt you", he said panicly as he grabbed her wrist and surrendered her weapon. Rolling all over the shoulder in to the wet sand the silver dagger lying in the rain. "He grabbed her and pulled her tight rolling around. She rolled him over and laid over him. "I could finish you now stranger", she said with a look of serious intent in her eyes. "Fuck you’re sexy", he said. This took her by surprise and he managed to roll on top of her holding her tight and strong like he wasn't going to let go until she stopped moving. "Look my name is Diamond, Diamond Young. I've been out her in the desert for days since I don't know when. I need a drive. I can't tell you everything. But now I’m cut and I need some medical attention. You look like you were headed my way. I threw my bag on the road hoping you would stop", Diamond said. "You take me for a fool", she said as she kneed him in the crotch. She jumped up and headed for the truck. She bolted inside and started her up and started driving away. Diamond grabbed his clothes bag and threw it in the box because he really needed what was inside for what was to come and jumped himself in the back box of the truck as the Red Haired lass drove down the intrinsic highway headed for god knows where. "What do you think your doing?", the girl shouted back to the stranger. "I am coming with you. I can't stay out here forever. What’s your name anyway?” he asked. "The names Kathleen and I don't take boloney from just anybody", Kathleen said. "I can understand what your saying. I think I fell in love with you back there. I don't mean to scare you off as we have just really had contact for the first time here. But I really think your drop dead gorgeous and you make me think impure thoughts. I promise just to lie down here in the box of your truck for a while. Till we get to the next town. I promise not to say a word as long as you let me ride", Diamond said. "Well do what you promised and keep it quite", Kathleen said. The truck rumbled down the intrinsic highway with the incomprehensible Diamond riding in the back. What was his story, where does he want to go and what does he want with poor Kathleen. I'm sure we'll find out real soon, real soon....... The truck had been driving for quite some time before Kathleen piped up. "So where you from Diamond", she asked. "Oh I’m from Montreal", Diamond said. "Well what the shit brings you all the way down south", Kathleen said. "That’s a little classified little lady. It would be best for your safety if I didn't tell you", Diamond said. "That there duffle bag looks military", Kathleen said. "Yeah I did some time playing with the majors. Things got all fucked, got real messy you know, everything’s scattered, I’ve gone a little awol", Diamond said. "Well I’m on my way to SeeSaw. I've got a little something I've got to pick up. I've got this real life all planned out for myself. I've been haunted by these ghosts for way to long, tired of dealing with them on my own. As much as I confronted you back there it is nice to have some real company", Kathleen said. "Yeah you’re telling me. I’ve been wandering that desert for way to long. I don't know how long it’s been since I’ve had a real conversation with a pretty girl like your self Kathleen", Diamond said. At that moment the Rolling Stones Satisfaction came on the Radio "I can't get no, no, no, no, Satisfaction, You can't always get what you want but sometimes you find you just might find you get what you need". "You a Rolling Stones fan Diamond", Kathleen asked. "Yeah me and the boys used to listen to them back on the base", Diamond said. "Where is the bass", Tara asked. "Well that's classified. I'll tell you we had some headquarters up in Quebec", Diamond sad. "Up in Quebec eh? They all talk French up there do they not", Kathleen said. "Yeah most of them do. The English all seemed to evacuate after they passed the language bill 101 back in the early nineties", Diamond said. "So where you off to anyway Mr. Diamond", Charlotte asked. "Well I’m supposed to meet up with some reconnaissance in Eagle Brook, the little town up here a few hundred miles", Diamond said. "Reconnaissance eh, that sound Military, I thought you said you used to be in the military", Charlotte asked equivocally. "Like I said it got all messed up. I'm still trying to work my way through it all", Diamond said. "I suppose I could let you sit shot gun with me. If you promise to be a good soldier", Charlotte said. "I've always been a good soldier Little Misses", Diamond said with a wink. Charlotte opened the back window wide open. "Slide on in here then Mr. Diamond", Charlotte said. Diamond slid his way head first in to the cab of the truck. His head finding the floor and Kathleen's all holly legs. He couldn't help himself as his face gently slid up against her lower leg. He flop the rest of his legs in cab and slowly rotated his body to and erect position in the cab of the truck taking a real hard look at every inch of her perfect body. The radio was on and Sarah McLaughlin was playing on the radio "Building a mystery You come out at night, that's when the energy comes and the dark side's light and the vampires roam". The sun had gone down know the rain was almost stopping as they drove down intrinsic highway towards Eagle Brook. Charlotte took out her cigarettes and placed one in her mouth starring at the highway not saying much. She flicked the lighter bringing a luminescence to the cab. Diamond looked up from where ever he was looking or thinking and watched her take long drags and exhale through her perfect mouth. "You think could get a drag Charlotte", Diamond said. "Sure honey", Charlotte said as she passed him the smoke.

Chapter 3

Rubie walked over and picked one of the candy apples. "Wow", she thought to her self, "these are really sweet". She continued to eat it and things began to change. The sky went dark with clouds and the sun hid behind all the greying clouds. She started to feel sick and started to look at her friends as they turned to vampires. She dropped the apple and started to run and realized the all world fun place was now a spooky haunted land with a giant castle everything was dark and eerie and she was being chased by vampires. "Rubie, Rubie come closer we won't hurt you", Luckey said. "You shouldn't have eaten hat apple Rubie said with a sadistic smile as he ran towards her. Rubie picked up a sterling cross and through it at John who ducked and rolled in to a pond full of dragonflies and black frogs. Mountain caught Rubie by surprise from the other side. Mountain looked in to Rubie eyes with the deepest darkest bluest eyes and said "I'm sorry Rubie truly sorry this had to happen". And bit her white little neck she screamed. "Mountain no, no Mountain", and opened her eyes to see Mountain looking over her. Except now she wasn't in the Vampire world she was in a Hospital. She panicked and screamed. "Let me out of here!!!", Let me out of here!!!!" Three nurses walked in the room. "She's awake now and she's panicking", Mountain said deliriously to the nurses. The middle nurse pulled out giant needle as the other two pushed her over. She pushed the needle deep in to Rubie back side. "I hope this calms you down little one", the nurse said. The chemical went right to her blood stream preventing her from resisting anymore. She rolled back over and looked at mountain. "Why Mountain", why Mountain. Why does it have to be this way", Rubie asked with no hesitation whatsoever. "Rubie", Mountain said as he took her by the hand, "Everything is alright, everything is alright. We're in the Hospital now. You fell off the boat we were taking to California. You fell in to the water and went unconscious you were in a coma I didn’t know if you were ever going to come out of it. Just try to relax Rubie, just try to relax.", Mountain said as he put his hand on her face. "Where is John and Luckey", Rubie asked? "They're still driving purple down the coast. "They have no idea about what happened", Mountain said calmly, "What about the Neil Young show and the boat ride. I don't remember anything Mountain", Rubie said in full panic. "Just try to relax and get some sleep and I will tell you all about it", Mountain said. "Could you just tell me how the Neil Young show went Mountain. Just to help me calm down.", Rubie said. "Ok Rubie It will be alright. The show started off with a big unveiling of the American flag and the StarSpangledBanner playing mightily. Darth Vader came out and gave a speech on terrorism in Iraq and Kazakhstan and he opened the set with "look out Momma there's a white boat coming down the river". Rubie quietly fell asleep.

Chapter 4

Purple purred down the highway with her new coat shinning in the sun. The gold eagle sparkling in the sunlight. Dusk was coming on. "Hey Luckey look there's a sign for a bed and breakfast just a few miles down the way. Why don't we stop there for the night", John said as his eyes never left the beauty of the coast. "I think that is a splendid idea" Luckey said and she put Purple in to fifth gear. Purple pulled down the long dirt driveway on the inn called Willows Groves. "Wow look at this place its beautiful", John said. The land was kept but still very wild with wild flowers growing everywhere and neatly kept apple trees. The trees were green and healthy. Luckey turned off purple as John walked outside the car and looked out over the vista. "Why don't we go check in and see what's for dinner", Luckey said. "Great idea", John replied. They walked in and were greeted by a couple in there fifties. "Welcome to Green Acres of Willows Groves", the man said. "Won't you stay the night", the woman said with a warming smile. "Yes we were looking for a place to stay for the night", John said. "What are you serving for dinner?", Luckey asked. "We are a serving a Roast with strawberry shortcake won't you join us?", the woman said smiling. "Yes indeed", John said. "Well I show you to your room and you can get cleaned up and comfortable the excited glowing", woman said. A little dog came and greeted them. "Oh she won't hurt you. Her name is Penelope and she just loves people", the woman said with a warm smile. "Here are some towels and you can shave and have a warm shower", man said looking down through his glasses.

"That was a such a nice drive today", John said as he let out a deep breath. "Yes it was. It was nice luck we happened upon this place", Luckey said. "Yes it is", I'm going to hop in the shower. You can go after me. How about that.", Luckey said with that look in her eyes. "You go ahead. I'm just going to relax here on for a little while", John said with a wink. Luckey picked up her fluffy towel and headed for the shower. John sat in seat close to the window. Looking out in the distance he let his mind wonder. John and Luckey had driven all day. They were now in the large state of California. Summer was coming to a full bloom. The danger of the strangers from New York was far from the thoughts of his current mind. John pulled out his pad of paper and dropped some thoughts down.

California Gold Summer in Hold Luck and the Trans Am Purple Butterfly and the Western Coast Attic and friendly Ghost The sun gently pulls The light across the Pacific Calm calm breeze Birds sing a Weave I really should give my parents a call, John thought to himself. It had been a few days since he last talked to Mom and Dad. John was already feeling very far from his troubles. He was allowing things to come to him and letting his mind take on new thoughts and experiences. There was a soft knock on the door. John turned to see the Man of the house. "How are you getting along", the man asked. John stood up and looked over. "I am well", John said looking at the man. He could see something familiar in the man like he knew him before. "My name is Richard the man said extending a friendly hand. "My name is John", extending his hand and meeting his invitation. "So what brings you this way", Richard asked. "We're making our way down to San Francisco. We spent some time up in Seattle. We are on a uh vacation for a while. You know just spending some time on the West Coast", John said. Richard looked at him like his was avoiding something in the conversation but none the less smiled and said "Welcome again to our Inn. We don't get to many visitors here so when we do we really appreciate the company. The house has been somewhat quite with just the two of us here and the dog, since the kids left. We sometimes hire travellers to work in the orchard on their way down south. You are very welcome here", Richard said. "Thanks a lot sir", John said. Richard smiled a left the room. John could hear the shower water turn off and a crash. Luckey stepped out of the bathroom. "What's so funny", John asked. "I can't believe I knocked over these candle holders. One of them broke. It's really not that funny. I hope we don't get thrown out of here. They look like they are really something special", Lucky said. "It doesn't look broken Just a little chip. They look like antiques. Maybe we better wait till tomorrow to tell the couple", John said. "Good idea", Luckey said. "Alright I hop in the shower and get cleaned up", John said. John went and jumped in to the shower. Luckey put her clothes on and looked in the mirror to fix her hair. "Hello there dear", Luckey was startled as she turned to see the woman of the house. "Oh I didn't mean to startle you dear. I just came to check and see how you are doing. My name is Gale", she said. "Hi Gale, you have such a beautiful home here on this vista", Luckey said with a smile. "Yes we are really fortunate. We didn't start out with much. My husband and I worked hard to get where we are today. We are both retired now and this Bed and Breakfast keeps us quite busy what with all the work to do inside and out. At one point we had quite the household when the kids were here. Oh yes the kids the kids", Gale speech wondered off as she looked like she almost lost her train of thought. The little white dog came to her side. "Oh Penelope we are going to have some visitors for the evening", Gale said to the dog. Luckey didn't know quite what to stay as she watched this display. She just smiled and held her tongue. "It's good you came tonight I hear we are in for some thunderstorms tonight as some heavy winds", Gale said. Penelope walked in the room and jumped at Luckey. "Penelope leave the girl alone. She's our guest", Gale said as Penelope sat and scratched herself. "Oh coming", Gale said. "I must be going I'm being called", Gale said as she left the room. Luckey thought to herself it was funny because she didn’t hear anybody call. Just a that moment a large crack of thunder could be heard and Luckey momentarily jumped out of her skin as her heart jumped. John came out of the bathroom. "What was that", John asked. "I think it was some thunder. It scared the crap out of me", Luckey said. "Wow that was loud. Good thing we're in tonight", John said as he rubbed his head with his towel and finished putting his clothes on. Another loud to crack was heard. Luckey looked outside and saw some large dark clouds moving in as the sky began to go dark. "This couple is really friendly. Wouldn't you say Luckey?", John said as he finished getting dressed. "Yeah the lady of the house came up to talk to me. She talks to her dog", Luckey whispered. "What do you mean she talks to her dog", John said. "I mean she talks to her dog. Right there right in front of me she was talking to Penelope", Luckey said with a sharp whisper. John stopped in his tracks and scratched his head. "This has happened to me before", John thought out loud. "Was the dog alive", John asked with a whisper. "Yes the dog was alive. It jumped at me", Luckey said. "What did she say to the dog", John asked. "She said things....I don't know she talked to her dog", Luckey said. "Maybe its common in this part of the world", John asked looking oddly through the window. "It's not", Luckey said putting her foot down on this one. A large clap of thunder could then be heard sending John in a bit of a jump. "Would you get a hold of yourself", Luckey quipped. "Sorry first the dog then the thunder. I've got it under control", John said. The sound of a bell could be heard downstairs. "What's that", Luckey said. "It sound like a bell", John said. "I know it’s a bell. What does it mean", Luckey said with a look in her eyes. "Maybe it’s the dinner bell. Lets go downstairs", John said. John and Luckey made their way downstairs. The house was quite magnificent decorated in a Victorian romantique ancient motif. The table was well set with fine cutlery and dishes. Penelope met John and Luckey with a hop and a wag. "Welcome, welcome", Richard said. "Yes please sit down and join us", Gale said as a clap of thunder could be heard over the Pacific. There was exactly four places on the table. A large wind swept through the house through the open window to the west and knocked a plant sitting in the sill. "Gale you should close that window before the storm blows everything away", Richard said. Gale walked over to close the open window she could rain drops starting to fall on the ground outside and another flash of lightning danced in the evening sky. "Richard you should let in Dusty she going to go crazy with all the commotion outside", Gale said without turning. Richard stood up and walked to the kitchen where the back door was situated and opened to call for Dusty. Before he could say a thing a wet white dog came bursting in the house through the kitchen in to the dinning room and hid under the table. "Oh she looks scared", Luckey said as she approached dusty with open hands. Luckey pet dusty with kindness and looked intently on her. Dusty rolled to her side and looked deep in to Luckey's kind eyes. "Is she an old dog", John asked in Richard direction. "Yes she's is but her heart is young", Luckey said as she pet dusty in to calmness. "Your good with dogs", Gale said. "She usually freaks out all over the place looking for shelter when we get a storm like this", Gale said as the lights flickered. "I hope the power doesn't go out. You should get some candles just in case Richard", Gale said. Richard walked over to the large armour with cupboards and drawers and pulled out two candles and placed them on the table in to the empty holders. "Please sit down and make yourself comfortable", Gale said with a warm smile and happy tone. The four of them sat down in the wooden chairs surrounding the table. Dusty stayed close to Luckey and curled up around her feet. Throughout the house was music gear and recording equipment. It liked like the makings of a recording studio. "So I'm guessing you folks do something with music around here", John asked. "Oh yes we do we a recording studio right here in the house. Our children were heavy in the music especially one of them. He started a Recording company and through time most of his collection ended up here in the house. When he isn't touring he's here taking care of business. My husband and I decided to invest a little in to it. It's really pretty exciting we never know who's going to call or show in the studio. It translates well with the bed and breakfast. Some of the musicians stay here days at a time working out their new albums and songs. He's currently out on tour at the moment. We're so proud of him and his accomplishments. It's really a lot of fun working in this industry", Gale said with delight. "So you said you folks were headed down to San Francisco", Richard asked. "Yes I have an apartment down in the Bay area. We were visiting Seattle with some friends. We decided to head down to San Francisco. The other two of us headed down in a Sail Boat. "Oh really what were you doing in Seattle", Richard asked. "Well ah we were um just visiting. I was working at the New York Times and regrettably got fired for some beliefs of mine. So Rubie and I decided to go on a little vacation and ended up in Seattle", John said. "Rubie is a friend of yours", Gale inquired. "Yes she works at the paper as well she's the photographer there", John said. "Yeah Rubie saw some people in an alley taking something out of their trunk", Luckey said. John fell silent and looked shocked at Luckey. "I was hoping we could leave that behind us", John said with a half smile looking a little concerned. "So Rubie saw something she shouldn't have seen", Gale asked. "Exactly and I believe our lives were threatened because of it. The chased Rubie and fired shots at her. I got back to New York as fast as I could and found her we took the first flight out of there and ended up in Seattle where we met Mountain and Luckey here", John said. "So the last time you saw these people were in New York", Gale asked. "Actually they followed us to Seattle and we haven't seen them in a few days. I hoping we lost them and our lives can get back to normal", John said. "Its too bad Mountain isn't here. He's a musicians and he would love this house and all the music equipment", Luckey said we a smile. "Well you tell Mountain any time he wants to visit he is more than welcome. Our door is always open", Gale said. Everyone began to eat his or her meals quietly and contently. Another flash of lightning could be seen through the large house windows and a distant rumble of thunder. The lights flickered a little as the thunder cleared the sky. "Looks like we're in for a little storm tonight", Richard said. "I had better go get some candles just in case", Gale said. As Gale got up to get candles the lights flickered and went out. Penelope could be barking and Dusty whined and cuddled close to Luckey. "I had better help you find those candles", Richard said as he got up from the table. Gale and Richard left the room in search of Candles and the lights flickered a little and left John and Luckey in the dark as intermittent flashes of lightning lit up the night sky and the house. Luckey leaned in and held John’s leg. John returned to her and gave her a smile. “Ok I’ve got the candles”, Gale said as she set them on the table and lit them up. The luminescent light shone around the table. The auras of the people could be seen like a kind of halo around the dimly lit bodies. The lightning crashing gave the room and bodies bright white lights that was almost blinding. Luckey and John ate they’re supper thankful for the warmness of the home and the company. “Any more to drink”, Gale inquired her guests. “Yes I’ll have a little more”, Luckey said. “Come on Richard don’t leave our guests waiting”, Gale said as Rick went to fetch some water. John attempted to let out a yawn discretely but as he did a large flash of lightning lit the room. “You two must be tired”, Gale said. “Well it’s a little late, New York Time”, John said. “Sure it is, sure it is”, Gale said as she looked through Johns eyes. “You know I feel like I know you like I’ve seen you before”, Luckey said to Gale. “I know you do”, Gale said as a flash of lightning lit up her face and her features. Penelope began to growl. “Here is your drink as promised”, ‚Ä®Rick said as he poured Luckey some more wine. A distant howl could be heard coming from the outdoors. Luckey grabbed John’s leg. “Is that one of the dogs”, John asked? “No we’ve got some coyotes around here”, Gale said. “Yeah coyotes, them come around the house and howl. We usually never see them except this one time”, Rick was saying. Gale interrupted “Rick they don’t want to here that story. It a little scary”, Gale finished. Penelope let out a bark and John jumped a little out of his seat. Gale laughed a little and said, “Oh she won’t hurt you. Her bark is bigger than her bite.” Luckey looked at John and just smiled. John returned an uneasy smile back at Luckey and felt a little embarrassed. Luckey and John finished their meal. “Well you must be ready for bed”, Gale said calmly. The wind began to howl. “Yes we’ve had a long day”, John said. “Well I’ll show you to your room”, Gale said calmly. Another Howl could be heard this one a lot closer and the lights flickered. Gale’s silhouette flashed on the wall. “Are your sure there’s no wolves around”, Luckey said to Gale, hoping John did not notice what she saw. Gale returned the glance and took a step back. “Quite sure darling”, Gale said with assurance. Gale showed them their room. The room had a slopped ceiling with a spiralling staircase leading up to it. There was large window to the left and the sound and sight of branches knocking of the window could be seen and heard. The bed was in the middle of the room underneath the window. There was large vanity with drawers and a place to sit and do makeup. The room was warmly lit and there was also an antique rocking chair beside the bed. “This is your room for the night”, Gale said as she turned and walked down the stairs her lantern light and aura moving with her. “I’m beat”, John said as he put himself down on the Queen size bed. Luckey looked in the mirror and began to unbutton her shirt. She looked up in the mirror and caught John looking at her. He quickly looked away and for a quick cover up. He saw an old transistor radio beside the bed and tuned in. He got the sports report in time to hear that Boston College upset the favoured UCLA Bruins in the second round. Billy had a near triple double just 2 rebounds shy. “We really had our game down. Coach Charlie Brown really had us prepared. We stepped up to plate. It was all about our defence. We take pride in our defence and it really showed tonight”, Billy said over the radio. John turned to see Luckey mostly naked brushing her hair looking in the mirror. “Is that good news”, Luckey asked without looking at him. “Uh yeah real good news”, John said a little flushed as he turned away and shut off the radio. “Is it alright if I sleep without my panties on”, Luckey asked. “Uh yeah that’s fine”, John said. “O.k.”, Luckey said as she turned out the light and climbed in to bed. The window continued to rub tree branches across the window delicately and consistently. The window frame would occasionally rattle a little between the branches and rain spilling on the shadowed window. “Rick what was that? I think I heard a car coming down the driveway. “Great more visitors”, Rick said in his sleep. “Not at this time of night”, Gale said as she got up to check the door. Gale saw bright lights shinning in the window from the car in the driveway. She heard a knock at the door. “I wonder who’s visiting us this time of night”, Gale said to Penelope following beside her. Gale went to the door to see two large men in suits and shades. She opened the door. “How can I help you folks out this evening”, Gale said. The man in the front spoke in a whisper. “We’re looking for some people, a man and a woman. We’ve followed them from New York”, the man said with no expression in his voice. “Oh I haven’t see anybody”, Gale said. “I think your lying the man said as he approached Gale and the open door. A large growl could be heard behind the men. They turned to see Dusty barring fags growling them down. The men momentarily distracted, Gale slammed the door and locked it. She turned and bumped right in to Rick. “Gale what’s going on”, Rick said looking in to her eyes. “Not again Rick, not again”, Gale said hiding herself and running for the darkness. Barking and growling was heard outside. “I’ll warn the guest we have some unwelcome company”, Rick said. The front creaked open and crashed close. “Excuse me John you might want to get up there some bad people asking about you”, Rick said in a loud whisper. John opened his eyes to see Rick standing over him with a lantern shining in his eyes. Luckey already dressed and waiting said. “We’ve got to go John. Your friends from New York are here. John jumped to his feet and starting jumping in to his pant leg on one foot. Luckey headed for the stairs. “I’m going to get purple warmed up”, Luckey said as she disappeared down the stairs. “Wait for me, Luckey I’m coming”, John said as he struggled with the arm of his shirt twisted and inside out he stumbled down the stairs. John heard purples engine purr as he reached the back door. The rain was coming down in sheets the lights of purple starring through the rain the wipers pumping. “Come on John”, Luckey said through the crack of the open window. John with his shirt half on slid over the hood of purple to the other side and jumped in. The song werewolves on London could faintly be heard on the radio. A man with a gun was standing right in front of them aiming at purples windshield. Luckey slammed on the gas as the man hit the car and rolled off the hood. They heard a gunshot and a loud howl behind them. Luckey looked in the rear-view mirror and saw large wolf attack the man with the gun as lightning exploded in the sky. “Lets get the hell out of here Luckey”, John said dripping with rainwater. Luckey looked at him and said, “I don’t think they will be following us John”. Purple spun out of the dirt driveway on to the slick highway the lights fading in the distance.

Chapter NEST

Diamond sat there with the smoke hanging from his mouth. The thunderstorm moved off behind them and flashed intermittently in the rear view mirrors. The trunk moved on down the highway in the cool desert night air. It must have been around 11:11 in the evening. The light in the cab was dim from the dashboard lights. “So what are you going to Seasaw for”, Diamond asked without taking his eyes off the highway. “Like I said I’m going to be picking up a little package. A little nest egg, I’m going to build a life for myself. I’ve got it all planned out. Like I said I don’t take to kindly for strangers. You’re luckey to be in this truck and I’ll keep you along as long as you keep me entertained or I feel your useful”, Kathleen said in a bit of a hush. There was a moments pause and till Diamond spoke up. “So how may I keep you entertained exactly”, Diamond said dryly. “Well for starters you can keep your pants on”, Kathleen said passing Diamond a sharp majestic glance. “Well I had a habit of taking of my clothes. But that was before the military and all the training and, and… “Diamond trailed off. “And what!?”, Kathleen said inherently. “Well let’s just say I’ve been through some shit. I don’t go around telling pretty girls about my secrets”, Diamond said a little taking back. “You’re a liar Diamond”, Kathleen said. “I tell two things I now are true in the god forsaken world. First of all I’m no liar and your one pretty lady”, Diamond said. “First of all I am pretty woman. Second of all you don’t know me from Eve. Third of all I don’t know you from a hole in a wall”, Kathleen said flashing herself a glance in the river view. “Well how many men have you pulled that knife out on”, Diamond asked. “Only the men I intend to kill”, Kathleen said. “So you intend to kill me”, Diamond said smiling at his refection in the window. “If you live long enough and give the chance, you may get a chance to dance with lady luck again”, Kathleen said as she turned off the highway. “Where the hell is this, Seesaw?”, Diamond asked shocked. “This aint hell or seesaw it’s the Hole in the Wall. Lets get a drink”, Kathleen said as she shut down the truck. Diamond grabbed his hat and went to open the door. Kathleen stopped him and said, “First rule, you ride with me you follow my rules. Diamond looked at her to see her looking deeply in his blue eyes and for a moment he believe he knew her some where so time before, before,…..lost in thought. Diamond came to and looked in to her blue almost green barely vulnerable eyes and said, “I believe you”. Kathleen tore away her gaze flung open her door and headed for the entrance. Diamond feeling raped ripped and torn followed her in. Kathleen and Diamond walked through the ramshackle door in to the Hole In The Wall. They walked in to see a real southern wedding going on in a real Hole in the Wall. There we’re people dancing like apparitions from another dimension but still here on this one. “Hey what do you want”, the one eyed bartender said starring with his mostly bad eye not blinking or moving an inch. Kathleen turned to meet the one eyed gaze of the man behind the bar. “Six tequilas, sour lemons and the salt you save for snake bites”, Kathleen hammered in a rusted gimme some more attitude and I’ll have your ass kind of statement. Go figure Dylan would be playing on the jukebox in the far side of the Hole in the Wall songs of shelter storms and scorn. Diamond got caught up in the mix of the people. He kind of went in to a bit neurotic buzz out looking at the spectres dancing in another dimension on the worn and cracked hard wood floor from years of dancing dropped drinks, and salt that would burn a normal man. The smell of alcohol permeated the place and took Diamond on a trip. You see he doesn’t drink or well at least he used to before the hospital and the test and the freak-outs and doctors. Diamond looking around saw the vintage Hollywood style memorabilia from the days gone by when women were dames and men gentleman. The movie black and whites with real hearts and red, red lips. The memorabilia was all over the walls of the hole in the wall. Hanging on the studs. Marylyn Monroe blows kisses from the grave and Jimmy Dean the long forgotten vagrant of the Hollyday wood for your shoes star up in high dreams falling in your eyes met his gaze and gave Marylyn hope from beyond the spell of over worldly existence. Diamond snapped too to see Kathleen sitting at a table bar with 3 Mexicans. He walked over the table careful not to trip on and of the cracks in the floor. He looked at the vintage jukebox and as he looked on to it. It began playing Sun by the feedback scars. “What the hell did you do to the tune box, Diamond”, Kathleen demanded. “I don’t know I just looked at and it started playing this tune about time and change by a band I heard of from the Maritimes”, Diamond barked back. “The Maritimes? You mean Canada don’t you”, Kathleen asked a little intrigued. “Yeah it’s a band from the new millennium I read about once in a land and long time ago, Diamond reported. Kathleen motioned for Diamond to come closer so she could tell him something quiet. “Listen we need some more cash I’m going to take these Mex for a ride and get some money for gas, smokes and a good time. There’s a pinball machine over there you go play it, stay out of the way and when you get the signal you do what your paid to do”, Kathleen said and looked in to Diamonds serene blue eyes and said you’ll know when and you’ll know what to do. Diamond looked over at the space invaders pinball machine from the early eighties and reached in to his pocket for change. Kathleen beat him to the pull and flip him an American quarter and whistled. Diamond turned quickly to see the quarter moving through the air in a slow motion flip Diamond reached out and caught the quarter before he could catch Kathleen’s gaze he looked at the American quarter with the year 1984 pressed in to it. Kathleen returned to her business with the Mexicans and Diamond walked over to the pinball machine dimly lit with neon lights and dropped the quarter in the slot. Diamond put himself in another world left of ours where he fought aliens with a silver ball bearing and button flippers tilt the high score board ever higher and higher pushing the evil past the solar system higher then the stars to a place they could never find the beauty of our world. Journey came on the jukebox now entering Diamonds ears filling his soul with sounds of never stop believing in the good of the world and the peace he believes in his mind. Diamond feeling the eyes upon him like he was being watched by some one or something calling his thoughts to a place not of his own. Waited to find and isolate the source with his inner mind. To learn his surroundings and control the paranoia that was his. A loud crash was heard. Diamond turned to see a scuffle in the bar two Mexicans on top of Kathleen intending to take her. Diamond seeing the Mexican change form reached for his breast were he concealed his Silver cure and blasted one shot at the creature pulling Kathleen’s soul from her body. The creature stood and eyed Diamond. Diamond seeing the creature felt the fear he had felt before and held its gaze. Before Diamond could react the creature leaped forward to channel Diamonds mind and pin him to the ground. Turning stumbling with the creature both physical and mentally Diamond dug his rage in fear of the woman he believed he loved. The alien being entered through Diamonds mind. Diamond and the being struggled mentally to gain control of there’s states. The alien encroached further in to Diamonds neural net. Diamond digging in to the rage and mind altering skills he learned while still in training and combated the Alien being in a plane far from the reality of the world and battled in a hell the alien could not overcome. Diamond left his body and entered that of the alien being. Seeing Kathleen struggling with the other alien being on the floor of the bar left to help Kathleen and with the aliens and now Diamonds bare claw. Gripped at the chest of the alien and tore out the alien paltry beating heart and ate with his alien jaws. The one eyed bartender who was not only missing one eye but had the reaction time of the rain that falls in the desert reached under his bar for his smith and Wesson and fired one god awful blast in the Alien that was Diamond tearing a hole in the back of his possessed body. The other Alien scurried to his feet stealing Kathleen’s moneybag and headed for the door. The bar tender let out another delayed blast at the fleeing alien missed and hit the gecko guarding the front door. The alien escaped out in to the darkness of the desert night. Kathleen came to her knees to see the lifeless Diamond human body lying on the ground. Kathleen’s rusted and dented heart struggled to look and the dead Diamond lying lifeless breathless on the ground. Her heart sank and climb to her throat. One tiny tear fell from Kathleen heart and fell on Diamond for head. She choked back the tears and place on perfect heart torn kiss on Diamonds lifeless lips. Kathleen closed her eyes and remembered the first time she met Diamond and the way she made her heart flutter with his cocky looks and bullshit grammar. Kathleen prayed to the gods for Diamonds remorse to bring him back, back to her and her rusted resuscitated life and of the company of a man she did not understand but believed she had known. Kathleen opened her prayed filled eyes to see Diamonds shinning blue neurotic but pure eyes looking deeply through Kathleen’s armoured gaze.

Chapter The Hospital

“Oh she’s waking up”, Mountain said. Rubie opened her eyes and looked to see herself lying in a hospital in a hospital room. Mountain was sitting next to her watching her carefully. “Hello there Rubie my name is Dr. Soul. We’ve been worried about you”, Dr. Soul said. "Mountain where, what happened”, Rubie asked weakly. “Well you see you’ve been in a comma you have just awakened. I will let your friend her talk with you. I will back later to check on you”, Dr Soul said as he left the room. “Oh my God Mountain the last thing I remember was driving around in purple I think we were headed for the coast. My God Mountain I had the weirdest dream of a fantasy land of candy and bizarre rides and characters”, Rubie said precariously. “Wow Rubie you really don’t remember anything. We were on the boat headed to San Francisco. You fell off the boat Rubie and hit your head. You passed out cold and have been asleep for 4 days”, Mountain said calmly. “Wow I guess that explains the headache. Where is John, where is Luckey”, Rubie asked. “Well the arrangement was they were going to drive purple to Luckey’s place and we were going to meet them there. That was the plan after we saw the Crazy Horse show in Seattle. “Crazy Horse? I don’t remember a thing about it”, Rubie said concerned. “Well I’ll have to fill you in. It was quite an ordeal. We actually made it back stage and met the band”, Mountain said. “Yes please do! Don’t mind if I close my eyes it helps my head”, Rubie said with a half smile happy to see Mountains friendly face. “Yeah so we got to the Crazy Horse. The place was a mad house with people all over the place dressed in grunge gun and anti government wear. Of course we barely just fit in with our biker, ex cop and girlie girl outfits. There was some dude handing sheets of acid in the bathroom. Some one came on the loud speaker warning every one to stay away form the bad acid. The light show came on and there were these weird alien creatures dancing around with glowing eyes. Neil steps out of a giant crate and starts playing down by the river. The crowd went nuts and the people who were on this brown acid stuff starting singing along the lights blazed and danced and I swear Neil looked like he was in his mid twenties. Crazy Horse beamed on to the stage and powder finger Rang through the amplifiers like an old sixties to seventies tube over drive buzz the crowd went nuts in the emerald palace”, Mountain said. “The emerald palace, Mountain”, Rubie mumbled. “Yeah the emerald palace there must have 20 thousand easy dressed in anti war anti government garb seeing crazy horse tunes to the half backed moon shinning in the golden rafters of the joint”, Mountain said. “Holy group of seven in the starlit sky, Mountain”, Rubie said. “Yeah this is where is gets really nuts. We started pushing our way to the front on of the stage so we could get a better few. The mosh pit was a surreal circle of humming mantras swaying and chanting like the horse was there guide of god of some fucked up acid trip. Billy kept giving Luckey the eyes and Ralph the drummer kept looking at John like they had some unfinished business to take care of”, Mountain contracted. “Holy buzz nuts and I missed all this”, Rubie said dubiously. “No Rubie you were right there in to it sing and swaying like the acid heads on some beach in a far away land where the moon ruled and the pipers played”, Mountain confessed. “Tell me more I want to remember”, Rubie pleaded. “Yeah so the set ends and Billy motions us back stage. We start walking and this security girl stops us. Billy gives her this security admission allowance nod and security girl lets in the spirit world. We get back stage and there’s a party going on like some sort of hypnotic barnyard, barn wood ho down in the middle on the shinning galaxy. Half-baked celebrities from B movies were looking at themselves laughing drinking matinees. There was angle dust all through the air. Some crooked looking psychopath starts playing Needle and the Damage done and you start singing with him like you new him. You started talking about the trailer park neighbors who had the hound of hell and shot smack till the cows wailed and the coyote came home”, Mountain extorted. “I seen the needle and the damage done”, Rubie said looking at the IV sticking in her arm. “Yeah it freaked me out”, Mountain said. “Yeah it’s freaking me out to. I wish John was here he might calm my nerves”, Rubie explained. “Yeah that’s the really messed up thing. Someone x porno star digging dust and dreaming spades saw John in his torn up blues and blew the whistle. FBI she screamed, it’s a bust she let out”, Mountain revealed. “Oh no!”, Rubie shuddered. “Yeah that’s what the party said. Everyone headed for exit doors screaming FBI, FBI including the band. The show got cancelled and Old Cadillac’s crept out through the streets of Seattle concealing B movie stars and crazy horses. The news the next morning blamed the whole fixation on some bad brown acid someone was giving out”, Mountain reported breathless. “Oh Mountain where is my Fallen Angel guitar”, Rubie said with a worry. “She’s right here”, Mountain said as he pulled out from behind his chair. “Oh Mountain this has been too much please sing me a song to calm my nerves”, Rubie pleaded. “I will Rubie I’m just going to go take a quick smoke off my pipe”, Mountain returned. “I wish I could come with you this place is so grey”, Rubie said. “I’m sure you’ll be feeling better in no time just try to relax and I’ll be right back”, Mountain said as he headed out for a pull of his pipe. Mountain stepped out in the fresh San Francisco air and loaded his pipe. He took a few tokes and before him appeared two Native Americans. One woman and one large man not unlike the one from One who flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Mountain felt compelled to talk to them so he walked over. “Hello my name is Mountain”, Mountain said. “Hello I am Pocahontas a healer”, the woman said. “And I am chief. In the white man’s world they call us nuts”, Chief said. “You’re a healer”, Mountain inquired. “Yes a healer of my people’s ways”, Pocahontas said. “My friend upstairs is sick she has lost her memories from a fall in the pacific. Do you think you can help her?”, Mountain inquired. “I’m sure I could her Mountain but you see the white doctors don’t trust us. They’ll never let us in”, Pocahontas said. Mountain looked at the big Indian chief who just sort of starred and said nothing. “What if we sneak you in, then maybe you could help her. You see she really needs her memory back we’ve got things to do”, Mountain said. “What if we took some white doctor suits and headed to her floor”, the Indian chief said. “Great idea chief. I’m going to head to the laundry room and look for some scrubs. You guys meet me by the bathrooms on the first floor and we’ll make the change”, Mountain said. “Good Idea we’ll be there”, the chief said looking at Pocahontas. Mountain walked through the lobby and headed for the ELEVATOR tripping on his own good intentions. He passed a security guard who eyed him suspiciously. Mountain entered the ELEVATOR held his breath and headed for the basement of the hospital. The ELEVATOR dinged and opened up to one creepy looking hospital basement straight out some Hitchcock film scene that got cut in the final edits. The pipes creaked and dripped and the sound of industrialized machines buzzed. On the wall read laundry room and pointed to the left. Mountain crept along the dimly lit hall in search of the laundry room. Mountain heard voices coming his way and ducked in to a side hall. As the voices came closer he saw a rat coming ever closer trying to make its way up his leg. He staid very quiet and listened to the voices. “Since Brio Corp has gotten control of the Hospital the Human cloning testing has been going very well we just need some more Doctors working for or cause”, the voice said as it walked by. Mountain choked on what he heard and crept out in to the hall to escape the creeping rat and headed for the laundry room. Along the creaking dimly lit Hallway Mountain searched for the Laundry room where he hoped to find scrubs for the Natives upstairs. I won’t go in to elaborate terms here but Mountain here the eerie moans of men coming through the cavernous hallways of the Hospital basement. He only could imagine what those moans could mean after hearing what the strangers said in passing. Then like a sign from some Greek god he saw the laundry in it full auxiliary industrial working essence. He peered in the window of the doorway making sure nobody was in there. He opened the door and rummaged through the close to find clean scrubs that would fit the Natives upstairs. “Bingo, mission accomplished”, Mountain said as he headed for the corridor. Mountain quickly made his way through the darkness of the hallways and all the eerie creaking, creeping noises of the hospital basement. He again the moans of men he could only guess if he imagine or there was actually some sort of biological human testing he could only imagine in his artist starved mind. He made it to the elevators without any interventions or passing strangers and rats. The elevator landed on his basement floor and opened empty. He pushed the number one on the elevator like a mad man escaping and escapeless dream. The elevator pushed passed the basement back to the above ground world. The elevator opened to the lobby and all the normal activities and people you would see in such a place. The basement now a forgetten dream. Mountain headed for the bathroom in search of his Native friends. “Pocahontas, Chief”, Mountain said in forced hush. “I’ve got the doctor scrubs”, Mountain continued. Pocahontas and the chief turned around to see Mountain. Mountain could see in there eyes there could be some trouble. Pocahontas and the Chief were being ushered away by some large Orderlies. Pocahontas eyes were that of pain and concern. Mountain heard chief’s voice echo in his head. “In the white Man’s world we’re nuts”, Mountain remembered. Mountain realised the Natives must have been patients of the psychiatric ward of the Hospital. He rushed to intervene and bring the Natives back to his world where he knew they would happy safe and at home. “Not so fast there stranger”, one of the orderlies said. “These two are on our watch and there free time is over. They’re coming back to the floor”, the other orderlies said. Mountain hurried to interrupt. “When are they going free”, Mountain said in a hurry. “Same time every day 10 am they get some air and we reel them back to the Nut Floor”, the other orderlies said in a chuckle. Mountain could see there was nothing he could do for his friends at this time as there were being led back to some floor he had nothing to do with by some large men in nurses outfits who thoroughly enjoyed going against the grain of modern science thoughts and psychedelia. Mountain new he would be back to see his friends the following day. This native friendship was only beginning. He could see the distrust in Pocahontas’ eyes but Mountain new he did not have to worry for her as she had the Chief with her, who Mountain imagined could take care of himself and the pretty Pocahontas if needed. Mountain flipped the orderlies the bird and let out a few explicits of what he actually thought of there handling techniques. The three Orderlies stopped dead in there tracks. “What do you say”, the lead orderlies asked with intent. “You heard me”, Mountain said. The three orderlies turned to encroach on Mountain. “Don’t touch him. He didn’t mean it”, Pocahontas said. One or the orderlies pushed Pocahontas at this point chief went what white men call nuts. He flattened the three orderlies and they sounded the alarm. “Come with me”, Mountain said as he headed for the door. The three now hospital fugitives arrived outside in the warm San Francisco afternoon air. Low and behold right in front of them was painted up hippie van bellowing smoke. “Hey dude what a toke man”, the passenger said to Mountain. “Dude can we pull a ride the mental police are after us”, Mountain said in favour of his Native friends. “The mental police eh dude. My buddy just got out of that place. Jump in we’re headed for the beach man. Mountain and the Natives hopped in the back of the hippie van headed for the coast. The grateful dead played as Mountain saw the Orderlies chasing after the smoking van in the warm San Fran afternoon sunlight.

Chapter the Drive

Luckey and John had been driving down the highway towards their destination California for quite a while. By, by miss American pie seemed to be making its way through the dusty speakers of ol' Purple. “I wonder how Mountain and Rubie are making out”, Luckey picked up. “Yeah I’m sure there doing fine and having lots of fun. Rubie always manages to make the best out things”, John added. “We’re getting a little low on fuel Luckey said. “Hey I think I see a Shell station up ahead”, John said. “Yeah I’m going to pull in”, Luckey said as she put on her signal. The late night news report came on the radio. “Late breaking new across the country at this hour. There has been a UFO sighting in the south of Texas. Reports are scattered and conflicting at this time. Seems to be some unidentifiable flying lights in the south of Texas. Nasa claims they have been flying some new test craft but the locals say this was no test craft by Nasa as the ship seemed to fly strange flight routes, disappear and reappear at unpredictable intervals. John turned to face Luckey his cigarette falling from his mouth could speak. Luckey said, “It’s a wonder the things they put on the news these days just to grab our attention. What do they think we are? A bunch of suckers”, she added. Purple pulled in to the Gas Station underneath the gas price sign. “Oh yeah what’s with the gas prices we’re paying. The companies must think we’re sniffing it to pay this much for something so crude”, Luckey retorted. “Hey you’re the one driving, not me”, John returned. “Hey you want to walk”, Luckey replied. John bit his lip and said nothing only giving Luckey the eyes. “That’s what I thought”, Luckey said with a smile. Luckey filled purple up with freshly squeezed gas and whatever they happened to be paying for by the gallon at this point in time. Luckey went in the shell station to pay and John went through the tapes and papers in the glove box to occupy his mind. Luckey entered the shell station to pay. The man behind the counter looked like Elvis if in fact he was actually alive today. “Hello there darlin”, the man behind the counter said. “Hey there I’m just paying for my over inflated gas”, Luckey returned. “My name is Hound Dog and if you ain’t the prettiest thing the side of grace land I don’t know who is”, Hound Dog said. “Excuse me there Hound Dog, I’m just paying for my gas. I don’t want any trouble here”, Luckey returned. “I swear if you weren’t so pretty I’d buy you a Cadillac”, Hound Dog returned. “Cut the chatter Hound Dog and give some of that Peach chew your hiding in the back and I’ll take some of the Jerky here”, Luckey retorted. “My, my lady your in a bit a hurry here. We don’t get too many like you in our neck of the woods. Give me a hand here darling and reach up here for these peaches”, Hound Dog returned. “I’ve had enough of these games Hound Dog. The chew please”, Luckey threatened. “Sorry pretty miss captivated buy your essence. Here’s your peach chew, your jerky and your gas”, Hound Dog said as he thrust his hips. “Thank you mister Hound Dog”, Luckey said as she turned and headed for the door. “The names Elvis Darlin”, Hound Dog returned as blue suede shoes began playing on the radio. “But don’t say nothing to nobody Hound Dog likes it better that way”, Elvis said. Luckey turned and did a double take walking out the door to waiting purple and this man John going through her belongings. With her head high she walked to purple in the wet California night air. The moon was out, half moon, full moon, crescent. Doesn’t matter the man in the moon was watching this lady tonight as the stars smiled down on her and her destiny. In the distance a wild animal of the rural country night Howled in all its wild glory. Luckey opened the door to purple and entered another reality. John was putting back the things he was looking at in a bit a hushed hurry. “So you found my pictures eh John”, Luckey said with a smile. “Pictures? I don’t know what you’re talking about”, John said shyly. “I told you I was a dancer”, Luckey said as she started Purple and she purred like a wild cat from the wild country of some love-forgotten country. John was starring at Luckey as she drove away both hands on the wheel starring straight ahead. Some tune from Led Zeppelin houses of the Holy was playing as John selected it from one of Luckey’s tapes she had hidden in the glove box. “What”, Luckey said without flinching. “What, what”, John said transfixed on Luckey’s face. “I can feel you starring at me”, Luckey said eyeing the road. “I know what you do. I just haven’t realised how beautiful a woman you are”, John said blatantly. Luckey looked at John. Luckey looked at John and said, “Stop it”. “Stop what”, John said. ”Stop patronizing me”, Luckey said. “I’m not”, John said. Lucked starred at John in cold silence. John looked in her beautiful deep woman filled secret kept butterfly wing lashes concealed eyes. “Luckey look out”, John bellowed. Luckey glued her eyes to road and narrowly missed a deer in the middle of the wet highway somewhere in the California night and put purple in the ditch.

Chapter Aftermath

Diamond scrambled to his feet. “Come on we got to go”, Diamond said. “Go where? What the hell just happened”, Kathleen demanded. “I’ll explain later. We’ve got to get out of here”, Diamond returned. “That thing took my bag and with all my cash”, Kathleen returned. Diamond stopped dead in tracks. Turned around and look at Kathleen on here feet frozen in disbelief of the evening’s carnage. Diamond looked at the bar tender wiping his brow with a cloth. Diamond jumped over the counter and put a knife to the bartender. “All the cash in the till, one eyed Jack”, Diamond scowled. “After me just saved your lives..”, the bartender trailed off as he handed Diamond the money. “I’ll pay you back, jack. I don’t know how and I don’t know when but I’ll pay you back”, Diamond said as he emptied the shotgun of ammunition and jammed the trigger so no more tricks could be played. Diamond threw Kathleen the cash and headed for the door. Kathleen shot back her last Tequila and headed after Diamond giving the bar tender a wink. Diamond exited the bar with caution looking for the creatures that accosted them earlier in the bar, and headed for the old ford in the empty parking lot of the only bar on the lonely intrinsic highway of the desert. Sitting in the car he waited for Kathleen to enter. Kathleen coolly walked to the bar her hair blowing in the breeze of the desert night. Diamond looked at her as she walked in his mind slow motion to the waiting truck. Diamonds mind triggered off in to a fantasy sequence where there was no mark of time passing only the angle he saw in front of him in all her rusted vivid beauty of a real woman who has both seen the time and lived it. Her hair brunette of rust and copper skin and slender and sexy body both difficult to touch and resist all at the same moment. Diamond snapped to as Kathleen sat herself down in the old ford. Diamond starring straight ahead turned to look at Kathleen as he came to the conclusion the truck was not moving or even starting. Kathleen was starring at Diamond not saying a word. “Let’s go, lets get out of here”, Diamond repeated. “We’re not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell just happened”, Kathleen said. “I can’t, at least not yet”, Diamond returned. “Oh the hell you can”, Kathleen said with a stern gaze. Diamond starred at her motionless capturing the wild beautiful naked truth essence that was Kathleen the wild rose from god knows where. The radio came on suddenly playing it aint me Babe one of Dylan’s forlorn almost remembered never forgotten 5cents for a candy tune. Not that Diamond or Kathleen noticed as they were now in full face lock underneath the desert stars in some hole in a wall parking lot in some state no one knows underneath the yellow moon that keeps coming back to me back to you crying just to be part of the scene wearing baby blues. Five minutes passed away while Dylan Cried through the am dust ravaged speakers. What passed Kathleen’s and Diamonds mind I could only guess was seeing the first spring and the destruction and recreation of the entire globe of the pulsating earth in all her glorial effervescent pulsating core. No bird sang and the bushes did not rustle as they were in the desert a distant rattle snake could almost be heard as the stars held their gaze on the moment that was Kathleen’s and Diamonds perfect and second most probably not last forlorn hold the scorn kiss. “No I can’t, I can’t”, Diamond said interrupting times last temptation. “Why, what’s wrong”, Kathleen said her core almost exposed. “There’s something I haven’t told you something you need to know. Something you need to know before we go any further down this road”, Diamond delivered. “What is it”, Kathleen returned a little concerned. “Well I’m worried if I tell you will stop”, Diamond returned. “Stop what”, Kathleen opened. “Stop looking at me the way you do and turn your head and hair and pretend not to care through your defended exterior presenting you’re soft inner core of a woman scorn but never forlorn if the key turns just right and the cosmos align in perfect symphonic time and moment”, Diamond opened. “I don’t care Diamond. Your not the first man I’ve met with secrets and lies, secrets and lies”, Kathleen shut him out. “I’ve told you before I’m no liar. I may have secrets but I’m no liar miss Kathleen rust never sleeps on the bottom of the barrel firing mustang climbing the old dirt road way to heavens burning speed limitless freeway”, Diamond delivered. “Mister Diamond of the coal mine, copper for who’s penny death defying hell bent for highway in the sky of the shadow of a man liar, Diamond, Diamond shinning in the night for evermore like the raven calls after”, Kathleen lushed. “Kathleen if there is one bone in your beautiful not forsaken body that trusts me than you will listen and hear what I have to say”, Diamond extorted. Kathleen looked at Diamond blue eyes not saying a word starring deeply in to who he is who he was and where he is going lost comfort filled eyes of a place you’ve never been but always dreamed of going. “I was a member of the Headless Horses”, Diamond dealt. “We were an organization funded by NATO for the defence of the free world”, Diamond continued. “We were a highly trained lost for words fighting unit. It was in us to find terror beyond the naked eyes and obvious threats to peace. We were a tactical unit in the combat of Alien warfare. Our training involved psychological and physical improvement and study. All our faculties were tested trained and honed. To prepare for the unexplained and unforeseen. Half our unit went mad from the testing including myself. I ended up in a psychiatric prison for the mentally insane. They called me a paranoid schizophrenic riddled with madness. What we saw today only strengthens my belief in my training and in my ideologies. These things have landed and they have not come in peace.

Chapter Back at The Hospital

Rubie again opened her eyes and looked around to see herself in a hospital room all alone. She wondered where she was and why she was there. Dr Soul walked back in the room. “Hello there Rubie. Time for a check up”, Dr. Soul said. “How are you feeling Rubie”, Dr. Soul asked. “Well I’m feeling OK. Where did my friend go”, Rubie asked quietly. “I’m not sure I thought he was with you”, Dr. Soul returned. “Oh Dr. Soul. I’m not feeling very good at all. I feel like the world is about to end and I don’t have a single friend to talk to”, Rubie let loose. “Oh let Dr. Soul be your friend. Mrs. Soul says Dr. Soul is a good listener. It is important not to worry so much Rubie. Things are the way they are. You took a little fall and you will be back on your feet. Things happen for a reason”, Dr. Soul said. “Oh Dr. Soul that’s exactly the way I feel about things”, Rubie said. Dr. Soul looked behind the chair to see Rubie guitar. “Oh and what is this”, Dr. Soul asked. “That’s my guitar. It’s a fallen angel guitar”, Rubie said. “See you are getting better and this is the guitar for an Angel. I’ll bet you can sing like the birds”, Dr. Soul said. “I’ve always wanted to be a singer”, Rubie said. “Well why don’t you just sing and let Dr. Soul listen”, Dr. Soul divided. Rubie cleared he throat and started singing Mommas going to buy you a Mockingbird and it was the most serene and haunting sound echoing through the halls of the hospital When she finished Dr. Soul removed his glasses and wiped away a little tear. “That’s was one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard”, Dr. Soul suggested. “Thank you Dr. Soul do you think I could get a drink”, Rubie suggested. Dr. Soul put his glasses back on and looked at Rubie sternly. “Of water, Dr. Soul”, Rubie smiled. “Oh sure sure. I’ll have one of the nurses bring you a glass”, Dr Soul said as he to up to leave the room. “Dr. Soul”, Rubie called. “Yes Rubie”, Dr. Soul answered. “Thank you”, Rubie returned. “You’re a star”, Dr. Soul said as he left the room.

Chapter Loose in San Francisco

Mountain got in to the Hippie van with the two Natives from the Hospital as it was driving away. “Hello, Man name is Jack. This is Allen and that man in the back is Neal. We’re on the road on our way to see America”, Jack said. “Yes the great Maniacal machine that is America”, Allen affirmed. “Like I said I got three woman waiting for us all dolled up”, Neal revealed. “Three woman?”, Allen questioned. “We’ll either me or Jack will have to double up. I’m sure we can find you company this is San Francisco”, Neal said. “You are mad”, Allen said in Neal’s direction. “Well that’s what they told me before they put me in the ward of the Hospital”, Neal said. “Yeah and if it was the 1950’s you’d still be in there”, Jack said. “Howe”, Chief said. “How what”, Neal said. “No not how, how. He’s a native American talking in his mother’s dialect”, Allen said. “If these were the fifties the Native’s would be speaking there’s mothers tongue”, Neal said. “Howe”, Chief said. “I think it means thank you”, Mountain said. “So what where you people doing at the Hospital”, Allen asked. “Well my friend see, she got in an boating accident and fell off. She lost her memory and see she just woke up. I went for a smoke and met Chief here and Pocahontas. Pocahontas here is a healer and she said she could help my friend. I went and borrowed some doctor scrubs from the creepy laundry room of the Hospital for my friends here to borrow so we could sneak up and help my friend. That was when we got in to some trouble with the men in nurse uniforms and headed for the door”, Mountain delivered. “I bet the men in nurses outfits wanted to lock away your friends here. Is that right Mountain and what a name Mountain”, Neal began. “Yes that’s right Neal”, Mountain returned. “That funny because they wanted to lock up Neal here for streaking mad across the San Francisco freeway in the California sun that is America”, Allen delivered. “Yeah we had to have them believe we are care takers for a mad man that is but isn’t Neal, but we see how that mistake can be made”, Jack said without turning his gaze from the road and lighting a cigarette from a package that looked like it was from the fifties all at the same time. “How”, Chief said. “You welcome”, Jack said. “No how is what he said”, Mountain said. “Well he is mad, just not so mad”, Allen said. “I see”, Mountain said.

Chapter the Ditch

“Are you Ok”, John asked. “Well considering what just happened I’m friggin fine”, Luckey released. “Ok, ok, its not as bad as it seems”, John said as he reached for his smokes. “Shit out of smokes”, John retorted. “Well here try this”, Luckey said as she tossed John the peach chew. “Where did you get this”, John asked. “Elvis no Hound Dog. Is it really that important”, Luckey said without much as a smile. John took the chew and placed some of it in his mouth. “How do you do this”, John asked. “Like this”, Luckey said as she took the chew and placed it in her little lips and parked it in her cheek. “Let me see come a little closer”, John said. Luckey moved in a little closer. “A little closer”, John said. Luckey moved in a lot closer. So close they were looking each other eye to eye. “A little closer”, John said in mouthful of a whisper. As he and Luckey moved in a little closer. John put his hand behind her neck up in her hair and pulled her in. Kissing passionately in the moment that was that is Luckey and John sittin in her purple trans am in a ditch somewhere in the state of California. The slight sound of rain could be heard on the roof and window of purple over luckey’s thumping chest and john’s galloping heart. The radio turned on Hauntingly playing some country Harvest tune by Neil. The radio light lighting the souls in the purple trans am like two mountains who have finally turned to face each other and mirrored they’re feelings and emotions.

Chapter Diamond tell Kathleen a Story

“I don’t know what kind of reconescents these things have but we have to act quick”, Diamond said. “Woe hold on there Diamond. This is my truck and we follow my rules. I’ve got a vendetta to accomplish here”, Kathleen retorted. “While I was in Canada I was doing some research. There was a major political and military cover up. In 1984 there was this scientist doing some research and experimentation. He created this being this Biobot who could live forever. This man was a true visionary and worker of peace and humanity. The thing is the being he created could be implanted with a person’s memory and soul and go on living forever. It had enhanced intelligence and strength. It didn’t get sick and it regenerated biologically. This scientist who was in love with some punk rock names singer named Hell’s Kitten was actually killed and this turned the scientist in to a mad man and fragile wounded human being. He was possessed with he research and study of a way to bring a person back from the dead. The US military got wind of these experiments and put a stop to it. The scientist died while attempting to transfer his soul and mind to his created being. The military stopped the process while he was in the middle of transferring and the body in some secret base in Alaska. This being could harness energy and emotion in mass quantities and project these emotions and energy in sonic waves. The being had super sensitivity to sound. If we’re going to stand a chance against these invaders we need to find the being that scientist created”, Diamond delivered. Kathleen stared at Diamond not saying a word.

Chapter the Secret base up in Alaska.

“I say we continue with the experiments”, Military General one said. “I don’t know. This weapon has proved to be unstable and unpredictable”, Military General two said. “This is too important. In case you haven’t notice we’re not fighting the Russians anymore. These whatever you want to call them call them Romulins if you want are ruthless and inconsequential they drain the very lifeblood of everything earthly. And while we have not seen a full invasion it’s not out of the question”, Military General one said. “It is agreed we continue with these experiments until we fully understand the magnitude of the weapon and its consequences, but keep things quiet we don’t need anymore leaks slipping to the media. We’re already having enough trouble deflecting reports of the UFO”s, Military General three said.

Chapter They’re Coming for me.

Rubie opened her eyes to see two men in suits wearing shades standing around her bedside. “Uh hello, do I know you”, Rubie asked. “Yeah we’re here to take you to another treatment facility for people with your condition”, the man in the shades said. “Well where is Dr. Soul he’s been taking care of me”, Rubie asked. “Dr. Soul is not here. He’s left you in our care”, the man in shades said. “Well if Dr. Soul left me your care”, Rubie began as Dr. Soul walked in the room. “Hey what is going on here. This is my patient, she can not be disturbed”, Dr. Soul said.

“Look Dr. Soul we can make this easy or we can make it complicated”, the man in shades, said as he opened his jacket revealing a handgun to Dr. Soul. “I am a doctor and a man of piece. This is my patient”, Dr. Soul was raving as he was hit on the head with the but of gun by one of the men in shades standing behind him. “This is kind of a strange way to treat a woman with my condition”, Rubie said. “Yeah we’re real professionals”, the man in shades said. “I know your professionals but could you please be a little more gentle to me than you were Dr. Soul”, Rubie requested. “Yeah sure lady”, the man with shades said as he grabbed Rubie by the arm. “This way”, the other man in shades said leading them out of the room to the elevator shaft. The three of them stepped in to the Elevator shaft. The lead man with shades pushed the button for the basement. “Oh were going on a ride”, Rubie said with a giggle. “Can I touch your gun”, Rubie said with a smile. The man in shades did not flinch and kept looking forward while the other man held Rubie tightly. The elevator landed on the basement floor and the door opened with the sound of a bell. The bell seemingly wakened Rubie from the lackadaisical state she was in. She looked around her to see the men in shades and let out a loud piercing scream. “No not again. John, Mountain somebody anybody”, she screamed her voice echoing in the catacombs that are the San Francisco Hospital basement halls. “Look lady we can make this easy and we can make it tough”, the man in shades said. Rubie continued to struggle and scream in terror. The man in shades gagged her up to conceal her screams and they picked her up arm in arm and began carrying her to the hallways. Minutes passed that seemed like hours. The maze twisted and turned all through the basement. There was a light up a head with an eerie glowing sign that read Brio Corp. Research restricted access. Rubie riled with fear and panic as she saw the sign. The two men in suits and shades dragged her to the door. The man in shades waved an access card across the infrared sensor. “Brio Corp clone 112A reporting”, he said at which the door beeped and opened. With the beep Rubie went back in to dazed sense and lightened up. “Wow how’d we get her”, Rubie said. At which point there was no response. The door opened up to a room straight out of science fiction movie from the eighties. There were glassed tubes with what seemed to house naked corpses with wires and hoses coming out and bubbled and heart beating sounds. At which point a short man walked out in lab coat. “Hello there Rubie. My name is Dr. Omeralie. We’ve been waiting for you”, Dr. Omeralie said. ”Uh hello Dr. are you going to treat my condition”, Rubie asked. “Yes we’ve got something very special for you”, Dr. Omearalie said. The men in shades loosened there grip and Dr. Omeralie took her by the hand. Dr. Omeralie sat her down in a medical high chair that looked like something from a dentist’s office from the early thirties. “Is this going to hurt”, Rubie asked. “You won’t feel a thing”, Dr. Omeralie said as he strapped her down and pulled a large needle out from behind his back and stuck it deep in to Rubie thigh and which point her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell unconscious.

Chapter still in the ditch.

Luckey and John held each other in the night and the purple trans am. There was a cool in the air and every star or what felt like every star could be seen in the night sky. “We got to get out of here”, Luckey said. “You don’t like the company”, John asked. “No its not the company”, Luckey said looking squarely in John’s eyes. “It’s that Mountain and Rubie are waiting for us. Plus I’ve got a feeling that something’s wrong”, Luckey continued. “What do you mean”, John turning his body. “Well ever since I’ve been young I’ve had this second sense. This feeling I get sometimes. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes not so good. I’ve just got a feeling John that something’s not right”, Luckey explained.

Loose in San Francisco

The hippie van was billowing smoke. Allen passed the joint that Jack had lit to the back seat. Chief took it look at and handed it to Mountain. Mountain eyes lit up momentarily forgetting his circumstance and took a quick took. He looked at the joint and handed it to Pocahontas at which point she declined. Stevie Wonders superstition started playing on the radio. Allen began laughing hysterically. If this were the 70’s we would be headed for the disco. Mountain handed the shit to Neal. Neal took a big haul of the joint crossing his eyes looking down at the but. “Careful Neal you take another hit like that and the smoke will come out of your ears”, Allen said with his head cocked to the back of the bus. As the joint fizzled the car slowly came to a snails pace. “Where in the great country of America are we”, Jack asked. Everyone simultaneously looked out the van windows. The looked and saw cages of monkeys, bears and giraffe. “Why it looks like we’re at the zoo”, Neal said. “Where is the zoo? Where is the hospital?”, Mountain said coming alive. “Well the zoo is here and the Hospital was there”, Allen said. “No we are here and we were there”, Neal said. “You make no sense when you smoke marijuana cigarettes”, Neal said as he lit a smoke. “What the boy means is, we were at the hospital now were not. And he believes as I believe that we are lost in San Francisco”, Jack said. “Lost in San Francisco”, Neal repeated. “Lost in America. What better way to find America than to get lost in America”, Allen exclaimed.

Chapter Secret Mission

“Let’s get the screw out of here”, Kathleen exclaimed. Diamond turned to see Kathleen starring at him. “I’m out of cash and if you haven’t noticed my credibility is about null”, Diamond said. “Well I’m almost out of cash and I gave half a shit about credibility as I thought you had sense. Well I’d be a rich gal sitting pretty in this forlorn desert in the south of this coming to hell country. I’ve got a pick up down in Sea Saw. I don’t know how far that’ll take us. But it will be farther than this hole in the wall”, Kathleen subsided. Diamond repositioned his leather ball cap turned mechanic x military special forces man and said, “Lets get going darlin, the world is waitin”.

The old ford started spittin exhaust and fumes all the over the gravel parkin lot that speaks of ghost and paranormal activity. Kathleen turned the wheel as the rocks popped underneath the weight of the old ford. Kathleen tramped the gas as gravel spun up and the truck wove out to the darkened intrinsic highway.

Conflict in San Francisco

The hippie van came to a startling halt. The van was stuck in Traffic. Mountain looked out the window to see people running everywhere. There was pandemonium happening outside. People running everywhere leaving there cars in the middle of the streets. Mountain looked again and saw two men in suits wearing shades walking down the street. “We’ve got to get back to the hospital, something is not right”, Mountain said not changing his glance from what he didn’t know of was happening outside. “My people have seen this before. The invasion has come. They will stop at nothing less than assimilation”, Pocahontas said.

Getting Purple out of the Ditch

Luckey looked behind purple to make sure there was nothing in the way. With the way all clear Luckey put purple in reverse and purple’s positrack kicked in grabbing at the gravel and pulling her out of the ditch. “Where’d you learn how to do that”, John asked. Luckey licked her lips, “The things they don’t teach you in high school”. With that Luckey punched purple in gear and peeled out on to the highway sending smoke and dirt in the air. “And we’re off”, John said grinning. John pulled a pinch of peach chew and put it in his mouth. “Do you mind if I turn on the radio”, John asked. “Not at all but you know what I think about commercial radio and the crap the media carries these days”, Luckey said with half a smile. John reached down and turned on the radio.

“WE INTERUPT THIS PROGRAM FOR AN EMERGENCY BULLETIN. REPORTS HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED OF AN ALIEN LIKE CRAFT HOVERING ABOUT THE CITY OF ANGELS. MASS PANDEMODIUM HAS ENSUED. THE AUTHORITIES HAVE ASKED THAT YOU REMAIN CALM AND INDOORS UNDTIL FURTHER NOTIFIED”, the radio boomed. John looked at Luckey. “See what I mean John”, Luckey said with a smile. “You mean you don’t believe this”, John asked. “You mean you do”, Luckey returned. “I used to work for the media, Luckey”, John said. “And I used to work in a flower shop. I know crap when I hear it and this is crap fuelled by more crap”, Luckey extorted with a smile. Luckey punched down on purple and she purred like a race cat up the highway. “In a hurry”, John said with a smile. “Yeah I’m off to the city to prove to you the media is piling shit on the airwaves”, Luckey said with a smile. She lit a smoke and stared the dark highway in the eyes and propelled purple on down the line.

Getting out in San Francisco

“We got to move there’s no time to stall the laughing lady is still at the hospital”, Mountain said as he opened the door and went loose in San Francisco. “Where’s he going”, Jack asked. “He’s off to find America”, Allen said. “Let’s go before we loose him”, Neal said. Everyone stepped out of the hippie Van stuck in San Francisco pandemonium including the Native Americans, Pocahontas and the Chief. “Wait we’re coming with you Mountain man”, Allen yelled out in the city that was now in cop light and alien fever. The men in shades were nowhere to be found. Mountain turned to see five crazy Americans chasing after him. Mountain turned corner after corner in the late San Fran evening. He turned one last corner and stood up against the wall full of graffiti and pulled out his pipe to gather his thoughts.

Mountain was pulling off his pipe gathering himself when the gang came upon him. “Were you going man the madness is back there”, Allen said grinning ear to shinning ear. “Its Rubie something not right we got to get back to the Hospital”, Mountain said blowing smoke. “Who’s the Rubie”, Jack asked. “Yeah I bet she’s a real looker to have you in fits like this man”, Neal said. “Neal my boy always thinking about the girls, if you’d slow down a notch maybe we get some poetry written. “Poetry, this is mad man, with all this going on”, Neal was saying. “Are you on the balls again man”, Jack assumed. With that Mountain was off again taking all the corners in the setting San Francisco day. The mob of five followed quickly like a little red fox after the running freely Mountain. Mountain came to a large archway leading through a hall and into an open room. The crowd following behind him looked up to see a large flashing sign that read The Price is Right San Fran studio in flashing lights. Mountain not realizing in the focus of his attempt to get back to the hospital ran right in to the taping of an episode of the Price is Right in behind walked the mob. After taking there names the usher closed and locked the door behind them. Mountain looked around astonished at where he was. “What in America is this”, Allen asked. “I think it is one of those games shows that became popular in the seventies”, Neal returned. “Yes it is. We have things like these on the Reservation”, the chief said. At which point everyone turned to stare and ponder and what the big Indian Chief just said. The usher, ushered them to there seats. “I’m feeling lucky like I’m going to win”, Jack was saying and Bob finished, “A NEW CAR!”. At which point the lights started flashing and everyone was cheering. “Does it get like this on the reservation”, Neal asked. Chief sat in his seat saying nothing starring ahead at the show in progress. The game was the Mountain climber game and the Mountain climber music started playing. “This is mad Mountain man they’re playing your game”, Allen suggested. “Have we found America”, Jack asked Neal. Neal sat there speechless starring at the Barker the Beauties and the coloured balloons.

Secret Base up In Alaska

“They unleashed the Super Sonic down in San Fran”, army chief one said. “Yeah the tests proved positive. We had to go for it”, Army sergeant two said. “It worked, we were able to blast those ships in to matter without too many people noticing. There invasion failed but we can be sure it won’t be their last”, Army sergeant three said. “The media is going to have a field day with this”, army sergeant one said. “Prepare our statement. Somebody call the president”, army sergeant two said.

In some forgotten room on the secret base in Alaska a neural being was feeling the super sonic waves and turning it in to energy. The neural brain was waking up and coming back to life with every blast of the super sonic weapon. The eyes opened a crack in the dark room lighting it like two incandescent candles and he began to remember. His memory flashed to the 80’s when he saw the famed Hell’s Kitten singing in her punk band. The lights were red and she was in her full shinning moment her real shinning on her stage. She believes in the loner and believed his dream. She sang songs against the nuclear bang and apposed the military. The beings memory flashed backed to his laboratory when he read in the paper headlines hell’s kitten was brutally murdered. He eyes closed again and his neural impulses ceased.

Purple Purrs in To San Francisco

“Wake up John we’re here”, Luckey said with a smile. John came to see Luckey smoking as they were passing over the Golden Gate Bridge in all her rusted out golden beauty. “You ever been to Sisco”, Luckey asked eying the highway. John looking at the island said, “Yeah but that was a long time ago”, he said passing his hand over his chest.

Luckey reached down and put on the Radio. “THE REPORTS OF UFO’S OVER SAN FRANSISCO ARE BEING DENIED BY THE MILITARY. THEY CLAIM TO BE TESTING NEW SPACE CRAFT IN THE AREA. MULTIPLE EYE WITNESSES CONFIRM REPORTS OF SEEING UNUSUAL SPACE CRAFT FLYING IN THE AREA. THE MILITARY CONTINUE TO DENY THE REPORTS. “See I told you the media was full of crap. They can’t get their story straight. Next thing we’re going to hear they were testing weather balloons in the area”, Luckey said with a smile. “Your not suggesting Roswell again are you”, John retorted. “No but now that you mention it, Mountain introduced me to old laughing lady once who fully and completely believed in Roswell and the Greys”, Luckey said. “IN OTHER NEWS THE CINDERALLA TEAM BOSTON COLLEGE HAS MADE YET ANOTHER UPSET BEETING OUT HEAVILY FAVORED FLORIDA STATE TO REACH THE GREAT EIGHT”. “Hey that’s your brothers team is it not”, Luckey asked. “Yeah they’re doing really well. Billy’s really pulling out the stops for his team”, John delivered. “Wow that’s great news. You must be really happy”, Luckey said with a smile. “Yeah I really am. I should be covering this stuff in the paper. Say Luckey what’s the story with you and Mountain I mean you know your history your past”, John asked starring at Luckey’s blond features that have started to really grow on him. “Well we we’re pretty close. We really had this connection. It was another time though. I was a lot younger. I’ve changed. Mountain never really let go. Well he did you pushed me away when I was fragile and in love. He hurt me when I was vulnerable. He started calling me again and trying to get in touch with me. I gradually let him back in but not like before. Its not like it was when we were younger. We were so care free and free spirited. Christ he still is look at him”, Luckey said ashing her smoke. “Do you think we could ever be close, in that special sort of way”, John asked with a smile. Luckey turned quickly at John who seemed vulnerable. “Well I kind of take life like a curve and take what the pitcher throws. You never know what kind of ball your going to get. If its going to be a curve and knuckle or something sweet right down the middle”, Luckey said not missing a beat. “Thanks Luckey”, John said who seemed to be looking at a different side of Luckey now.

Purple purred through the urban area of San Francisco, taking corner and after corner up and over the hills. The car was in an older part of Sisco that looked like it may have been a happenen part of town that looked the scene of some testimonial brutal crime of love with old stone missions, haunted mansions and fishing houses. Purple purred in to a poorly made stone driveway to a three-story apartment building with bowed windows. The sun was setting like a bad hangover on the day after new years when the party was over and the angels went to bed. John pulled out his notebook to right something down and pulled out long boy silver slim rolled in the hills of Virginia and lit it up. Dirty old town and virgin streets Trash on the street violet dreams Corners and craft the setting sun laughs High definition scene and cable car bridge Purple rose dreams silver ghosts Luckey unfastened her seat belt and turned off purple who was hot from the highway the new Washington licence plate covered in hyper rust. “We’re here, finally, home sweet home”, Luckey said with a sigh. John closed his notebook and crushed out his Virginia king.

Chapter Chase in the Desert

“Before we do anything we got to go seesaw”, Kathleen exclaimed. “But, but”, Diamond was saying. “But nothing this is my truck, my ride and my rules”, Kathleen retorted. “These things are ruthless, Kathleen they’ll stop at nothing but total annihilation”, Diamond was saying. “Look Diamond we’re out of cash and these don’t run on air in my world”, Kathleen was saying. “Well in their world we don’t live let alone ride on anything”, Diamond was saying. “What do you propose we go hostile and steal our way to fucking Alaska”, Kathleen blurted all the while Dylan’s all Along the Watchtower is playing on the old fords radio. Diamond paused for a moment. “You know how to handle a hand gun”, Diamond asked. “A hand gun. What do you take me for a gun slinging loose cannon of the wild west of Eastwoods days of long away holly wood bliss?”, Kathleen exclaimed all the while increasing the speed of the rusty but reliable ford as her temper and heat raised he cheeks flashed in the dawn of the rusted desert that was slowing coming to a heated days end. “Look Kathleen I told you what I do. This aint right I’ve got you in over your head”, Diamond said smashing his fists on his legs sending dust of the desert in to the air and Dylan sang on. “Shit Diamond!”, Kathleen exclaimed. “I’m sorry Kathleen, you had no idea”, Diamond responded. “No Diamond the fucking cops are on us”, Kathleen said. Diamond looked behind to see flashing lights approaching in the desert highway. “OUT RUN them, they’ll take me in”, Diamond exclaimed. Kathleen turned sharply at Diamond and then back on the highway. “I told you I escaped from an institution”, Diamond was saying. “The hell you did”, Kathleen shouted. “I’m telling you Kathleen I was I am a member of the Headless Horsemen. I am nothing I don’t exist. I have no proof not documentation. These cops will bust me pull me down take me lock me up. My truth is their bullshit, if my mission fails will see the very apocalypse the Horsemen vowed to prevent. “This bullshit Diamond, bullshit, you don’t’ exist”, Kathleen said hot under the collar as she instinctively stepped on the gas in heated situations.

“Kathleen I’m telling you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, Diamond extorted. “Shit Diamond damn you diamond I should have stuck you when I had the chance Kathleen said spitting bits of tobacco on the dash and stepping on the gas sending the truck over 90 miles on hour barrelling down the desert intrinsic highway as the moon made an appearance on the horizon. “What the hell is that”, Kathleen extorted motioning on the horizon. “The moon”, Diamond said. “Shit Diamond look again”, Kathleen said. “Damn more of em”, Diamond said. “Any more great Ideas alien fighting secret agent Diamond man of shit and mystery”, Kathleen retorted. “Get off the highway cut it, hit the sand cowgirl”, Diamond said. Kathleen hit the desert and sent dust and dirt flying in the darkening dusk. Inside the truck Diamond and Kathleen bounced around the cab. “Buckle up Diamond its going to be a bumpy ride”, Kathleen retorted. Diamond reached in his duffle bag and pulled out colt 45 slid open the chamber and loaded it faster than Kathleen was driving. The cop lights behind the truck a dusty haze. “What the hell is that?”, Kathleen said eying Diamond quickly. “I told you Kathleen this is it. It’s now or never. Kill the lights, they’ll never find us in the dust your throwing in the wind. Kathleen killed the lights and continued flying in the desert night like a hurricane the light of the moonlighting their way.

Chapter the Price is Right and the gaming Casino

“Well if this is not America I don’t know what is”, Allen said nudging chief. Chief reached in his pocket and pulled out some Jucie Fruit. “Juicy Fruit?”, Chief asked Allen. “Well if the chick did not just fly the coop”, Allen said as he graciously took the gum. “Hey Neal try some of this Juicy Fruit it tastes like the fruit of all mother America”, Allen said. Then suddenly from seeming in the depths of the studio and bowels of the land of opportunity the voice rang out “MOUNTAIN YOU’RE THE NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE SHOWCASE SHOWDOW”. At which point the coloured balloons and lights started and Bob Barker started. “Mountain come on down”, Bob said. Allen sat speechless mouth wide open his juicy fruit fell out of his mouth. Luckily the national spotlight was on Mountain who bumped in to Neal who was flirting with the lovely lady beside him. “Make us all green with envy “, Jack said as Mountain passed him and in to the isle starting his best victory lap trot down to contestants row. “Hello Mountain, where are you from”, Bob asked slyly. Mountain stepped up to the microphone and said Canada in a boomy cut by the mountain rusted by the ocean and free as the prairies voice. “Well Mountain nice to have you on contestants row”, Bob said.

Back at Luckey’s in San Francisco

“Ah its nice to stretch my legs”, John said looking around wearing his best blue sunglasses. “Do you always wear you sunglasses at night”, Luckey said. “Huh what’s that”, John said playing stunned as rabbit in Luckey’s headlights. “Show some heart soldier we’re home”, Luckey said. “Well if I only had a brain”, John smile putting his sunglasses on his head.

Luckey turned the doorknob and opened her front door for the first time in weeks. Piled papers from the paperboy we’re piled inside the door. “Frig the paper boy must think I’m dead”, Luckey said with a smile as she reached and turned on the lights. John looked around to see her front hallway with old hard wood. Old records lined the walls one caught Johns eye. “Who’s that”, John asked. “Oh that’s Gordon light foot his a fold legend up North”, Luckey said with a wink. “He’s daunting”, John said removing his boots. Luckey bent down and picked up the week old papers. John took a quick peak and Luckey’s exterior. Luckey looked up quickly at which point John slyly pull his sunglasses back down. “You can take off the sunglasses John. No one is going to see you in here but me”, Luckey said with a smile as she moved through the living room in to the Kitchen. John followed and looked out her Kitchen window. There was an old oak tree with a tire swing that blew gently in the wind under the light of the moon. “The moon is getting high”, John said. “What faze is it in”, Luckey said fidgeting with her floor model stereo and flipped on LA woman by the Doors. “I believe the phase is full”, John said. Luckey grabbed her kettle, “Would you like some tea, John”, she asked. “Sure Luckey, what kind do you have?”, John asked. “I’ve got peppermint and blueberry”, Luckey said. “I’ll take the mint”, John said. “Good I wanted the blueberry”, Lucked said. Luckey put on the silver kettle and began to bring the water to a boil. “So what do you think of my place?”, Luckey asked. “Nice kind of cosy, I like the decor”, John said. ”Thanks I’ve always had an eye for colour”, Luckey said looking out the window. “The moon is being shaded by some clouds, I think it might rain”, Luckey said. “Rain in San Francisco, makes me think of something. Doesn’t it always rain in Seattle?”, John asked. “Yeah its funny. The sound of rain really helps me sleep. The sound of it hitting the window and falling on the roof”, Luckey said. “Have you ever seen it rain while the moon was full and shining, Luckey?”, “No I can ‘t say that I have”, Luckey returned. The Kettle came to a boil. Luckey pulled out her step stool and stood on the on the stool reaching high for the tea cups she stashes away for little moments and surprises. John was in full denial of her beauty and her shape. She looked so perfect like a maiden of the sea born to swim and swim and live in the water. John was in full admittance that he loved looking at Luckey especially when she did realize it and he could look at her from every angle. “What’s your sign Luckey?”, John asked. Luckey stood off the stool two teacups in her hand and looked cross-eyes at John and said, “Aquarius”. “Really I’m a Taurus do you think we’re compatible”, John asked. Luckey stopped starred and said “No”, with a smile. “Yeah that’s exactly what I thought”, John said with a smile. “Hey hold that thought. I’m going to check my messages and see what’s up with Mountain and Rubie”, Luckey said in a pinch. Luckey walked over to the phone and checked her messages. John poured the tea in to the waiting teacups. A dog barked outside the window. LA Woman dripped through the floor model speakers Morison’s voice echoing in the silence that was that is Lukey’s kitchen and apartment in San Francisco. John sipped his herbal tea in his vintage 60’s or 70’s tea mug that must have been made up the street in some pottery studio Luckey visits for therapy and to ease her memory of the 60’s life she must have lived before she was who she is now. John looked up a Luckey who was tying her corn silk hair back in to a tight ponytail. Luckey winked in John’s general direction, “Rocko called he’s wondering when I’m going to get back to work. Some of the Regulars are asking about me”, She said with a huff. John almost choked on his tea remembering who he knew Luckey to be, what she did for a living and how beautiful she is and said, “Freakin right, can’t wait to see you in action”. “Got to remember John, when I’m at work its different there’s a separation between me and my clients. Your closer to me know then you would ever get at the club”, she said with two quick winks with her left eye. LA woman came to end Jimmy Morison’s voice reeling out with the ending of the tape. The wind whistled through the crack Luckey left in the window. “Shit John”, she said as she hung up the silver phone, “no word from Mountain or Rubie”, she finished and grabbed her tea sipping it coolly. “What now Luckey?”, John asked. “Well I suppose we wait patiently”, Luckey said eyeing John suggestively. Luckey with her hair in a ponytail and tea in hand Luckey tranced in to the living room. The brick of the near by, almost to close, eye in an alley, building peered through the two windows of her living room. There was a large aquarium holding golden fish. Luckey walked over picked up her fish food and gently dashed some food for the hungry fish swimming in a fish bowl. “Do you believe in Souls”, Luckey asked eyeing her fish. “Yeah I believe in s ouls”, John said. “Like once I used to believe I was going to live on forever. The idea of death, it makes us feel unreal. Christ how long have I been Gone?”, Luckey said. “What do you mean”, John inquired. “Oh shit I’m just rambling again, thinking out loud”, Luckey said. “Luckey sometimes I look at you and its like sometimes I see someone else looking back at me. Like the way night turns to day and mirror ca

Legend Of The Ninja